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How Students Can Work with their Local Pregnancy Help Centers (PHC)

Get Involved!

Bring the PHCs to campus by advertising their services. Chalk campus sidewalks with the PHC’s contact information. Flyers should be hung several times a semester, and all your group members should carry extra copies to hang up on their way to classes. Hang flyers in places they will be noticed:

- The back of bathroom stalls

- Coffee shops near campus

- RA boards

Make PHC Events Fun!

If you’re doing a diaper drive on campus for the PHC or a baby shower for a pregnant mom, display all items raised in the “quad” to get students involved and interested. Use these events as a recruitment tool for your group.

Fun Baby Shower games:

+ Chug milk from a bottle

+ Guess that baby food

+ Guess the number of pink/blue jelly beans

+ Race to see who can put the diaper on the baby doll the fastest

Save lives by knowing one number: 1-800-395-HELP

1-800-395-HELP, the national toll-free helpline. Talk often about Option Line and how women can connect to a local PHC for the support they need to choose life. Visit, and use the center locator system to help anyone, anywhere find the nearest PHC.

Hold a Women’s Health Fair on Campus

Show your classmates what a real woman’s health fair should look like. Have tables set up with information about your student group, the local PHC, adoption agencies and pro-life doctors in the area.

Consider Training to Be a Volunteer

Consider having your group members trained to handle crisis phone calls and office visits. This will prepare your group members to help the women and men who call or visit the PHC. It will also help when classmates have questions or think they may be pregnant where you are volunteering.

Be A Marketing Consultant

Whether you are studying marketing or not, you are a representative of the target market to which PHCs are trying to get their message. Offer your insights on how students are getting information and accessing existing marketing avenues. Help centers conduct focus groups on campus for more effectiveness in current and proposed marketing materials. You can even use the PHC for a class project.

Be Vigilant and Raise Awareness

Let the center director know of any plans by pro-abortion groups on campus to picket or spy (they often send in fake clients). Visit the pro-abortion student group website, read their literature if possible, and share any pertinent info with the pregnancy center director.

Defend Centers

When students – directly or through “documentary” style videos – try to disparage the good work of PHCs, make sure people know about the life-saving resources the centers provide. Review the report on the pregnancy help movement’s accomplishments at Let others know that “Pregnancy Help Centers are good for America.” When articles hostile toward pregnancy centers appear online, if there is space to respond, always write a positive comment about their work.

Go to or Call 800.395.4357 to find your local PHC

Always be prepared to let women know there is non-judgmental help available if they think they might be pregnant.