Human resources development (HRD) is a concept associated with human resources management. Organizations that implement HRD treat Human Resources as asset and not expense.HRD departments motivate, support employees to learn continuously. HRD needs and use strategies to motivate the work force. The implementation of HRD covers the activities of management training, management development and the appraisal. It has been noticed that it improves the managerial Performance. Human resource development in the organization context is a process by which the employees of an organization are helped, in a continuous and planned way to: 1. Acquire capabilities required to perform various functions associated with their present or expected future roles. 2. Develop their general capabilities as individuals and discover and exploit their own inner potentials for their own and organizational development purpose. 3. Develop an organizational culture in which supervisor-subordinate relationship teamwork, and collaborations among sub-units are strong and contribute to the professional well being, motivation, and pride of employees.

Significance of Human Resource Development
Human resource are the assets which do not find a place for mentioning in the balance sheet of a company. It is important like other resources of production like a material, machines, money etc. Any investment made on training and development of people is sure to show the results in the years to come. IMPORTANCE OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Human Resource is the most Important and vital Factor of Economic Development or it can be said that humans are the agents of development. some of the importance of Human Resource or Human Capital are. 1) Country Develops if The Human Resource is Developed: To enhance economic development the state constructs roads, buildings bridges, dams, power houses, hospitals, etc. to run these units doctors, engineers, scientist, teachers, are required. So if the state invests in a human resource it pays dividend in response.

good health. and provision of healthy atmosphere will result in proper and most efficient use of resources (non-natural & natural) which will result in increase in economic production. 5) Social Revolution: Because of Human Resource development the socio economic life of the peoples of a country changes drastically. 4) Entrepreneurship Increase: Education. Job opportunities would be created in the country. clean environment. Similarly provision of health facilities will result in healthy Human Resource which will contribute to the national economic development. . progressive thoughts are endorsed in to the minds of peoples. The provision of education will increase literacy which will produce skilled Human Resource. 3) Eradication of Social And Economic Backwardness: Human Resource development has an ample effect on the backwardness economy and society. And even business environment will flourish in the state which creates many job opportunities. will all have its positive effects. improved skills.2) Increase in Productivity: The batter education. investment on the human resource. Over all look changes thinking phenomena changes.

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