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r ’ ’L OGRAPHY 85



~ Πolog His or

The modern-day confusion in the English

language around the word biscuit is created by its
The Middle French word bescuit is derived from
the Latin words bis (twice) and coquere (to cook), and,
hence, means "twice-cooked." This is because biscuits
were originally cooked in a twofold process: first baked,
and then dried out in a slow oven. Hence:
’isco i in Medieval Italian
’iscui in Modern French
Zwieback in German
’eschui in Dutch
’izcocho in Spanish
This term was then adapted into English in the 14th
century during the Middle Ages, in the Middle English
word bisquite, to represent a hard twice-baked product.
However, the Dutch language from around 1703
had adopted the word koekje, a language diminutive of
cake, to have a similar meaning for a similar hard, baked
product. This may be related [citation needed] to the
Russian or Ukrainian translation, where biscuit has come
to mean sponge cake.

c ‰ 

The difference between the secondary Dutch
word and that of the Latin origin is that, whereas the
koekje as a cake rose during baking, the biscuit, which
had no rising agent, in general did not (see gingerbread /
ginger biscuit), except for the expansion of heated air
during the baking process.
When peoples from Europe began to emigrate to
the United States, the two words and their "same but
different" meanings began to clash. After the American
War of Independence against the British, the word cookie
became the word of choice to mean a hard, twice-baked
product. Further confusion has been added by the
adoption of the word biscuit for a small leaven bread
popular in Southern American cooking.
According to Culinary Historians , The first
historic record of biscuits was the one in which a small
part of the cake dough was bake to check the
temperature of the oven . The oldest cookie recipes are
thought to date back to the 7th century Persia ( now Iran )
, one of the first countries to cultivate sugar .

According to historians, Sugar originates either

in the lowlands of Bengal or elsewhere in Southeast Asia .
Sugar spread to Persia and then to the Spain. Then the
cooking techniques and ingredients of Arabia spread into
Northern Europe . As people started to explore the globe
by sea biscuits became the ideal travelling food because
they stayed fresh for long periods.

During the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe,

gastronomy was a carefully controlled profession ,


managed through a series of Guilds or Professional
Associations . As technology improved during the
industrial revolution in the 19th century , so did the ability
of bakers to make a wide range of sweets and tasty
biscuits for commercial consumption.

The history of biscuits can be chased back to a

recipe prepared by the Roman chef Apicius, in which he
used a dense paste of fine wheat flour that was boiled and
scattered out on a plate. When it got condensed and
hardened it had cut into the pieces and then baked until
crisp, then catered with pepper and honey. The word
'Biscuit' came out from the Latin words 'Bis' which means
'twice' and 'Coctus' which means something cooked or
baked. Earlier, biscuits were unleavened, hard and thin
wafers that, due to their low water content, were perfect
food items to store.

~ ·eneral His or 

As individuals initiated to explore the world,

biscuits emerged as the ideal food items for traveling as
they remained fresh for longer duration. The naval age,
hence, witnessed the expansion of biscuits when these
were packed in airtight containers to last for even a time.
The hard track biscuits (initial version of the biscuits and
today's crackers) were part of the basic diet of English
and American sailors for number of centuries. In fact, the
countries that led this naval charge, like those in Western
c Ô 

Europe, are the places where biscuits are extremely
popular even now. The Italian version of Biscuit which was
popular as Biscotti that means cookies in Italian, is said to
have been a preference of Christopher Columbus who
discovered America.

Manufacturing awesome biscuits is an art, and

history bucks testimony to that. Amidst the 17th and 18th
centuries in Europe, baking was a cautiously controlled
profession, managed by an order of 'organizations' or
professional alliances. To learn baking, one had to
complete many years of apprenticeship, working by the
ranks of apprentice, journeyman, and ultimately a master
baker. Moreover, the quality and number of biscuits baked
were also meticulously monitored.

c Y 

º India Biscuits Industry is the largest among all the
food industries and has a turnover of around Rs.3000
crores. India is known to be the second largest
manufacturer of biscuits, the first being USA.

º Biscuit industry in India in the organized sector

produces around 60% of the total production, the
balance 40% being contributed by the unorganized
bakeries. The industry consists of two large scale
manufacturers, around 50 medium scale brands and
small scale units ranging up to 2500 units in the
country, as at 2000-01. The unorganized sector is
estimated to have approximately 30,000 small & tiny
bakeries across the country.

º It is classified under two sectors: organized and

unorganized. Bread and biscuits are the major part of
the bakery industry and covers around 80 percent of
the total bakery products in India. Biscuits stands at
a higher value and production level than bread. This
belongs to the unorganized sector of the bakery
Industry and covers over 70% of the total production.

º The annual turnover of the organized sector of the

biscuit manufacturers (as at 2001-02) is Rs. 4,350
c YY 

º The annual production of biscuit in the organized
sector, continues to be predominantly in the small
and medium sale sector before and after de-
reservation. The annual production was around 7.4
Lakh tonnes in 1997-98 In the next five years, biscuit
production witnessed an annual growth of 10% to
12%, up to 1999-00.

º Biscuit industry which was till then reserved in the

SSI Sector, was unreserved in 1997-98, in
accordance with the Govt Policy, based on the
recommendations of the Abid Hussain Committee.

º The annual Growth showed a decline of 3.5% in

2000-01, mainly due to 100% hike in Central Excise
Duty (from 9% to 16%). Production in the year 2001-
02 increased very marginally by 2.75% where in
2002-03 the growth is around 3%.

º The Union Budget for 2003-04 granted 50%

reduction in the rate of Excise Duty on Biscuit i.e.
from 16% to 8%. The Federation's estimate for the
current year indicates a growth of approximately 8%
to 9%.

º n the other hand, import of biscuits, specially in the

high price segment has started from 1998-99, but
however, the quantum of imports has not so far
increased alarmingly and has remained at around
c Y] 

3.75% of the consumption of biscuits in the country
in the year 2001-02. However, recent imports from
china industries cheaper verities of biscuit, needs to
be examined with cautions, especially in the context
of the price as the low margin based domestic
industry, which is operating at 60 % of the total
installed capital. Exports of biscuits from India has
been to the extent of 5.5% of the total production.
Export are expected to grow only in the year 2003-04
and beyond.

º Biscuit is a hygienically packaged nutritious snack

food available at very competitive prices, volumes
and different tastes. According to the NCAER Study,
biscuit is predominantly consumed by people from
the lower strata of society, particularly children in
both rural and urban areas with an average monthly
income of Rs. 750.00.

º India Biscuits Industry came into limelight and

started gaining a sound status in the bakery industry
in the later part of 20th century when the urbanized
society called for readymade food products at a
tenable cost. Biscuits were assumed as sick-man's
diet in earlier days.

º Now, it has become one of the most loved fast food

product for every age group. Biscuits are easy to
carry, tasty to eat, cholesterol free and reasonable at
cost. States that have the larger intake of biscuits are
Maharashtra, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh,
c Y3 

âarnataka, and Uttar Pradesh. Maharashtra and West
Bengal, the most industrially developed states, hold
the maximum amount of consumption of biscuits.
Even, the rural sector consumes around 55 percent of
the biscuits in the bakery products.

º The total production of bakery products have risen
from 5.19 lakh tonnes in 1975 to 18.95 lakh tonnes
in 1990. Biscuits contributes to over 33 percent of the
total production of bakery and above 79 percent of
the biscuits are manufactured by the small scale
sector of bakery industry comprising both factory and
non-factory units.

º The production capacity of wafer biscuits is 60 MT
and the cost is Rs.56,78,400 with a motive power of
25 â.W. Indian biscuit industry has occupied around
55-60 percent of the entire bakery production.

º ’iscui Produc ion 

According to the production figures

of members available upto the calendar year
2003, the total production was 625000 tonnes
as against 4,75,000 tonnes in the previous
The production of biscuit for the year 1993 to
2004 is as under:

c YG 

Year Production

1993 1,67,750
1994 1,80,526
1995 2,02,567
1996 2,22,371
1997 3,62,000
1998 4,00,000
1999 4,25,000
2000 4,50,000
2001 4,65,000
2002 4,75,000
2003 6,25,000

No e the production of members of FBMI

consist of 50% (approx) of the total production
of biscuit in the organized sector.

c Y 

º ’ u nh 

 n   n
( s   c s  2000-01)

º F 


c  s
 sc s  c  '   m
s   c
c m

º î F  
   sc M

c s  

s c m 
s cc   FM
m     10 

c     sc s  
  s s 
s s
  scc ss 

c Y 

º In recognition of industry's obligations towards the
community, being a part of it, biscuit manufacturers
supply biscuits to the social welfare agencies in all
States for the benefit of school children, senior
citizens and other needy sections of the society.

º FBMI Members have always responded positively to

our appeal as also by the Government, to rush truck
loads of biscuits to the people affected by
earthquakes, floods, famine etc. ur industry has
also participated in supplying biscuits to the people of
war ravaged Afghanistan and presently to the Iraqi
people, under the aegis of the UN.

º ther areas of concern to industries of food products

like Biscuits include multiplicity of food laws and their
enforcing agencies in the Central and State
Governments with overlapping functions &
implementation. At the persistent instance of industry
organizations including FBMI the Ministry of FPI took
the initiative in evolving an Integrated Food Act,
harmonizing the existing multifarious legislations
enabling better compliance. The Draft Unifled Food
Bill 2002 has been prepared and now awaits approval
by the Cabinet and the Parliament, which will fulfill an
important need of the industry and pave way for
accelerated development and growth.

c Y‰ 

º îhe ajor ’rands o biscui s are- Britannia, Parle
Bakeman, Priya Gold, Elite, Cremica, Dukes, Anupam
and Horlicks.

c Y  

º ’ u n u






 s m
 sc s
 35 s

s s c  m
  c m


º î    s 
  M Cs  

  s m   c
m H  c
   sc s  

c YÔ 

º s  
s  c sm  
  s c c  
s s
 s  s  m m  m
 c sm  sc 
  m   ss c s 


]3 ] 




c ] 

c ]Y 

c ]] 

 Nae o he coan  Parle Products Pvt. Ltd.
 Œs ablished in he ear  1929
 Founder o he coan  Narottamdas Chauhan
 Chairan  Sharad Chauhan
 Direc ors  1) ANUP Chauhan
2) Amol Chauhan
 1s ’rands  Parle Glucose & Parle Monaco.
 Multimillion À $ company.
 Market leader in many products.
 Won acclaim at the Monde selaction since 1970.
 40% share of the total biscuit market.
 15% share of the total confectionery market.
 14 manufacturing units for biscuits and 5
manufacturing units for the confectioneries and more
than 50 CMÀs ( Contarct Manufacturing Units )
which are in,
×  ×

Delhi 5
Uttar Pradesh 8
Rajasthan 2
Madhya Prades 4
Bihar 4
Andhra Pradesh 9
Maharastra 5
Gujarat 6
Karnataka 4

c ]3 

 Parle has largest manufacturing units in India , for
almost 80 ears .
 Total turnover is 2000 crores .
 It has provided its products to the mass witrh the
affordable range .
 Parle is the company in world which runs on its own
 All production is done in their own plants.
 They have their own machines for manufacturinf of
packaging and printing material.

c ]G 

r Nae 

Parle Biscuits Private Limited.

r {ogo 

r -egis ered Oice 

Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd.

Nirlon House, 254-B.
Dr. Annie Besant Road,Worli,

î  (022) 4931841.
 (022) 2493 3089,
(022) 2493 4885
 (022) 4933630.

c ] 

r Vorks 

Lao More Biscuits Pvt. Ltd.

Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd.
Near Gayatri Mandir ,
Plot No ± 1010-B 1011-A ,
Phase ±4
G.I.D.C ± Naroda.

r -egional ales Oices

Parle Products Pvt. Ltd.
Pankaj Plazel
Site No ± 37/38.Plot No-15,
Flat No-106/206,Locat shopping center,
New Delhi ±110019
Tel-(011) 6472884,

~ Mubai

Parle Products Pvt. Ltd. 

Tejpal Road,
North Level crossing,
Vile-Parle (E),
Mumbai - 400 057.

c ] 

r ’ranch in ·ujara 

~ Ahmedabad
~ Nadiyad
~ Bhavnagar
~ Bhuj

r ’ranch in India

~ Gujarat
~ Mumbai
~ Rajasthan
~ Bangalore
~ Uttar Pradesh
~ Madhya Pradesh
~ Maharashtra
~ Tamilnadu
~ Andhra Pradesh
~ Karnataka







c ]‰ 

Ñ Narottam Das Chauhan thought that something
should be made for children. So , to fulfill his
ambition , the first factory of Parle was
established in Germany in the year 1929.

Ñ A long time ago, Parle¶s first factory set up in

Mumbai in 1929 to manufacture toffees.

Ñ The British ruled India a small factory was set up
in the suburbs of Mumbai city to manufacture
sweets and toffees. The year was 1929 and the
market was dominated by famous international
brands that were imported freely. Despite the
odds and unequal competition, This company
called Parle Products survived and succeeded by
adhering to high quality and improvising from
time to time.

Ñ A decade later in 1939 Parle Products began
manufacturing biscuits in addition to sweets and
toffees. Having already established a reputation
for quality, The Parle brand name grew in
strength with this diversification Parle glucose
and Parle Monaco were the first brands of
biscuits to be introduced which later went on to
become leading names for great taste and

c ]  

Lao More Biscuits Pvt. Ltd.

Plot no. 1010 & 1011 A-B

Phase ± 4
Naroda ± G.I.D.C.


c ]Ô 

’enei o he lace
1. There are some raw materials, which are common &
found everywhere factory gets, these types of raw
material so the factor was located at this place.

2. Another important factory is labor they of labor is

abundantly available at reasonable wages.

3. The facilities for transport available at this place. They

get cheap transport service.

4. The special advantage offered by a place is that

government offer subsidy in taxes, Power etc.

5. AEC provides electricity to the factory. It provides

electricity facility at reasonable prices.

c 3 

r ·OA{ 
To meet the need as the as the
house and gind dietler wayes to ffer cose effectives
solution. As the main aim of the pune products ltd. Is to
achieve its goal by maintaining teaching position in the
world of biscuits products throughout the India and they
have gained bath name as well as fame in the world of
biscuits products.

The company first
mission is delivering products of the highest quality ;
continues innovation and improvement are made with the
active support of the companies research and
development centre .

 To become a number one in the biscuit industry.

 To work with efficiency.

 To sell the product to consumer at reasonable


c 3Y 

~ · 
~  î

~ ·  
The daily requirement of the production
is not sufficient by Gujarat GAS Ltd. The provide
the gas supply through well maintain pipelines.

c 3] 

The electricity is procured via Gujarat
Electricity Board.

~  î 

The daily water requirement of the

production is not by the supply of water made by
the G.I.D.C. to the industrial users.

c 33 

c 3G 

c 3 

c 3 

c 3‰ 

 ±us as our ail has an secial loved one.

~ c 
~ ·  c 
~ ’ 

 Mubai Village Parle- (P-OMOîŒ- 



 Produc ion Manager


 Main enance Manager










c 3  

c 3Ô 

Parle-G has been awarded at the monde selection
international institute for quality selection 2003

1) MOOîHIŒ  Grand Gold Medal

2) MONACO (’I CÀIî  Grand Gold Medal

3) MA-IŒ-CHOICŒ (’I CÀIî  Gold Medal

4) PA-{Œ-· MA·IX (’I CÀIî  Gold Medal

5) FHN-CŒNîŒ- (’I CÀIî  Gold Medal

m CHOCO-{AîŒ (’I CÀIî  Gold Medal

c G 

c GY 

c G] 












c G3 


Managing Director

Super Visor


Here, there is an organizational chart is

described which gives the information about the
management as LA MRE BISCUITS PVT LTD.

Fist one is the director who is heads of the Lao

More Biscuits and handles all over department then after
the managing director who also has the same job as the
directors expert that the property. The manager who take
the various departments under which super visor and who
are supervising the activities done by the workers in the
Lao More Biscuit Pvt. Ltd.

c GG 

Ñ reng h -
The biggest strength of Parle Products is that they are
India's largest manufacturer of biscuits and
confectioneries, for the almost 80 years. Makers of the
world¶s largest selling biscuit, Parle-G, a host of other
very popular brands, the Parle name symbolizes quality,
nutrition and great taste. With a reach spanning even the
remotest villages of India, the company has definitely
come a very long way since its inception.

Ñ Veakness -
As such Parle company is not having any weakness. Parle
Company very well knows how to treat their customer in a
very good manner.

Ñ Oor uni  -

To aware people about superior products and provide
them qualitative products as we know that parle-g and
other confectionary products are targeted to urban areas
only so, they can catch the new customers I the newly
developed areas in the rural part with developed of
Indian economy

c G 

Ñ îhrea s -

Regional trade blocks agreement can change parameters

and trade competitives. Increse in protectionism policies
through non-tariff bariares.

c G 

c G‰ 

Production Department

Production Manager

Deputy Manager




c G  







c Office 

c GÔ 


~ In roduc ion 

Production is the conversion of raw material

in to finished products and is also spaken of
as manufacture good. The plant is organized
and operated primarily with object of
producing goods.

The company has wide range of products.

There are items which are available in size.

~ ’asic raw-a erial 

È Wheat
È Sugar
È Vanaspati
È Milk
È Salt

~ Process o Produc ion 

The raw-material required by Parle Products is

as under.

È ar 
1.-aw Ma erial îes ing

After requires the raw material all

the materials are testing in the deb.
2. Mixing
After testing the raw material all
the raw material are mixing by
machine process.

c Y 


When the process of mixing after

this product molding in the die for

When the process of molding after

this biscuits own in the burner
machine. The machine is 155 feet
long with 6 burners.


When the process of baking is over

after this biscuits provide in cooling
zone this biscuits cooling in 3 min 4
6. Packing

When the products process are

finish that they were arrange the
product and the all product are
packing in the boxes.

c ] 

~ Parle Biscuits Pvt.Ltd. Production is the conversion of
raw-material in to finished products and is also
spaken of manufacture good. The company gets raw
materials from Gujarat and any other state company
is checking of the every raw materials.

~ ’asic -aw Ma erial 

For proteins that will help you
grow wheat

 Vanasa i & ugar

For energy.

 al  Vi ains and Minerals :

For development used.

For calcium to build health bones.

~ Every raw materials use for Parle Biscuit Product.

There is most important material making biscuits

c 3 

~ Parle Products has one factory at Mumbai. That
manufactures biscuits and confectioneries while
another factory at Bahadhirgarh in haryana
manufactures biscuits. A part form this Parle has
manufacturing facility at Neemrana in Rajasthan and
at Banglore in âarnataka. The factories at
Bahadugarh and Neemrana are the largest such
manufacturing units for biscuits and 5 manufacturing
units for confectioneries on contract.

~ Manager has to keep at all production process

control. All Parle Products are manufacture under the
most hygienic conditions. Grate care is exercised in
selection and quality control of raw materials packing
materials, rigid qualities standards are ensured at
every stag of the manufacturing process. Every batch
of biscuits & confectioneries are thoroughly checked
by expert staff using most modern equipment

c G 


Wheat Flour, Sugar, Edible Vegetable Oils, Invert Syrup,

Skimmed Milk Powder, Salt, Leavening Agents, Permitted
Emulsifier, Flavors and Dough Conditioners.


Wheat Flour, Edible Vegetable Oils, Sugar, Salt,Invert

Syrup, Leavening Agents, Lactic Acid, Permitted Emulsifier,
Flavours and Dough Conditioners.


Wheat flour, Sugar, Edible vegetable oils, Cocoa Solids, Milk
products, Invert syrup, Salt, Leavening agents, Permitted emulsifier,
Calcium & Iron salts, Vitamins and Dough conditioner. Contains Permitted
Natural Colour and AddedFlavours. Best before 6 months from packaging.

Wheat flour, Sugar,Edible vegetable oils, Cashew Bits, Milk products,
Invert syrup, Salt, Leavening agents, Permitted emulsifier, Calcium & Iron
salts, Vitamins and Dough conditioner. Contains Added Flavours. Best
before 6 months from packaging.

PA-{Œ-·MI{ HA îI
Wheat flour, Sugar, Edible vegetable oils, Invert syrup, Milk products,
Salt, Honey, Leavening agents, Permitted Emulsifier, Calcium & Iron salts,
Dough conditioners and Vitamins. Contains added flavours 


Wheat Flour, Sugar, Edible Vegetable Oils, Invert Syrup, Skimmed
Milk Powder, Salt, Leavening Agents, Lactic Acid, Permitted Emulsifier,
Flavours and Dough Conditioners.

Wheat flour, Sugar, Edible vegetable Oils, Invert syrup, Leavening
agents, Milk products, Salt, Permitted emulsifier & Dough conditioners.
Contains permitted natural colour and added flavours. Best before 6 months
from packaging. 

Hide& eek
Wheat Flour, Sugar, Edible Vegetable Oils, Invert Syrup, Skimmed
Milk Powder, Salt, Leavening Agents, Lactic Acid, Permitted Emulsifier,
Flavours and Dough Conditioners 

c ‰ 

FunCen er
Wheat Flour, Sugar, Edible Vegetable Oils, Invert Syrup, Skimmed Milk
Powder, Salt, Leavening Agents, Lactic Acid, Permitted Emulsifier, Flavours
and Dough Conditioners.

Monaco’i es
Wheat flour, Edible vegetable oils, Processed cheese, Sugar, Salt,
Leavening agents, Invert syrup, Spices, Permitted Emulsifiers, Lactic acid,
Dough conditioners and Antioxidants.

FunCen er
Wheat Flour, Sugar, Edible Vegetable Oils, Invert Syrup, Skimmed
Milk Powder, Salt, Leavening Agents, Lactic Acid, Permitted Emulsifier,
Flavours andDoughConditioners. 



Wheat Flour, Edible Vegetable Oils, Spices, Salt, Sugar, Invert Syrup,
Leavening Agents, Lactic Acid, Permitted Emulsifier, Flavours and Dough


Wheat Flour, Edible Vegetable Oils, Sugar, Salt, Invert Syrup

Leavening Agents, Permitted Emulsifier, Flavours and Dough Conditioners.

c Ô 


Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Acidulant, Edible Vegetable Oils, Edible

Starch, Contains Permitted synthetic food colours and added flavours. 

Mango bi e

Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Acidulant, Mango Solids, Edible Vegetable

Oils, Edible Starch, Permitted Flavours and Colours. 

Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Acidulant, Edible Vegetable Oils, Edible
Starch, Permitted Flavours and Colours

Orange Cand

Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Acidulant, Edible Vegetable Oils, Edible

Starch, Permitted Flavours and Colours



Fun Centre Mango Bite

Melody candy

Monaco Toffees

Sixer Cheeslings

Hide & eek


Marie Choice -ol-a-Cola

rackjack isi ’ar Poins

c Y 

Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd. India¶s highest production capacity 1,00,
000 ton per annum. The company¶s total turn over per year is 120 corers ton
per year. Per day the company turns over 36 tone corers. The company¶s
total turn over per month is 9.50-corer turn. Parle is a large selling Biscuits.
Then company¶s total production per day of Biscuits 58 to 59 lake.Every day
3.5 to 4 lake packets are pre paid.


Total Calorie 450cal 22.5%

Calories from fat 126cal 21.0%

Total fact 140g 21.0%

Saturated fat 6.4g 9.0%

Poly unsaturated fat 0.8g 1.2%

Mono unsaturated fat 6.8g 10.2%

Cholesterol 00. Mg 0.0%

Total carbohydrate 75.2g 25.1%

Sugars 26.0g 8.7%

Dietary fiber 2.4g 6.0%

Protein 6.5g 13.0%

Sodium 270. mg 11. %

c ] 

Parle Products has one factory at Mumbai. That
manufactures biscuits and confectioneries while another factory at
Bahadhirgarh in harridan manufactures biscuits. A part form this
Parle has manufacturing facility at Neemrana in Rajasthan and at
Banglore in âarnataka. The factories at Bahadugarh and
Neemrana are the largest such manufacturing units for biscuits
and 5 manufacturing units for confectioneries on contract.

All these factories are located at strategic locations, so as

to ensure a constant output & easy distribution. Each factory has
state-of-the-art machinery with automatic printing & packaging

Manager has to keep at all production process control. All

Parle Products are manufacture under the most hygienic
conditions. Grate care is exercised in selection and quality control
of raw materials packing materials, rigid qualities standards are
ensured at every stag of the manufacturing process. Every batch
of biscuits & confectioneries are thoroughly checked by expert
staff using most modern equipment.

c 3 

Parle biscuits Pvt. Ltd. There are two shift
to take work from the workers and they are in very
proper time it is 12 hours and the workers have to
work during that period of shift only. They have not
a continuous process.

The time of the shift are also very

properly because they set for the help of the
workers. They are as follows.

1st SHIFT 8:00 A.M. To 8:00 P.M

2nd SHIFT 8:00 P.M To 8:00 A.M

c G 



c ‰ 

Advertising can be defined as the ³non
personal presentation and promotion of idea, good or
services by an identified sponsor´. It is an impersonal
presentation where a standard or common message
regarding the merits, price and availability of product or
service is given by the producer. The advertisement builds
pull effect as advertising tries to pull the product by
directly appealing to customer to buy it.

Advertising is the important of Marketing

advertising is the process of communicating persuasion
information about a product to target market by means of
the written and spoken word, and by visual materials.

Without advertising is not possible of the

marketing. There are many types of advertising likes as
economics times, website news, television news, radio
and banner, etc. Running a business without advertising is
just like looking at a girl in the dark you know what you
are looking but she doesn¶t know.

r Televition 
In diffrant channels like zee tv,sony,star plus,and local
channel etc.all the channel advertising them.

r Radio© 
Advertising also in different radio channel like my f.m.,


r Trade Promotion © 

The promotional techniques or tool offered to

middlemen or distribution channel such as wholesalers,
retailers etc. are known as trade promotion. The purpose
of trade promotion is to push the product fast through
channel. The intermediaries such as wholesalers and
retailer guide the customers to select the product so
promotional incentives are offered so that they pursue the
customer to select our.

r irect Marketing© 

Direct marketing is the use of consumer- direct

channels to reach and deliver goods and services to
customers without using marketing middlemen. Direct
marketers can use a number of channels to reach
individual prospects and customer: direct mail, catalog
marketing, telemarketing, interactive TV, kiosks, web
sites and mobile device. They often seek a measurable
response, typically a customer order, through direct-
order marketing.

r Publicity©
Publicity is a
non-paid form of impersonal
communication. It is just like advertisement except that
advertisement is a paid form whereas publicity in non-
paid form for example, some events is covered in news
and technology of any product is discussed in news free of

c Ô 

~ Public relation means building good relations with the
company¶s various publics by obtaining favorable, publicity,
building up a good ³corporate image´ and handling off
unfavorable, stories, and events.

~ Public relations and another mass promotion tool, which

undertakes building good relations with the company¶s
various public by obtaining favorable publicity, building up a
good ³corporate image´, and handing or handling off
unfavorable rumors, stories and events.

È Public relationship department may perform any or all of

the following functions:

È Press relations and press agency creating and placing

news worth information in the news media to attract
attention a person, product or service.

È Product publicity-publicizing specific products.

È Public affairs-building and maintaining national or local

community relations.

È Lobbying building and maintaining relations with

legislators and government officials to influence
legislations and regulations.

~ Investor relations maintaining relationships with shareholders

and others in the financial community.

c ‰ 

~ Development public relations with donor or members of non-
profit organizations to gain financial or voluntary support.

~ The public relations department may take into consideration

the following public relation decisions:

1. Setting public relations objectives.

2 Choosing public relations message and vehicle.

3 Implementing the public relations plan.

~ Evaluating public relations results.

c ‰Y 

The Parle Biscuits is world number on
selling. This Biscuits is sweet and healthy. The
company appointed so many distributors in foreign
countries like USA, Srilanka, Dubai, South Africa, and
Australia etc. Most the company¶s products are
exported to foreign buyers either directly in case of
big orders of through distributors.

Distribution channels are in company to

retailers. Company to distributors, distributor to
agency provide agency to shopkeeper and also
provide shopkeeper to customers. The stockiest will
be provided to retailer.

c ‰] 

Personal selling is the interpersonal arm of the production
mix. Advertising consists of one way, non-personal
communication with target consumer groups.

In contrast personal selling involves two ways, persona;

communication between salespeople and individual customer-
whether face-to-face, by telephone, through videoconferences
or by other name.
Personal selling can be more effective then advertising in
more complex selling situations. Sales people can probe
customers to learn more about their problems; they can adjust
the marketing offers to fit the special needs of each customer
and can negotiate terms of sales. They can build long-term
personal relationships with key decision makers.

c ‰3 

Public relations professionals use several tools and one of
the major tools is news. They find or create favorable news
about the company¶s audits, products or peoples. Sometimes
news stories occur naturally and sometimes the public relations
persons can suggest events or activities that would create
³SPEECHES´ can also create and greatly increase product
and company publicity. Company executives must answer
questions form the media or give talks at trade associations or
sales meeting and these events can either build or hurt the
company¶s image.
Another common public relations tools is ³SPECIAL EVENTS´,
ranging from news, conference, press tours, grand openings
and fireworks displays to laser show, hot air balloon releases,
multimedia presentations and star-studded spectacular shows,
or educational programs designed to reach and interest the
target public.

c ‰G 

Parle is not only nation market but international
market of starch. It has a large field of marketing the
international business also improves the financial conditions
of the country.

The Parle products is not only sold in India but also

in other countries USA, Australia, Dubai, Srilanka, Even the
more sophisticated markets like USA And Australia, now
relish Parle Products.

c ‰ 

Parle Biscuits and confectionaries are fast gaining
acceptance in international market. Many Parle products
have also won gold, silver and bronze medals at the monde
selection Parle has initiated the process of getting ISO 9000
certification Now using more modern technique for capacity
expansion. We have begun spreading our wings and are
going global.

c ‰ 

Parle±G has been a strong house hold name a cross.
India the great taste high nutrition and the
international quality makes Parle±G a winner. No
wonder it¶s the India putted leader in the Biscuits
category for decides. Parle±G is consumed by people
of all ages from the rich to the poor living I cities and
in villages while some have it for break fast for others
it is a complete whole some meat for some it¶s the
best accompany for chill while for some. It¶s a way of
gating charged whenever they are law on energy. It¶s
also often highly recommend by dieticians and
medical practitioners. It is widely a likely and eaten
across India be any city village town etc.

c ‰‰ 

c ‰  

The over all responsibility of manufacturing
are interested to vice president who is supported by
different functional health leaking after oral solids,
quality control production planning and control and
utilities. Personal department is the main part of the
each and every company without the person
company can do nothing and can not earn profit.

c ‰Ô 

For the purpose of basic training. The
bulk desperation is given before the assignment of
the job. The key personnel are sponsored for training
schedule by out side institution. Agencies for the
purpose of training necessary follow up are taken
form. The training so as given the benefits tot other
effective working in the same factory

When there is new employees come to

the company. So employees provide three days
compulsory training. Then personal concerned are
kept under the constant supervision and guidance
subject to examination from time. They have full
facility training room at Naroda and they give class
room training and also practical training to them.


As the company employees are the main part of

the company of how many number of they are in the factory
is very important Parle¶s total employees are 120 which
permanents. The company provides them good atmosphere
and salary.

The company has good relationship with his

employees. It provides them insurance also company tries to
give them basic facility. Every employee gets uniform from
the company. Aim to increase employee¶s salary. 120 people
working in that department most of them are classifies in
three different groups, supervisors, engineers, workers.

c  Y 

Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd. Branch of Ahmedabad is
located in Naroda G.I.D.C. is a industrial area and near the
Ahmedabad city. So the employees or engineers needed are
easily available. To recruit new employees they give
advertisement in Parle related newspapers and finally they
get best employees to work every member of employees
comes to the Ahmedabad city area.

Parle staff members and workers are provide

clean aprons caps, uniforms and foot wears. The company
gives good salary to their employees and maintain good
relation with them, separate growing rooms are providing
before entry in to the plant.

c  ] 

 A qualified person is appointed to visit the factory

daily. Every different and indirect employee is
subjected to techniques. The medical report shall
cover various aspects viz, eye sight, blood pressure,
physical fitness etc.

 The personnel is where respect the medical

exemption reports not found satisfactory i.e The
physical fitness of the personnel is not as per the
required standard are to be duet with by affecting
necessary trades or other wise as deemed fit in to
the context at the circumstances.

 The company provides them good atmosphere and

salary. Every employees get uniform form the
company. Aim to A increase employee¶s salary.

 By doing an extensive research over all the aspects I

come to the conclusion that subject to the mentioned
conditions and circumstances the project is definitely
economically and socially viable.

c  3 

By doing an extensive research over all the aspects
I come to the conclusion that subject to the mentioned
conditions and circumstances the project is definitely
economically and socially viable.

I would finally like to conclude my project with a

high feeling of having gained enormous knowledge about
the FD INDUSTRY. This includes thanks- giving not
only for the valued co-operation of arle. But also our
professors who gave me such a wonderful opportunity to
learn so much about the practical of life. We could say
correctly for our professors that, ³You inspire it; we
develop and stand by it.´

Through this project, I learnt how to deal with

people in all circumstances and how to maintain contacts.
The important part was extracting as much information as
possible, which helped us to improve our potentials.

The theoretical studies conducted at the college as

well as the fieldwork that I have learnt will definitely help
me in enhancing my academic career and come up as
efficient manager.

c  G 

 VŒ’ IîŒ





~ Principal and practice of management by



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