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An IT Strategy Framework - lasa 10

An IT Strategy Framework - lasa 10

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Published by: PAVS Circuit Rider Centre on Feb 08, 2011
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An IT Strategy Framework

By Lasa Information Systems Team Although every organisation is different, nearly all organisations will need to develop an ICT strategy. This will help ensure that the purchase and use of technology is firmly tied to the organisations aims and business. A strategy will also help organisations make the best use of their IT resources now and in the future. An IT strategy need not be more than two sides of A4 paper but should include: • A time scale for implementing the strategy and how often the strategy will be reviewed (e.g. 3 years, reviewed annually) • A date the strategy was agreed and by whom (e.g. 15th April 2002 by Management Committee) • Organisational / department / team aims (e.g. organisation provides advice and information to young people through day centre and outreach work) • How technology can be used to meet these aims (e.g. computer network to allow easier information sharing within the organisation, database to assist staff with case management). • Managing IT standards, detailing the organisation's policy on IT and / or time scale for developing and implementing (see the knowledgebase article Building Blocks of an IT Policy for more detail on the areas that your IT policy will need to address) • Any special technology projects (e.g. Network installation, website development etc.) • Schedule and costs (e.g. - year 1 detail, years 2 and 3 approximate, Capital / revenue; Year 1/2/3)

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