Our history begins in 1976 when we introduced Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water in North America, a beverage that

launched a generation of bottled water drinkers. Perrier changed what people chose to drink and started a bottled water culture, appealing to active, health-minded individuals. In 1980, with the belief that bottled water would become even more popular as an alternative to traditional drinks, we began to seek other high-quality brand name waters with regional followings and a rich heritage. The first domestic bottled water brand we added to our portfolio was Poland Spring® Brand Natural Spring Water, first bottled in Maine in 1845. Soon after, Calistoga® Brand Sparkling Mineral Water, from a source in Napa Valley, California, joined our family. Since then, we've added 11 additional regional, national, and imported brands to our rich selection of bottled waters. Seven of the top ten bottled water brands sold in the U.S. are Nestlé Waters North America brands. Our brands include the nationally distributed Nestlé® Pure Life® and 7 regional brands: Arrowhead®, Calistoga®, Deer Park®, Ice Mountain®, Ozarka®, Poland Spring® and Zephyrhills®. We also import Acqua Panna®, Contrex®, Perrier® and San Pellegrino® bottled water brands from Europe. The Montclair® and Vittel® brands are available nationally in Canada through Nestlé Waters Canada. Each brand has its own distinctive character, sources and heritage. Nestlé Waters North America is related to Paris-based Nestlé Waters, the world's largest bottled water company. Nestlé Waters serves customers in 130 countries with 75 well-known bottled water brands and is, in turn, a subsidiary of the world's largest food company, Nestlé, S.A, based in Vevey, Switzerland. 
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Drinking Water Crisis in Pakistan and the Issue of Bottled Water  The Case of Nestlé¶s µPure Life¶

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