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Is a
picture or design created by adhering such basically flat elements as newspaper, wallpaper, printed text and illustrations, photographs, cloth, string, etc., to a flat surface, when the result becomes three-dimensional, and might also be called a relief sculpture or an assemblage.

Most often the materials used in producing collages are
"found" materials. This method was introduced by the Cubist artists; such as Pablo Picasso. This process was widely used by artists who followed and is a familiar technique in contemporary art.

Your first assignment: Create a Collage about You

You will use: pictures from magazines to fill in a
Silhouette, a outline of yourself. The pictures you select must give us an idea about you as a person. Think about your likes and dislikes, your personality type and what sets you apart from others. Be creative and don’t forget you have to use words that describe you in your background. You may also add color in the background but words have to be readable. Criteria Silhouette included - 30 Craftsmanship - 20 Words in the background - 30 Use of Collage or “Found” materials - 20