In what ways are the Hazel’s customers most likely to judge the quality of her lawn care services? The Following are some the ways the customers could likely assess the quality of a lawn care service.
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How much fertilizer is applied annually? Does the company apply nitrogen fertilizers? What features the lawn mower has to have to keep the area look its best? Are sprays or granular fertilizers used? What does the company guarantee about its service? Does it provide any kind of lawn care education to the homeowner? Is the lawn and garden service flexible -- and is the level of service worth the cost? The Customers are more likely to compare the quality with other competitors in terms of the features provided, in terms of maintenance and the in time delivery of services. Also, making the customers aware of basic lawn care tips to maintain their lawn is one feature that could surpass

2. A. Hazel is the operations manager for the business. Among her responsibilities are forecasting, inventory management, scheduling, quality assurance, and maintenance. What kind of things would likely require forecasts? Based on current set of customers (both residential and commercial) and the amount of enquiries she has received from prospective clientele she can forecast about the business in the near future. She can opt for a monthly/ annual contract so as to ensure consistent business. Based on this forecasting she can decide on the number of part time workers she needs to hire to do the Job. She can also decide on what new equipments need to be purchased based on the scale of the businesses she expects. Based on the current contracts at hand, she can also record the details , analyze them and also forecast on what kind of variations( urgencies, emergencies, unforeseen circumstances) occur in her day to day business and also consider such variations in projecting future business. 2. B. What Inventory items does Hazel probably have? Name one Inventory decision she has to make periodically Some of the Inventory items for maintenance and operational supplies are • • • • • • • • • • • Weed eater twine Aerator Sod Cutter Turf Equipments Brush Cutter/ Harvester Tillers/ Cultivators. Rotary mowers Weed killer concentrate (like Spectrum, Brush killer) and other chemicals Water Spiller Oil filters/Hydraulic Oil and filter lawn mower blades

2.Blades of various equipments are units. which needs periodical monitoring and which needs to be changed at regular intervals to maintain the quality. refilling gas etc. replacing worn out equipments. How important is quality assurance of Hazel’s business? Explain Quality of service provided is what differentiates a company from the rest. . Since workers are available on a part time basis their availability factors may also cause disruption. proper scheduling must be done to avoid delay in delivering the services. Ability to command premium prices. Since Hazel’s business is a startup. Disruptions Emergency needs of a customer may cause disruption in schedules. What kind of maintenance needs to be performed? The maintenance will primarily deal with all the equipments she uses and also vehicle maintenance. the mowing blades. Equipments would mean. Also. gas etc. their needs and wants.Quality leads to • • • • • • Enhanced Reputation for the company. Increased Market share Greater Customer Loyalty Fewer Production/Service Problems Higher Profits Owing to these benefits. the operating conditions of the equipment and climatic conditions add to the disruption in schedules. 2. What scheduling must she do? What things might occur to disrupt schedules and cause Hazel to reschedule? She must do the scheduling of allocating the workloads to specific work centers and determining the sequence in which lawn care operations are to be performed. Apart from these. Vehicle maintenance deals with changing oil. The efficiency of equipments needs to be checked at regular intervals to avoid disruption in services. Scheduling must also be done on the timing use of available equipments and Human Resources. 2. C.. Seasonal conditions especially during winter. E. we say quality maintenance is a high priority factor which improves the growth of the company in the long run. Proximity of the customers. availability of customers. quality is an important factor that she needs to overlook every time so as to gain an advantage over other business. D.

During the peak growing season. In this case she’ll be in a better position to maintain and improve her service to existing clients and can thus charge them higher for premium service. In which case she’ll have to depend on word of mouth publicity. the clippings supply valuable moisture to your lawn. you are recycling in the truest sense. . What options might Hazel consider if the ordinance is passed? Name two advantages and drawbacks of each option 1) Grass cycling Grass clippings can make up a significant portion of a household’s waste. By working for a company she can avoid the monetary risks involved as an entrepreneur. By recycling grass clippings (or “grass cycling”) and keeping them in your own yard. And. The clippings returns nitrogen and other nutrients back to the soil. By not expanding the business she will restrict her growth and profits.3. returning nutrients to your soil. – • Expanding the business? – By expanding the business she can get more clients and hence more returns and profit. By not launching the website. they can amount to almost 35% of all waste materials collected. The town is considering an ordinance that would putting grass clippings at the curb for pickup because local landfills cannot handle the volume. Also. more Independence regarding the way she wants to execute her work and better financial returns in case her business does well. What are some of the trade-offs that Hazel probably considered relative to: • Working for a company instead of for herself? – By working for herself she can have greater flexibility of work timings. But the returns will also be high as the website will have a global reach. she can make her company global. with grass being comprised of over 90% water. – • Launching a Web site? – Launching the website will require a substantial monetary investment. Hazel will save money but using alternate methods of publicity will reach out to lesser number of people compared to the website. for new clients 4. The added benefit of grass cycling is that you are fortifying and strengthening the turf naturally. But this expansion of customer base might have a negative impact on the service provided to clients.

breaking down leaves. they should be more than willing to join her in which in the long run would help her in getting better ideas for business. allowing better root penetration and improving plant growth. The trade – offs would be: If she sends the check: Though it will be a monetary transaction. and may help add essential nutrients to any soil. it will benefit her in ways of generating goodwill for her business being ethical. Should Hazel send that student a check for the idea? What are the possible trades – offs? Yes. It also improves the infiltration and percolation of water through the soil. If herbicide treated grass are not treated appropriately. A few disadvantages lie in that it attracts pests and if not done properly could do more harm than good. students won’t be willing to join her . (which assuming: was not documented) so she need necessarily not send it. the student can work for spreading a positive word of mouth amongst his/her colleagues. The student who proposed the idea has left. as it would be wrong on moral grounds if she doesn’t. and they provided several good ideas. creates a healthy environment for earthworms. Hazel should send the check to the student whose idea she is going to implement. This might lead to formation of a negative image of her in front of clients and competitors. But. improves a sandy soil’s capacity to hold water and nutrients. as the student has joined her competitor this news might spread easily and chances are that the competitor also implements the same idea or might go one step ahead. Mixing compost material into your yard or garden loosens heavy clay soils. 2) Usage in compost pile A compost pile is a teeming microbial farm. so that if she goes for another such move. And probably next time if goes for another such idea program. and reduces disposal costs in towns that charge for hauling yard waste. healthy way to dispose of organic-matter wastes. Hazel decided to offer the students who worked for her a bonus of $25 for ideas on how to improve the business. But if she does. 5. reduces the need to buy trash bags and soil conditioners. One idea that she initially rejected now appears to hold great promise. and other organic matter. If she doesn’t send the check: On the other hand. The microbes in a compost pile go to work for you.A few drawbacks are that leaving grass cuttings in the lawn prevents the grass lying beneath it to get adequate sunshine. it improves the health of your plants by improving the soil. hence preventing its proper growth. and is currently working for a competitor. Plus. this news will also spread in the market as the student is now a part of the business. fruit and vegetable waste. they can do more harm than good. grass clippings. This might as well affect her business. Secondly. provides a natural. if she doesn’t send the check.

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