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Cause And Effect

Using An Interesting Topic, Aliens and Flying Saucers to Teach A Complex Skill

Elements of Cause and Effect  Cause: It usually starts something to happen.  Effect: What happens due to the cause .

Chupacabra  This creature is responsible for killing and mutilating animals. . The creature is called a chucabra. because the first animal found was a goat completely drained of blood.

Important Elements  What is the Cause?  What is the Effect? .

It was built by prison labor at the Mauhausen Concentration Camp. 1945 at an altitude of 45. .The Creator of Flying Saucers?  Victor Schuberger was reported to have designed and flown a saucer shaped flying machine on February 19.000 feet in only 3 minutes.

Now Tell Me  What was the Cause?  What was the Effect? .

strange circles have appeared in the middle of the night. People think it is because of strange weather patterns. a UFO landing.Circles In the Sand  For the past twenty years. or a hoax. .

Which is which?  Effect     Three causes proposed: A. ____________ . ____________ C. ____________ B.Crop Circles: Here is an effect with a number of different causes.

.Human Abductions  There are a growing number of people who believe that aliens have abducted people in order to create mixed alien and human offspring. because people are destroying the earth due to pollution.

There are two possible causes for a UFO. .Encounters With Aliens Linked to UFO Sightings  There are reported sightings of UFO¶s during the time that abductions are reported. A German scientist claimed to have flown a UFO.

Causes of UFO    Causes: A. _____________  Effect: UFO . _____________ B.

Them and Us.Abductions: There are two causes.  Effect: Human Abductions ± What are they doing to us? What do people say aliens are doing? Causes:  Why are they abducting people?  What is it that we are doing? ___________ ___________________ ___________________  .

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