Mrs.Renzi is the best 5th grade teacher ever!

When she teaches she makes it so that we can learn in a fun way. She teaches with funky rhymes and songs to help us remember. She has us get out of our seats and dance to the songs. Every day she brings excitement to our class. Mrs.Renzi is my hero! She loves when we smile at her and say “You Rock, Mrs.Renzi” . Sometimes we skip a subject in the morning on Mondays to talk about how are weekends were because she cares about us and what we do outside of school. I know now after having Mrs. Renzi that I want to be a 5th grade teacher when I grow up. I want to be a fun, energetic, caring teacher just like Mrs. Renzi. Mrs. Carolyn Renzi teaches at Arongen Elementary School in Clifton Park, NY By Mollie Honsinger, 10 years old, lives in Clifton Park, NY.