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The Voice of Young Conservatives
From: Zach Howell--National Chairman Subject: Flushing Our Future

Over the past year, the focal point of messaging for the College Republican National Committee has been our “Don’t Put It On Our Tab” debt awareness initiative. As our primary issue advocacy platform, we have educated our membership and the general population about the real world consequences that the national debt will have on my generation. We are adding a new component to this initiative called “Flushing our Future” Over the next month, we will be driving home the frightening fact that our government will be paying more than $5.5 trillion in interest on the national debt over the next decade. Using the “Flushing our Future” theme, we will focus on contextualizing the interest owed on the debt, and pointing out that this money will serve no creative purpose. We are effectively flushing tax dollars down the toilet. The left constantly attacks those who wish to take the necessary actions to pay down our debt and restore fiscal sanity in our country. They accuse Republicans of lacking compassion for students, the needy and families. We will be pointing out that the least compassionate thing the government can do is to continue these irresponsible, unsustainable fiscal policies. So, exactly how much is $5.5 trillion? Just how much is our government flushing down the drain? To put it in perspective, with $5.5 trillion you could: Pay the annual tuition cost for 157.2 million Harvard attendees Pay the annual tuition cost for 783.5 million attendees at a 4 year public university Award 1.5 billion Pell Grants to needy students Pay the annual, average cost of textbooks for 6.1 billion students Buy nearly 25 million homes at median price Cover the median annual income for a family of four for 124 million families Buy 194 million new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited automobiles pay for Weddings for 229 million couples Buy 5 billion Samsung 50' Plasma Televisions

Send 4.6 billion couples on a one week Hawaiian vacation Even more distressing: every man, woman and child will have to pay over $17,742 in interest on the governments debt in the coming decade. Racking up debt to pay for a government we can't afford isn't compassionate. Every dollar that we spend on servicing our national debt is a dollar that can't be spent on education, business development, healthcare or leisure. It's time to live within our means and put our money to more productive use. Our message has resounded loud and clear on campuses and the media because of the support that you have continued to give us. We could not have achieved this level of success without your loyal support. Conservatives have a golden opportunity to win the war of ideas on debt and deficits with today’s young people. We ask for your continued support as we continue the fight.

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