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The Artificial Brain

The Artificial Brain

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Published by Ramya Sree

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Published by: Ramya Sree on Feb 08, 2011
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Who doesn't know this statement of Descartes ! But it reaches much further than the traditional
conclusion of the self-awareness. Someone thinking he or she is a bungler, will reflect this in every
possible way and act as such.

Experience is the key feature in how we think in the long term about ourselves. Both environmental and
genetic factors (the character) are important in what kind of experiences we will have, but they are not
the determinant factor. Only experience is !

A good example to illustrate this is someone who is born with a severely misshaped face who is
constantly stared after by others (that's experience). Already in an early stage in his life this person will
diagnose his 'being different' and being treated differently (by others) via the mirror and the being
staring after (comparison). After a while, this person will feel more and more (psychological) pain
because of being stared after constantly (linking) and will decide (the decision) that having contact with
others is not a very pleasant experience and is to be avoided ! A lonely person is born ...

Let’s now assume humans are evolved enough to understand that this person is also a person like any
other, except for the misshaped face. In this, unfortunately purely hypothetic case, there will be no
staring after and as a result no solitary existence would have existed (no such experiences). Although,
at the age of puberty this person would probably find it more difficult than others to get in touch with the
opposite sex. This will undoubtedly result in a number of negative links towards the opposite sex. The
chances this will lead to a total solitary existence are much smaller since the experiences with the own
gender were namely positive.

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