Module Learning Area Learning Outcomes

: Competency Using Mouse. : 1.3 Mouse : 1.3.3 Control the movement of the mouse. 1.3.4 Use single click function. 1.3.5 Use double click function. : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to;

Module Objective

Get To Know Your Mouse

Right Button

Left button

The Mouse is an input device and it’s used to communicate with the computer.

Mouse Pointer When you slide the mouse.How to Use the Mouse Hold and move the mouse on the mouse pad. How To Hold The Mouse The mouse is used for controlling the pointer on the computer screen. The mouse pointer is as shown below. . the mouse pointer will move on the screen following the movement of the mouse.

Click Click and release the left button. Double Click Click twice and release the left button continuously .

Click left button and hold.Click and Drag 1. Slide the mouse 3. Release the left button . 2.

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