Iridium offers the only truly global coverage for satellite communications. the company continues to demonstrate growth in the satellite communications sector. Leadership in the industry is reflected through the company¶s efforts to company¶ proactively address broad emerging markets. Even with the economic challenges of 2009. such as the machine-to-machine (M2M) market. . Iridium is advancing the way global enterprises conduct daily missionmission-critical activities. partnerships and solutions.Profile of Iridium As a market leader constantly innovating beyond the traditional bounds of satellite communications. A consistent machine-topattern of growth is another hallmark of Iridium¶s Iridium¶ leadership. With a strong track record as an innovator in terms of technology.

Based in Bethesda.but the service started in May 1998 The number of satellites projected in the early stages of planning was 77 but could start only with 66 satellites Is the provider of truly global satellite voice and data communications solutions with complete coverage of the entire Earth including oceans. airways and even Polar Regions . Iridium Satellite LLC.. Maryland.A.S. U.History of Iridium      The company derives its name from the chemical element iridium. a privately held company The research on satellite phones were started in 1987-88.

Russia and various other European countries and other players are INMARSAT AND THURAYA    . Iridium is a profitable company with the constant acquisition of new customers and partners both domestically and abroad in some of the furthest reaches of the planet. Iridium's most rapidly expanding business segment is the machine-tomachine sector.S. 2016.A . Presently active in various parts of U. At a current annual growth rate of 137 percent. its next generation satellite constellation. which will be fully operational by 2016. making major investments in network enhancements and launching the Iridium NEXT initiative. Iridium is also planning for the future sustainability of its constellation.

What Satellite Phones Are? A satellite phone is a telephone-like device that telephonesends radio signals direct to a satellite then down to a land earth station from where the call can be directed to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) as well as a cellular network. The reverse is also true. Any land-line landor cellular network can call satellite phones. The major telecommunication satellite constellations are: Global star. and Iridium. There is no single phone that works everywhere except a satellite phone Satellite phones use incredible technology to provide global coverage at reasonably low costs. . Inmarsat. As an example Global star has 48 satellites and Iridium has 66 that orbit the earth.

Satellites are immune to these problems. Emergency service.    . vandalism and natural disasters. poor weather. Satellite service does not. Cell phone towers are subject to power outages. Helps in connecting to far off places where there is no cellular services mainly villages as it doesn¶t need any towers and is doesn¶ cost efficient and is also GPS enabled.Advantages of Satellite Phones  Consistent service. Durability. service. Cell phone networks often become overloaded in case of disaster and stop functioning. Satellite phones are resistant to water and shock and are built to last. Cell phones and other communication devices are often frail and not fit for outdoor or heavy duty use.

Shifting of more and more people from primary sector to secondary and tertiary sector. Political Stability Increase in standard of living of people The total foreign investments attracted in 2009-10 2009amounted to USD 66.5 billion. Increase in purchasing power of people Growth in infrastructure Fourth largest by Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) .Indian Economy         India¶s current GDP is 8.6% which shows growth in economy.

The booming domestic telecom market has been attracting huge amounts of investment which is likely to accelerate with the entry of new players and launch of new services.49 per cent from 638. an increase of 2.22 million in April 2010. the number of telephone subscriber base in the country reached 653. 55. According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).71 per cent. registering a growth of 2. Further.53 million at the end of May 2010 from 601. 2010. the Indian telecom sector is expected to witness investment of around US$ 40 billion during the current fiscal. .92 million as on May 31. With this the overall tele-density (telephones per 100 people) telehas touched 55. The wireless subscriber base has increased to 617.38.05 million in April 2010.38.Indian Telecom Industry       The Indian telecommunications industry is one of the fastest growing in the world.

Advantages To Indian Consumers  Low call rates as compared to others but depends on plan High Connectivity GPS Enabled Easy Access to Net Rural Consumers Access across the globe Very Effective in emergency conditions       .

Benefits To The Company  Low Initial Cost Capturing New Market Very Less Competition First Mover Advantage Core Competence Vast Coverage      .


Security Threat Threat to domestic service providers Cost of satellite phone sets is very high    .Barriers To Entry  License needed from the Govt.

.India is one of the fastest developing economy in the recent past with also the growth in telecom sector and increasing population could be a really profitable market for Iridium.Even they could enjoy the first mover advantage which could be of great benefit to any company engaged in production of any product.Conclusion Iridium is one of the companies providing satellite phone services across the globe and India could also be a great business market for them.

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