Smoky sights


Discarding frequencies, by Oana Maria Puciu

Patterns by Oana Maria Puciu

Beneath the smoky silence, Awaken souls in darkness Desires brought to peace Entangled with a kiss.

Avoiding nothingness transgressing to desire of feelings unfulfilled,

Connected spirits into clingy patterns

Disturbing feelings cast away in darkness,

Rehearsing future on Bitter sweet the coffee of our sorrows I wonder if I might borrow The sweetness of your kiss the stage of sorrows Undoubted visions locked away in consciousness's chambers

Fighting with demons by awareness killed Paranoid ego imprisoned by the doubt.

U take one drag of silence out of the Smoky sight U let yourself inspired, enchanted by the night

Arising happiness on strings of enchanted sounds, Floating on awareness's clouds

Attracting pain in search of liberation

Enhancing infinite dimensions

Letting go of grief and to soulless wounds

Transcending ,dreaming, gliding

Drifting in desire,

Entangling in a blissful puzzle.

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