Word of Wisdom D&C Section 89 Don’t

• • • Drink strong drinks Use tobacco Drink hot drinks • • • • • • • Eat flesh of beasts, fowls, and wild animals except in times of famine and excess hunger • • • Use all grain Use fruit of the vine; both above ground and under ground Emphasis on: • Wheat for man • Corn for ox • Oats for horse • Rye for fowls and swine and all beasts of the field Use barley for all useful animals Use barley and other grain for mild drinks Use all wholesome herbs Use every herb in the season thereof Use every fruit in the season thereof Use with prudence and thanksgiving Use flesh of beasts and fowl sparingly and thankfully Use all grain for man and beasts; the staff of life • •

Wash bodies with alcohol-antiseptic Use tobacco on bruises, sick cattle (with skill and judgment)

Eat flesh of beasts and fowls except in winter, cold, or famine

• •

THE PROMISE OF THE LORD: All saints who remember to keep and do in obedience shall receive: • Health in their navel • Marrow in their bones • Wisdom • Great treasures of knowledge • Hidden treasures of knowledge • Strength to run not be weary • Power to walk and not faint • Deliverance from the destroying angel-- shall pass by them and not slay them. (symbolic of Passover; lambs blood on the door; Lamb is a symbol of Christ)

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