Connectors of Contrast Connectors are words which we use to join/connect ideas together.

Connectors such as: however, although, but, so, because, nevertheless, on the one hand and on the other hand are connectors of contrast. We use connectors of contrast when we want to contrast two pieces of information either in a single sentence or in two sentences. Combine each pair of sentences with the above connectors to form sentences with contrasting ideas. There is more than one correct answer. Examples: 1. She tried to solve the problem for two hours. She was unable to do it. *She tried to solve the problem for two hours but she was unable to do it. *She tried to solve the problem for two hours however, she was unable to do it. 2. Many people think it's fun to swim in the dark. It's often dangerous to swim then. 3. Some sharks are dangerous. Most of them don't attack people. 4. Some people think that eating parts of sharks makes them strong. This isn't true. 5. My sister stayed home. She wasn't feeling well. 6. They worked very hard on their project. It was a great success. 7. I told him not to do it. He did it! 8. They got up very early this morning. They were late for school. 9. She is very tired. She won't take a break. 10. My sister likes drawing very much. She doesn't devote enough time to it.