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Modelado de Personajes

Modelado de Personajes

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Published by: LuzdeLun@ on Feb 09, 2011
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Fr ame Selection f
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Camer a Attribute Editor
Camer a Tools • Image Plane •

I mage Plane Attributes

Display r looking through camera r. in all views

Display Mode I RGBA

Color Gain

rr====~~~=J ~

Color Offset IF="======= ~

!!!lll!!lllll1IIIiiiiiIiii_~-iAlpha Gain 1=====,.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;= ~

I mage Plane r Attached To Camera r. Fixed

Type ! I mage File 3

Image Name IC:\Documents and Settings\lvan Castro\D

Subdivisions Axis 15

Subdivisions Height ... 1'-0---- IF~~~~~~~

Subdivisions Caps 10

r Round Cap

Dynamics Rendering Cloth


... Poly E xtrude Face History


Extrude Bridge

Append to Polygon Tool

Remove Subdiv Proxy Mirror Crease Proxy Edge Tool

Toggle Proxy Display

SII.J!x!i'"'i~1 1M eIl~d E~j;lQf1eli!1ial

EX:Jumentiiill'l SmlOotiElingIICon1rol!f.--------------------.

~Slidl;visIDn L.e~ Jlllll:moo~!!!!!!~~;;;;;;;:II:;;;;.~ .. -~U

CQtflhity j1.oooo

r;; S rnooltJ UVs

P' Keep G1ell!ffrletll'I IBOI~r$ r K<B~ H: td Erl_g~

i(e.:e:pl IMap E:ordeft r" None lri Inlte.rrHill

Mirror S:e~iQlj .r;- N ooe! ~, illOI Dltl!oiJOl'I ~' -x r: x

r: FIiII r" ",y ~. -Y

r Half r ",2 r: ·7

vier eVe eo: 1 ence 110 1

r Share llrGmfGrrn Node

Extrude Bridge

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