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2010 - The Org Manual v7.4

2010 - The Org Manual v7.4

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Published by: Franck Dernoncourt on Feb 08, 2011
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To create sparse trees and special lists with selection based on properties, the same com-
mands are used as for tag searches (see Section 6.3 [Tag searches], page 54).

C-c / m or C-c \


Create a sparse tree with all matching entries. With a C-u prefx argument,
ignore headlines that are not a TODO line.

C-c a m


Create a global list of tag/property matches from all agenda fles. See
Section 10.3.3 [Matching tags and properties], page 93.

C-c a M


Create a global list of tag matches from all agenda fles, but check only TODO
items and force checking of subitems (see variable org-tags-match-list-

The syntax for the search string is described in Section 10.3.3 [Matching tags and prop-

erties], page 93.

There is also a special command for creating sparse trees based on a single property:

C-c / p Create a sparse tree based on the value of a property. This frst prompts for
the name of a property, and then for a value. A sparse tree is created with all
entries that defne this property with the given value. If you enclose the value
in curly braces, it is interpreted as a regular expression and matched against
the property values.

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