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WASHING EQUIPMENTS 1. WASHING MACHINE (Capacity 5 kg and 10 kg) SUPPLIERS:Whirlpool, Fisher and Paykel, GIRBAU Features Clean Filter indicator, Remaining time display, Stainless drum, Load balance, Foam control / balance control, Variable spin speed, Variable temperature, Pedestal drawer option, 11 x Number of programmes, Intensive rinse, Closed tap indicator, Door opening angle, Adjustable water level, Dual water inlet 2. BATCH PROCESSOR Suppliers: HAN-SEONG, GIRBAU Features Pneumatic operated trolley for easy operation, Automatic operation with Auto / Manual option, High pressure reciprocating cleaning system,PLC Controlled Electrical control Panel, On line back wash filter cleaning system, Stainless steel reusable filters, Oil Skimmer Unit, Electric heating or Steam heating ,Exhaust Fan, Hot Air blower, Exhaust Blower, Suitable for Heavy & light loads, Continuous Duty cycle 3. WASH EXTRACTOR Suppliers: EDRO-DYNA, HAN-SEONG,GIRBAU Features Dry weight Capacity, Field Programmable Extract Speeds, Manual Over-rides and Manual Operation, Stainless Steel Basket, Shaft and Wash Tub, Set Point Temperature Display with Continuous Readout, Automatic Liquid Supply Injection with Hopper, Two-Motor, Three-Speed Drive System with Reducing Gear and Clutch, Manufactured in accordance with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) general requirements, Direct Steam Injection, Electric Heating Booster, Redirect Drain to Rear , Flushing Dry Compartment Supply, Extra Inlet Valve, Extra Reuse Drain, Vacuum Breakers, Single Motor Variable Speed Drive with Frequency Inverter, Air Operated Inlet Valves

stuffed toys. delicate. The working system is described in the stepwise fashion: y Approximately 60 pounds of garments are placed inside a large rotating basket in the MICO2 machine and the door is closed. The residue from the distillation process is automatically eliminated from the machine and collected for shipment back to Micell for recycling. Vacuum is applied to remove the majority of the air in the system and CO2gas is added to pressurize the wash tank. y The liquid CO2 and detergent mixture (i. It then passes through a carbon filter and returns to the wash tank. mittens. the wash cycle is complete. the wash fluid) is pumped out of the wash tank to the storage tank. normal. The excess wash fluid (that fluid left clinging to the garments) is further removed by a spin extract cycle. helps prevent wrinkles. the wash fluid is circulated out of the wash tank through a lint filter to capture loose fibers and vestige lint. A portion of the wash fluid is then cleaned via a distillation process that removes excess dirt and detergent. Stationary Dry: For items to be dried on a removable rack without tumbling. Similar to percdry-cleaning machines. tennis shoes and even wet newspapers.. End-of-Cycle Signal: Reminds you to remove items from dryer to prevent wrinkles. Damp-Dry: For cotton items to be ironed while damp or to speed drying of natural fiber washable sweaters. and heavy cycles).. At this point. Lint filter alarm: Tells you the lint filter urgently needs cleaning. The clothes are agitated for a pre-set time period and with a selected degree of agitation depending on the nature of the garments (e. DRY CLEANING EQUIPMENT We are introducing a new type of dry cleaning system which is called the Micare Syste. Ideal for wool socks.e. The Micare .g. sealing the system. y Liquid CO2 is then added from the storage tank along with the Micare detergent system in order to form the wash fluid.4. After-Cycle Tumble Period: 15 minutes to 2 hours of periodic tumbling. GAS DRYERS Suppliers: Blue flame (still to decide) Features y y y y y y y Automatic Cool-Down: A timed interval at the end of the drying cycle when tumbling continues with the heat off to reduce wrinkling of heat sensitive synthetic fabrics and noiron finishes. Carbon dioxide gas is removed from the wash tank using a compressor and the gas is sent back to the storage tank for reuse. Tumble Press: Releases wrinkles from garments that are clean and dry but slightly wrinkled from a closet or suitcase.

both bucks with steam. The machine is equipped with one work station with the automatic positioning of a "form finisher" and a "topper" alternatively. A nominal amount (10 lbs) of CO2 gas is then vented to the atmosphere. coats. thereby permitting 98 percent of the CO2 to be recycled. Treats garments gently.and trousers simultaneously. Eliminates the risk of heat-related damage or heat-setting of stains.system is able to efficiently convert CO2 from a gas to a liquid. thereby allowing drycleaning operators to offer the same prices to customers and improve their operating margins. Requires a 35 to 45 minute cleaning cycle for a 60-pound load -. Costs less to operate than today's perc systems. raincoats. the cleaned garments are removed from the wash tank. Cleans effectively with no unpleasant odors. QUAD PUFFER Suppliers GIRBAU A fully automatic unit which enables with just one operator to rapidly finish jackets. bottom buck with vacuum. 2. UTILITY PRESS Suppliers GIRBAU Manual top buck motion with air compression. .. etc. It have builtin 15 litre electric boiler. Utilizes a traditional rotating basket design which is gentle to fabrics. as there is no drying cycle. mounted on a bar with ball bearings. Benefits of the Micare System The Micare sytem: y y y y y y y y y Eliminates exposures to perc. with remarkable results. FINISHING EQUIPMENT 1. Eliminates the risk of groundwater contamination from conventional drycleaning solvents. feed pump and fan include 2 manual clamps for jackets and 2 sleeve stretchers. y After a cycle time of 35 to 45 minutes. Eliminates the time and money that operators typically must spend to comply with environmental and safety regulations associated with the use of perc and petroleum.faster than traditional 'dry-to-dry' processes. Adjustable buck pressure control andbalanced top buck.

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