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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The Eyeopener


Opinion: RSU election is just nuts
It’s that time of the year again — the RSU elections are here, and we’re bombarded in the hallways and in our classrooms with crappy campaign platforms. The candidates are out and this year we prayed for some variety. We wanted a bag of mixed nuts. But instead, we just got nuts. Students United blatantly supports the CFS. That isn’t necessarily bad, but the union has been focusing on the wants and needs of the CFS instead of those of Ryerson students. It’s also hard to get any real information out of them. It’s common for student media to require meeting dates, only to hear the same generic campaign details. Some years ago, execs didn’t need prep time to talk to media. They could be approached on campus, and they would give at least a genuine comment about the specific topic at hand. But not anymore. The pro-CFS slates are known for a sense of authority that is high beyond their rank, and this kind of media cock-blocking creeps us out. The candidates in RU Change have come in with new ideas, but the slate is poorly organized and uncommitted. Three of the candidates didn’t bother to show up to the debate on Feb. 2, and presidential candidate Karol Pawlina didn’t prepare a speech. VP Equity candidate Donna Ryder is currently involved in a lawsuit against the RSU. It doesn’t make sense to us to sue an organization you’re trying to be elected into. It’s admirable that these candidates want to challenge the Students United monopoly, but they don’t have the experience or cohesion to do it. Therefore, the news team has decided to endorse no one in this year’s Ryerson Students’ Union elections. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote. So, if you’re feeling like we are, and don’t mesh with either slate, we have a suggestion: spoil your ballot on voting day. Wreak havoc on that little piece of paper by drawing your favourite sex positions or writing a shoutout to us at the Eyeopener.
— The Eyeopener News Team

Provost Alan Shepard started a five-year academic plan in 2008, and may not return to see the plan fulfilled.


Ryerson’s academic plan falls short of expectations
As Provost Alan Shepard nears the end of his contract, how successful has his academic plan proved for Ryerson University so far?

Three years into provost and vicepresident academic Alan Shepard’s five-year Shaping Our Future plan; Ryerson is still lagging behind many of the outlined goals. The plan consiting of 25 suggestions and five priorities for the university’s future has largely gone unfulfilled since it was published in 2008. The strategies are scheduled to be implemented by 2013 in a bid to improve Ryerson’s academics, athletics and reputation. Many of these strategies have gone unfulfilled, and others may go beyond their allotted time frames. A main focus in the plan is to expand and improve the infrastructure of the university, with specific plans being the rapid completion of the Student Learning Centre, updated athletic facilities and the Gould Street photo gallery, to be located in the

new Image Arts building. The Image Arts building’s opening was delayed for one year, as it is slated to open this September, instead of opening at the beginning of the 2010-11 school year as planned. Maple Leaf Gardens has met similar delays, with the planned completion of the facility pushed back from its original March 2011 opening to November. Ryerson is slated to break ground on the Student Learning Centre sometime this year and hope to complete construction in 2013, just in time to meet the five-year goal Shepard set out. Other goals have met somwhat disappointing results. Shepard’s plan outlined an increase in course accessibility and more choices in course options. However, in November the university proposed a three per cent budget cut which would further force Ryerson to cut down on the number of courses

offered each semester. The plan did however result in three more doctorate programs for the university in computer science, molecular science, and physics.

I’ll be clear ... He wants to stay a second term. But our policies require that there is a search process. — Sheldon Levy, Ryerson President
Despite the issues with the Shaping Our Future plan, Ryerson president Sheldon Levy said Shepard has been doing a good job. “I think [Shepard] has done an excellent job. I think he has moved the university forward in many academic ways,” Levy said. “He’s a great colleague, he’s the university’s budget officer and does

an excellent job, so I have nothing but praise for how well he’s performed.” However, Shepard may not be employed at Ryerson by the end of his plan. Shepard’s current contract with the university ends next June, though Levy expects Shepard will return for a second term. “I’m absolutely certain, and I hope it does happen, that Alan will be a candidate for that process,” said Levy. But Shepard is not guaranteed to retain his post. Ryerson policy dictates that a selection committee must be convened before they name a provost for the next term. “I’ll be clear. Alan’s first term is over, he wants to stay a second term. But our policies require that there is a search process, even when someone wants to continue,” said Levy. Shepard has been mum on the subject thus far, saying that it’s “too soon to tell” what his plans for the future are.

The Eyeopener will be live tweeting the RSU elections. Follow us @theeyeopener or join us at the Ram and buy us a pint.

RSU candidate gets crossed off ballot

While ballots indicate otherwise, VP Operations candidate Sean Carson will go unopposed on election day after opponent Mark Single was disqualified from the Ryerson Students’ Union elections on Feb. 4. The chief returning officer, Hakim Kassam, disqualified Single for posting unapproved election posters around campus. The posters focused on the $30, 000 annual salary paid to RSU executives, with Single saying he would reduce the salaries to minimum student wage. Single said the campagin was to raise awareness for students who weren’t aware of the annual salary. The posters were reportedly found overlapping Students’ United posters,

with a finger pointing directly to their faces. The CRO deemed the offence a “severe violation,” and disqualified Single based on six different violations. This included bylaw 6.59 of the election handbook, that posters should not be offensive and if so, it would be up to the discretion of the CRO to remove and destroy the poster. Subsequently the CRO could then disqualify the individual. Single had gone to the CRO to get the posters approved on Feb. 3 but after he was denied, he chose to post them that evening anyway. “It went against good faith, and maligned the individuals it was posted by,” Kassam said. Single was given 24 hours to ap-

peal the decision, but chose to waive his right and left the race. Kassam indicated the RU Change slate has already received a number of demerit points but would not provide specific details. If Single’s offence had turned into more demerit points for the team, it’s likely the entire slate would have been eliminated. To win the election, candidate Sean Carson will now have to receive the majority of votes, which breaks down to 50 per cent plus one vote in the yes or no vote. Carson said he still feels positive that himself and his team are encouraging students to come out and vote. Polls will remain open until Feb. 9 at 5:30 p.m.

Mark Single was disqualified from the RSU elections.


The Eyeopener


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Steven “HIYA” Goetz Shannon “BIG...BLUE EYES” Higgins Chris “SURVEY SAYS” Allaire NEWS Christina “THANK YOU” Dun Sarah “MUSTACHE” Del Giallo Terry “HEART” Sparkes Emma “TITS AND BONERS” Prestwich Mike “FAREWELL” Duncan ASSOCIATE NEWS Brad “GET YO’ SKATES” Whitehouse PHOTO: CHELSEA POTTAGE Rebecca “CARSON CALL WAKE-UP” Burton Playing the role of the Annoying Talking Coffee Mug this week... FEATURES Assholes are disrespectful Mariana “LOVE AND SEX GODESS” Ionova Marta. Pay who back. TODAY. And to her Kijiji. Damn you Kijiji. BIZ & TECH The Eyeopener is Ryerson’s largest Ian “AVATAR YOU” Vandaelle and independent student newspaper. It is owned and operated by Rye ARTS & LIFE a Gianluca “CREATIVE GENIUS” Inglesi Eye Publishing Inc., by non-profit corporation owned the students of Ryerson. Our office is on the SPORTS floor of Sean “DOES NOT EAT AT PITMAN” Tepper second and you the Student Campus Centre can reach us at theeyeopener.com PHOTO Marta “FUCK ASSHOLES” Iwanek Lindsay “MISS ENGLAND” Boeckl ASSOCIATE PHOTO CORRECTION Chelsea “NO MOAR NAKED” Pottage PHOTO: LINDSAY BOECKL PHOTO: LINDSAY BOECKL Last week the Eyeopener FUN incorrectly stated that Ryerson Kats “WHERE R U?” Quinto University had passed a three COMMUNITY per cent budget cut. While the Allyssia “NICE BOOBS” Alleyne budget cut is expected, it has not Stop by the Eyeopener office at SCC 207 before Friday at noon and drop off your name, student number and contact info ONLINE MEDIA been officially passed. for a chance to win one of two Valentine’s Day-inspired prize packs. Go to theeyeopener.com/eyeblog for contest details. Lee “DEBAPTIZED” Richardson ONLINE GURUS John “SNOWBIGGIE” Shmuel Aleysha “HERO” Haniff GENERAL MANAGER T h e R y e r s o n S t u d e n t s ' U n i o n P re s e n t s Liane “RED” McLarty ADVERTISING MANAGER Chris “COME BACK” Roberts DESIGN DIRECTOR J.D. “CLOWNPORN4LIFE” Mowat CIRCULATION MANAGER Megan “LOVES GALEN” Higgins

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The Eyeopener


RSU candidate sues for $800,000

November 2009
Ryder and Nyitray sue Toby Whitfield, VP of Finance and Services at the time, and other RSU executives for $70,000 in damages. They file seven claims in total for libel, slander, defamation and vilification.

Donna Ryder and another student are suing for a total of $800,000.

Two Ryerson students are suing an employee of the Student Campus Centre (SCC) and three campus organizations for a total of $800, 000. The lawsuit filed on Jan. 28 alleges libel, slander, defamation of character and harassment. Donna Ryder, a candidate for VP Equity at the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) and full-time social work student, and Frank Nyitray, a part-time image arts student, are suing the RSU, the Palin Foundation (an organization that runs the SCC), Continuing Education Students’ Association of Ryerson (CESAR), and Eric Newstadt, general manager of the SCC. Ryder alleges that Newstadt is physically barring her from entering the SCC and that he has “banned” Nyitray. Ryder, who uses an electric wheelchair, said the RSU is forcing her to give up some of her human rights by keeping her from using her attendant, Nyitray. “I’m comfortable and safe with

[Nyitray],” says Ryder. However, Imre Juurlink, supervisor of Ryerson emergency and security services, said only security has the ability to enforce a ban, and that security has not physically barred Ryder from the SCC. CESAR president, Mohammad Ali Aumeer, and RSU president, Toby Whitfield, had no comment on the lawsuit, citing that the matter is before the courts. Ryder says the timing of the lawsuit has nothing to do with the upcoming student election starting, which began Feb. 7. This isn’t the first time Ryder and Nyitray have butted heads with the RSU. In December 2009, the two were a part of a group of former community service group employees who sued RSU executives, including Whitfield, for $70,000 in damages. They filed seven claims in total of libel, slander, defamation and vilification, but settled in mediation in March 2010.

March 2010
Ryder and Nyitray settle with the RSU, in mediation, for an undisclosed amount of money.

January 2011
Ryder joins the RSU election race for VP of Equity.

January 28, 2011
Ryder and Nyitray file a lawsuit against the RSU, the Palin Foundation, Eric Newstadt, the SCC and CESAR. They’ve accused the organizations of libel, slander, defamation of character and harassment. They are looking for $800,000 in damages.

‘Black’ Out:
‘Black’ Out is a dialogue around the misrepresentation & exclusion of members of the Black community, and other racialized communities, in aspects of mainstream society. Join us as we explore the complexities of Canada’s criminal Justice and its relationship to racialized communities.

T h e B l a c k H i s t o r y A w a re n e s s C o m m i t t e e P re s e n t s

Prof wins Marley award

Who’s Missing in Criminal Justice?
• Mr. Selwyn A. Pieters, • Ms. Moya Teklu, • Dr. Anne-Marie Singh, • Mr. David Mitchell,
Activist & Sole Practitioner Lawyer Lawyer, African Canadian Legal Clinic Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice & Criminology, Ryerson

Wednesday February 16, 2011
5:30–7:30pm • 7th floor, Heaslip House

Superintendent, Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services

Moderator: Dr. Camille Hernandez-Ramdwar.

Assistant Professor, Sociology, Ryerson

The panel will explore why racialized communities are repeatedly associated with criminal tendencies; why racialized communities are under-represented in legal professions; how systemic racism is manifested in criminal justice policies and practices.

This is a FREE event and is part of the a series of Black History Month Events
The Black History Awareness Committee is a committee composed of the Ryerson Students' Union, Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Services, Tri-Mentoring, The United Black Students at Ryerson, and other groups and departments at Ryerson.

A Ryerson professor won the Bob Marley Day award for her work in diversity and community leadership. Prof. Wendy Cukier, the associate dean of the Ted Rogers School of management, was presented the award at the Bob Marley Day award ceremony on Feb. 3. “Her name is synonymous with diversity in Canada,” said Courtney Betty chair of the Bob Marley Day committee. Mayor Rob Ford has declared February 6, 2011 Bob Marley Day in the city of Toronto. Cukier has been a long-time advocate of gun control and is the founder of the Diversity Institute at Ryerson, which focuses on under-represented groups in the workplace. The Globe and Mail recently named her as one of 25 Transformational Canadians alongside names such as David Suzuki and Craig and Marc Kielburger. But despite the recognition she has already received for her work, Cukier says she is especially thrilled about winning the Bob Marley Award. “I’ve received many awards over time but for me what’s significant about this is its recognition in the grassroots community,” she said. In her acceptance speech, Cukier stressed the importance of teamwork, thanking her colleagues at Ryerson for their support. “Diversity is a core value at Ryerson,” she said. But many students at Ryerson don’t seem to know much about Bob Marley. Kiefer Yu, a radio and television arts student, said all he knows about Bob Marley is that he was pro-marijuana, and his music is “easy listening” . Even fewer seem to know that there is a Bob Marley Day at all. “There’s a Bob Marley Day?” said Deanna Lopez, a chemical engineering student. “Since when?”


The Eyeopener


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tits and Boners
A round-up of some of the shadier things that happen on campus
There have been 16 thefts reported at Ryerson in the past week. The number is high enough that Ryerson security has launched an investigation into whether or not the thefts can be traced back to one particular person. Most of the targets have been wallets, laptops and cell phones. However, someone also reported the theft of a breadboard. This isn’t the wooden slab that you use to chop vegetables, no, it’s apparently a base for a type of an electronic circuit. On Thursday, Feb. 3 at 9:30 p.m., a drunk man was removed from the Ram in the Rye for harassing female patrons. The all-female news team says that kind of behaviour won’t get you anywhere. The same night, security was called to a room in the Ted Rogers school for a man who was disruptive and refused to leave. He was drunk and holding an almost-empty mickey of vodka. We hope it wasn’t a plastic mickey of Smirnoff, because that’s just sad. At around 10:30 p.m. on Feb. 4, security received a report of sparks emanating from inside the heating unit of the sauna in the RAC men’s changeroom. The sauna was then shut down. On Feb. 6 at 1:15 a.m., security was called because a 18-year old man had jumped into the back of a campus planning truck and yelled, “Get this taxi moving!” He refused to get out when asked by security and threatened to beat the driver up. Pound Taxi’s rates are actually pretty reasonable, and they don’t ask questions. At 10:50 p.m., security was called to the quad for a man who was yelling to himself and spinning in circles. He told them that he’d heard if he spun fast enough, he could go back in time to avoid the year 2012. No one should be exposed to John Cusack and the terrible special effects in that movie. At 11:45 p.m., a man was caught urinating outside the Library building. When security asked him for ID, he pulled out a large wad of cash and offered them each a five-dollar bill. They declined. Based on our sad pay cheques, we would gladly accept that bribe. On Monday at 12:50 a.m., a student was spotted carrying


No simple solution to rez breakages
building to cover maintenance. There isn’t even a tracking record for students who have been charged. Nuttall didn’t have access to how much money has been spent on damages, or how many students have been at fault. “We don’t track finances like that,” he said. Chris Allaire, a first-year student living in ILLC, says damage is at its worst after a night of partying. “There have been several times times where, after a weekend of partying, our lounge is totally destroyed,” Allaire says. Every year, students are charged upon move-out when staff find the condition of the room and furniture are different than at the beginning of the year. Kris DiPietro, a residence advisor in Pitman Hall said that in his experience, light fixtures are the biggest victims to destructive residents. “People aren’t thinking of others when they break stuff in residence. If fees go up from damages, students are the ones who pay,” he said.

a huge rock into Pitman Hall. It turned out he was doing heat resistance testing on it for a school project. Where the fuck do you find a massive rock in downtown Toronto? Also, the women’s bathroom in the second floor of the SCC smells more foul than ever, and now one of the toilets is covered with a garbage bag, for obvious reasons. Please, Toby, clean up this shit. We’ve been good this year, and this could be a graceful parting gesture.

As a socially accepted party ground, residence buildings get trashed after weekends of drinking games and floor hopping. But these damages are complicating costs for Ryerson Student Housing. Student housing manager Chad Nuttall said that damage in the university’s three residences is a common. Broken equipment, labour costs for maintenance and cleaning staff, and extra cleaning products are covered by student housing services. But if students are caught in the act of vandalizing public property, they pay. “Vandalism ebbs and flows as the year ebbs and flows,” Nuttall reports. “More damage occurs in early January when students have less school work.” But charging students for damage can be difficult, as Student Housing Services doesn’t have its own financial system, so all charges go through RAMSS, which is a complicated process, according to Nuttall. There is no specific budget for damages, rather a lump sum for each

— Emma Prestwich

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The Eyeopener


Server outages slow down university, Ryerson debates switching email provider

Ryerson students trudged through snow and slush on Jan. 2. Why no snow day? PHOTO: LINDSAY BOECKL

S’now big deal at Ryerson

Despite record forecasted levels of snow, Ryerson campus stayed open Jan. 2. The school’s decision to stay open prompted a flood of complaints from students on Twitter, many asking why Ryerson was open when York University, Humber and Sheridan Colleges and the Toronto District School Board all closed on Jan. 2. Julia Hanigsberg, vice-provost of administration and finance, made the

executive decision to keep the school open. When she woke up she learned the TTC and GO Transit weren’t experiencing delays. It was also confirmed that the worst of the snowfall was over, according to Environment Canada. According to Hanigsberg, the school commits to making a decision about closure by 6 a.m., and once she confirmed it with the president and the provost, she informed the university so the decision could be posted on the website. While several professors decided to

cancel class, business management professor Asher Alkoby said he thought the school closures were too dramatic. “There was an over-reaction across the GTA.,” said Alkoby. While he wasn’t teaching that day, everyone in his department showed up for class. “I had assignments due so I was glad it was open,” said Angelo Puarte-Monteiro, second year computer science. Hanigsberg said groundskeeping staff worked to make sure the campus was clear before students arrived.


really slow, especially if you have few windows open. When I came over [to Outages and slowdowns at Com- Ryerson] from Seneca, everything beputing and Communications Services came more difficult.“ (CCS) inconvenienced staff and stuCatherin Vant Erve, a first-year early dents a total of six times last month. childhood education student, said Last Thursday, subnet9, a server con- CCS’s proactive approach may have nected to around 200 computers, had an effect on her opinion. “I went crashed for several minutes around 3 to Trent last year and we didn’t have p.m. nearly as many problems, but maybe January also had two Rmail “deliv- we didn’t get email alerts.“ ery slowdowns” both lasting for six , “We may have gone a little overhours, as well as two outages in the board,” said Lesser. “ I think the impresCall Pilot system, which controls Ry- sion is that things are getting worse, erson’s voicemail and call transferring but in reality it’s about the same. I don’t applications. A brief power outage in think there is a huge performance the Podium building that caused net- problem in any one application that rework issues that month. quires us to reinvest or fix something.” None of this was swept under the While the my.ryerson and RAMSS rug, according to Brian Lesser, CCS act- applications have received the greating director.“We are trying to be more est amount of recent investment, email open and transparent about all the and collaboration tools have been neproblems we have. We’ve been email- glected. “The email system has never ing more notices and information been what we want it to be. We’ve when things happen.” never been able to offer the kind of A service alert blog was set up in storage quotas that we’d like to have, or November to document technical is- provide the kind of web interface that sues and provide information. would compare to Hotmail or Gmail,” “With hundreds of servers there is said Lesser. always the possibility of a problem, erA public symposium on Feb. 24 will ror or failure. We spend a fair amount continue the debate over outsourcing of money and time trying to reduce Ryerson’s email accounts to American that risk, but its a fairly complex un- companies like Microsoft and Google. dertaking,” said Lesser. The main issue is privacy. Contracting Faiza Razi, in third-year global man- an American company would mean agement studies, has found Ryerson’s student and staff accounts could be computer infrastructure frustrating. subjected to investigation under U.S. “Sometime the lab computers run laws, including the Patriot Act.



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CEDAR RAPIDS CAMPUS AD 4" x 7.5" York Excalibur – RUN DATE: FEB 9 UofT Varsity – RUN DATE: FEB 7 Ryerson Eyeopener – RUN DATE: FEB 9


The Eyeopener


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MANAGING EDITOR Mariana Ionova PHOTOGRAPHY Lindsay Boeckl Marta Iwanek Chelsea Pottage CREATIVE DIRECTOR Gianluca Inglesi CONTENT EDITORS Allyssia Alleyne Sean Tepper Ian Vandaelle MAKE-UP AND HAIR Caitlin Foley Brodie Kinear Taylor Lazazzera Victoria MacDonnell Jo Primeau MODELS Allyssia Alleyne Simon Beneteau Kayla Chopp Virginia Connors Haley Davis Joey de Carle Mike Hume Robert Kudla Brad Lochlin MacInnis Steven Lang Rama Luksiarto Aeryn Pfaff Leanne Rich David Roberts Adrienne Rupcic Nicole Siena Gin Sexsmith Nicole Trpcic SPECIAL THANKS Rebecca Burton Terry Sparkes Remington Joseph Lin Nguyen Aleysha Haniff Shannon Higgins

Ti c k l i n g y o u r f a n t a s y
From the first date to the moment you strip your clothes off, your experience of love and sex is coloured by fantasy. You imagine the person, the setting, the kiss, the foreplay, the position, the orgasm. You fantasize about wild bathroom-stall sex, hot anonymous hook-ups, leather straps binding you to bedposts, steamy threesomes and even getting it on with your professor. But when you get intimate, you don’t do any of it. Even though you are bombarded with images of perfectly mind-blowing and deliciously uninhibited sex, you often shy away from making them a reality. You keep your deepest fantasies from your partner and proceed to have good, old, regular sex. It turns out that you find imagining kinky scenarios much more erotic than actually cuffing your sweetheart to the headboard. You dream up the perfect relationship in much the same way. In your fantasies, it is devoid of awkward moments, embarrassing secrets, lacklustre chemistry and nagging arguments about why you answered when your partner asked which of your mutual friends you want to bang. But you keep these expectations and disappointments to yourself, wondering why your partner can’t just read your mind. In this issue, we take a look at how students imagine love, sex and intimacy and how they actually experience it in reality.

Features editor Mariana Ionova questions how romantic and sexual fantasies live up to reality
We explore why most would rather fake it than admit their porn-inspired bedroom fantasies to their partners. We investigate why young adults often choose to have tame, traditional sex instead of living up to their reputations as liberated, adventurous sex fanatics. We also dig deeper into how LGBT couples are struggling against dominant, heteronormative ideas of what relationships should be like. And, in case you want to enact some of your wilder fantasies, we’ll tell you how the latest technology has made hooking up easier than ever. But we’ll also show that you had it right all along — sometimes, the fantasy just doesn’t live up to the hype.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The Eyeopener


Livin’ a teenage dream
Since the first day in sex-ed young people imagine what their first time will be like. April Buordolone and Brittany Devenyi compare our high expectations with reality



The date was movie-perfect and after he surprises her with flowers she bashfully invites him inside.

After a mediocre date he asks to come inside, but she hesitates, still wanting to play hard-to-get.

The decision to take it to the next level is consensual. She puts in a movie but it quickly becomes background noise. They both lean in closer, and an earthquake of passion begins to rupture.

Before she has time to think, his pair of slobbering lips attacks her face. Instinctively, she turns her head in the opposite direction. The little chemistry the couple had is fizzling.

Things quickly escalate into a steamy romp. He pulls her closer and she finds it impossible to keep quiet, screaming out for more. He bounces them into a tantalizing climax.

He just can’t seem to find her sweet spot. It’s just getting awkward now. Sweaty palms rub against her and he’s almost fallen off the bed multiple times. Both of them are wishing it was someone else.

She feels warm and content in his arms and he kisses her good night. They both will remember this magical evening forever.

What the hell was that? With a massive headache she peels out of bed. He doesn’t know whether to stay or go and both of them are wishing for a redo.


The Eyeopener


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

‘a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste’
The Eyeopener’s annual Love and Sex Survey asks students about their sexy secrets and unveils their dirtiest fantasies. Christina Dun and Chris Allaire report the findings
Step one: get on a table. Step two: jump off the table. Step three: land in your partner. This is one of many positions described in the Eyeopener’s annual Love and Sex survey. This gem in particular is called “Daggering” Other memorable mentions include . “Reverse Cowgirl” “Eiffel Tower” “TheCat” and “Pharaoh’s Chariot” (must whip arms , , like reins). One thing Ryerson students don’t lack is creativity.* Every year, we ask Ryerson students to bare their souls and fill out a survey detailing how they like to get it on. This year, we went one step further: we asked you what you fantasize about and which of your raunchy dreams have turned into reality. We surveyed 200 students and found that 38 per cent of you fantasize about role play, while a quarter secretly wish you had the opportunity to have anonymous sex with a stranger. More than half of you get off imagining wild, movie-like sex with a celebrity, while 14 per cent picture getting in on with a fictional character. Another quarter like bondage scenarios and nearly eight per cent of you admitted that you harbour kinky vampirism fantasies. In the real world, most of you are more tame than in your fantasies. Most of you are too shy to come on to your professors but many have donned costumes and experimented with role play. A quarter of you have picked up a stranger for a night of anonymous passion, while another 27 per cent have gone home with a random. But not everything is about sex for you. Twenty-three per cent reported you were still virgins, many saying that you hadn’t met the right person yet. A quarter of you reported being in a long-tern relationship, while a heart-warming 78 per cent said you have been in love at least once. Head to theeyeopener.com to check out more survey results. * The Eyeopener is not responsible for strains, sprains or stains as a result of these practices.

35 %



fantasize about sex with a professor or classmate

38 %

fantasize about role playing

25 %

fantasize about anonymous sex


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51 %

fantasize about a celebrity

17 %

fantasize about dominance and submission

16 %
fantasize about bondage




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Honesty under the covers
Arts & Life editor Gianluca Inglesi reports on why not to fake your way through a relationship

Shawn* has three reasons for faking the big O. He’s either too tired, too drunk or he’s already done it once or twice and is just ready for it to be over. “It happened a few times where we were doing it and she did or said something that really turned me off and I actually went soft. I stopped for a second and just told her I was done,” he said. But he said he would never admit that to his partner. “If someone told you that you made them soft during sex, imagine how horrible that would be.” Often, when first getting under the covers with that special someone, the pressure is on to impress them. Typically, women are the usual suspects when it comes to faking orgasms, but recent studies have revealed that an increasing number of men are lying about reaching climax too. Polling more than 100,000 men in their 2010 Great Male Survey, AskMen.com found that 16 per cent of men said they have faked on several occasions. Another 14 per cent admitting to faking only once. Enjoyment under the covers is one of many concerns at the start of a relationship, when you’re trying to make the right impression. “There’s kind of a weird phase where it’s very polite. It’s not dishonesty but it’s more of a formality,” said Luke Greidanus, a second-year fash-

ion design student. But holding back for too long can turn into a long-term pattern, which can affect the level of intimacy between two people. Greidanus thinks that, to foster a relationship with someone, you have to open up emotionally and let them in. But that is where the challenge lies, according to James Cunningham, who teaches the Philosophy of Love and Sex course at Ryerson.

If someone told you that you made them soft during sex, imagine how horrible that would be. — Shawn*
“People are afraid that if they make themselves vulnerable that they’ll get hurt,” he said. Students also often lie or hide details from their partners in a bid to avoid uncomfortable discussions or conflicts. Cunningham explains that we have been conditioned to avoid unpleasant feelings at all costs because of our experiences with our primary caregivers, like our parents. “We lie because we assume if we tell the truth we are going to engage in an intense emotional encounter, we associate these encounters with discomfort and we associate discom-

fort with injury.” If the truth would hurt a partner enough to compromise the relationship, one may be especially tempted to lie to other. Andrea Crofts, a second-year fashion communication student said some details are just better kept to yourself. “I think there are things you shouldn’t tell your partner, unless it’s something that is important or will create tensions if they don’t know.” Greidanus also agreed that, sometimes, it’s best to tread carefully when approaching your partner with a problem. “Sometimes I won’t say anything [to my boyfriend] because I realize it’s a stupid thing to start a confrontation over but, if it continues to bother me over a prolonged period of time, I would talk to him about it,” he said. Most often, people shy away from sharing details about their past relationships and previous sexual experiences. “It’s definitely not first date material,” Greidanus said. Crofts said her boyfriend of two years only found about her number of sexual partners a few weeks ago. “You have to judge whether or not it’s a good time to talk about those things because they can ruin it from the start,” Crofts said. When Jennifer Drobot, a first-year sociology student, met her girlfriend

two years ago she had to overcome her embarrassment and admit she was a virgin. She claims that, because of her age, she couldn’t help but be nervous about telling her partner. But sharing secrets with your partner doesn’t always have to be negative. Many students are hesitant to communicate their sexual desires to their partners, which can result in lacklustre bedroom sessions. This is especially true early on in a relationship, when the couple is unfamiliar with each other’s bodies and some direction could be beneficial.

At that point you realize you can say things like that to them and it won’t scare them away. — Andrea Crofts, second-year fashion
Crofts thinks that most people are making a mistake by not showing their partners what they like in the bedroom. “Telling someone what you want after a while can be kind of insulting because they realize what they’ve been doing hasn’t been working. So I think it’s better to make it known from the start.” Drobot also said it’s impossible to know what your partner likes or dislikes if you don’t give them a helping

hand — sometimes literally. “I think everything can be learned,” she said. Sometimes opening up to your partner can even be rewarding, such as when you swap steamy sexual fantasies with your partner. “I’m really into garters and stuff like that. We’ve been together for almost two years now so it could spice things up a bit,” Drobot said. Usually sharing quirks, like fantasies, is the best way to get more comfortable with your significant other. Cunningham recommends a dose of “biting the bullet” to get to that point of ease with your partner. “Here’s an example: ‘I’m afraid to do it, but I’m going to do it anyway.’ You’ve acknowledged your fear but it doesn’t really matter because this has to get done,” he said. “It doesn’t help your relationship at all if you are constantly withholding things from each other and there are elephants in the room. So you’re not going to find out what makes the other person tick or what bothers them unless you talk about it,” Greidanus said. Crofts distinctly remembers a summer night early into her relationship when she was on a walk with her boyfriend and they had an exchange of embarrassing stories. “At that point you realize that you can say things like that to them and it won’t scare them away,” she said.
*Name changed for privacy

All day I dream about sex
According to a Trent University study in 2010 sex dreams are common among university students. The Eyeopener decided to ask around for some of your favourite sex dreams. Find out what they mean by checking out Nicole Siena’s story at theeyeopener.com/arts-life.com
One dream I will never forget, it was so vivid. It was a dream about a girl I knew in high school. The dream began with me trapped in the middle of a spider web. As I struggled to escape the intricate web my clothes began to tear and fall off. I thought for a moment it was a nightmare, then suddenly I see her climbing the web. I was trapped and she could do anything she wanted to me... and she did.

It was with a coworker, he was also my personal trainer at the time. I’ve always thought he was so beautiful — flawless. It was completely unrealistic. But we were working out in the gym. He was stretching me out, just like he would in real life, but in the dream he started kissing me, and we had sex in the studio, in our matching work uniforms. I could see myself in the mirror and everything. It was great. But we opened the gym the next day together and it was super awkward.

A war broke up in downtown Toronto. Bombs blasting everywhere, and buildings shattering to pieces. I had been assigned to fly a fighter jet around the city, but I ran away from the base temporarily to escort a beautiful girl to a safe zone underground that I know of where she could remain safe until I returned. We ran through the blasts and the shrapnel and gunshots. We made it safely and I was graciously rewarded with some steamy underground base sex. Upon my departure, I kissed her goodbye and left.
— Nicole Siena

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Putting fantasies to the test
We asked three Ryerson couples to act out some of the most common fantasies. Which ones were more silly than sensual? HE SAID:
Honestly, I thought role play was only for old married couples who were bored with their sex lives. Since I’m not, I figured the game would just get in the way of having sex. At first, it just felt weird. I felt oddly shy because it was so new. But as time wore on the edge came off. There’s definitely something about pencil skirts and heels. Once we got into it I forgot how awkward I’d initially felt and was able to enjoy myself. While she was teasing me I felt ridiculously horny and I really just wanted to have sex. It was obvious she liked being in control and she treated me like a dirty little slut for wanting her so badly. But it wasn’t long until she had control over me, and then it was obvious that she loved it. I hope she doesn’t start teasing me too much, but we’ll see! — BY PHIL FLYNN


I set the scene by pulling my hair back in a tight bun and dressing in a pencil skirt, button-down shirt with the top buttons undone, and lace up heels. Since I don’t have a library in my apartment, I set up books around my room. At first I felt awkward because I could tell that Phil was nervous. When he came in asking for a certain book I was cold, saying things like, “I don’t think I have what your looking for” As the scene rolled on I . used this harshness to my advantage. I don’t usually tease him much, but not allowing him to touch me as I let my hair down and slowly unbuttoned my shirt was fun. It was hot to be in control and see his desperation. He said this experience may have created a monster. I think he’s right. — BY GIN SEXSMITH

The Librarian

The Firefighter
Being a strong heroic firefighter saving a nearly naked damsel in distress is a fantasy shared by many men, including myself. But in practice, the lack of anonymity and surprise made it feel like 70s porn: tacky, predictable and hilarious. I entered the room to find my girlfriend mostly naked. She directed me to the raging fire (four candles) located on her windowsill, and I immediately started laughing. After I calmed down, I tried to “seductively” blow out the candles, but I started laughing again. She held it together and offered me a massage, which I gladly accepted, but as things progressed, we deteriorated into laughter. When we calmed down, she asked where my fire hose was, which triggered some sort of animal instinct in me. Clothes, personas, and firefighter hats were quickly discarded and our passions reached new levels of heat. I would do it again, but only if it was a surprise. Role-playing has potential to be sexy, but even when it’s not it’s still fun. — BY CHRIS DALE


I’m smoking a cigarette on the curb (you know, very James Dean) and she walks by. I stop her and drop my smoothest pick-up line. She swoons. I ask if I could buy her coffee. We hit it off immediately and get to talking as we wait for our lattes. I lay it on, and she succumbs to my irresistible charm. By now we’re just itching to get out of there and see where this goes. It goes all the way to the alley behind the Starbucks. I push her up against the wall, our cold breath fogging up her glasses. We kiss. Rapture. After a solid seven seconds of making out she breaks off and says she’s late for work. She looks back, briskly walking off and our eyes meet. She’ll be back and I’ll be waiting. Would I do this again? Probably not. It’s so much easier to just get her drunk. It was nice to practise my moves though. It’s comforting to know that I haven’t gotten rusty over time. Hell, if anything, I think I’m more suave than ever! What a lucky girl she is. — BY JOE BALL


I’m walking to Starbucks when this baby-faced guy with a creepy smile comes up to me. “Excuse me,” he asks. “Do you have a quarter? I just wanted to call your mother and thank her for bringing you into this world.” I’m speechless. I shake my head, brush by him and head into the coffee shop. He follows me. I let him pay for my latte because, hell, I might as well get something out of this. We cap our drinks and head outside. He grabs my arm, saying he has this “cool thing” to show me in the alley. He pushes me against the brick wall and before I know it, he’s trying to devour my face. It must have been seven seconds before I could break free and run out of the alley, spilling out some B.S. about being late for work. As I turn the corner I look back, and he winks, grinning like a doofus. If I wasn’t dating him, I think I’d be afraid to ever see his face again. Would I do this again? Not to get me off. It was too funny to be sexy. But it was nice to feel courted again. — BY SHANNON HIGGINS


The Stranger
Ancient Times: Adultery
In Greece, an unfaithful pair was starved to death or dragged by horses. In Egypt, men were castrated and women had their noses severed. Nowadays, there are websites to facilitate adultery.

Sure, a hot and sweaty fireman bravely rescuing the scared yet scantily-clad woman from her burning home sounds sexy. But in reality, you mostly just get giggles. I told him my life was threatened by a raging fire (four candles on my window ledge). While he bravely extinguished them, I commented that he must be so hot from all that hard work, shouldn’t he take his shirt off? Would his aching muscles like a massage? I even played the widow card. (I haven’t been touched by a man in five years!) Nothing worked. We just kept collapsing on each other in laughter. Until I asked where his hose was. Maybe it’s a guy thing, but that seemed to do it for him. The characters were dropped as quickly as his pants and the fire chief hat fell forgotten to the floor. As for what followed, let’s just call it a five-alarm. The role-playing in itself was silly, not sexy, but I’d do it again. Rolling around half naked with your partner laughing can only lead to good things. — BY LAUREN STRAPAGIEL

1500s: Sodomy
Sodomy was punishable by death in the 16th century, and was illegal well into the 1900s across much of the USA. Canada had similar laws.

2000s: Gender reassignment
Mainstream society was quick to ostracize those who chose to undergo a sex change because they were born with male and female anatomy (intersex) or felt they were born as the wrong sex (trangender). The issue became steeped in controversy at the turn of the millennium, when the Ontario government declared that gender reassignment operations would no longer be covered by OHIP.

1100s: Sex for pleasure

1600s: Race and marriage
Many laws in the late 1600s prohibited mixed-race marriages in both Canada and the USA. These laws remained in place until the mid-1900s.

A Brief History of Taboo
Carly Basian reports on what was “dirty” way back when

At this time, sex wasn’t for pleasure. Lust was considered inappropriate and sinful. Religious leaders encouraged sex solely for procreation and premarital sex was criminalized.

1300s: Homosexuality
Though homosexuality was common in ancient Greece, attitudes shifted drastically. During the Renaissance, men caught engaging in homosexual activity were fined, imprisoned or killed.

1800s: Masturbation
The Roman Catholic Church stated that orgasm without procreation was as sinful as sodomy and homosexuality. However, self-love is beneficial, as it can lower stress and alleviate menstrual cramps.

The Future: Fetishes
While people are more sexually liberal, many people cannot accept or openly discuss more extreme fetishes. Some of the remaining taboos include erotic asphyxiation, scat play, diaper fetishes, and rape fantasies.



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Who’s on top?
Alyssa Garrison discovers how modern relationships defy stereotypical gender norms. Photography by Marta Iwanek
When Vanessa Runions shaved her waist-long hair off she wasn’t surprised by her mother’s reaction on the other end of the phone line. Now that her gender-identifying hair was down to a close shave her mother timidly asked who was “the boy in the relationship.” “I think she just really wanted to hear that I was still her little girl,” Runions said. LGBT couples like Runions and Sarah McCorkindale, a second-year philosophy student, are often tagged by society with gender roles in their relationship. “We’ve been asked which one of us is more masculine. But if they have to ask, I’m assuming our gender roles aren’t visible,” Runions said. McCorkindale agrees, “I think it’s an older generation that assumes couples must always work in a masculine/ feminine framework.” Runions believes this mindset has ties in history. Traditionally, society paid attention to visible differences in people. Being lesbian or gay often meant you looked different in the past, she said. “And sometimes that framework still exists naturally in gay relationships but it often has less to do with gender and more to do with personality,” Runions said. Aaron Blasutti has always felt that he’s been judged too quickly for his more feminine qualities not only outside the LGBT community, but inside it as well. Blasutti, now 22, was perpetually a bottom when he first came out, feeling too inexperienced to challenge the “twink” (submissive) role partners assumed he would play. Rosalie Pepin, a 23 year-old producer of feminist queer porn, dons heels, skirts, and has long, gleaming, dark hair. Although Pepin is comfortable with her feminine appearance, she resists the so-called submissive qualities that are often attached with it. “I direct and film people fucking. As a femme, I don’t know how my dominance could come as more of a surprise to people,” said Pepin. Another misconception about Pepin is made when she is seen with her long-time partner, who has recently started his transition from female to male. “In my relationship with a trans guy, his past and present seems to have little effect on our sex lives, except maybe the fact that, as time has gone on and he becomes more masculine, he’s actually more comfortable with being submissive,” Pepin said. Runions said most relationships are more equal than they appear on the surface. “Even my heterosexual friends are involved in relationships where the only gender roles are the ones assigned at birth. I think that many of these couples are with together regardless of where they fall on the gender scale, choosing to be with the person for who they are.”

When people see a gay couple they want to assign gender roles because we assign them to everything else. — Sarah McCorkindale, second-year
“Now that I’m older and just started a new relationship, I don’t feel any specific roles have been relevant for my partner and I. Most queer relationships are actually equal,” Blasutti said. McCorkindale said people cling to these stereotypes because they make everything about gender. “You see a pink blanket and you think feminine, you see a couple and you see male and female. When people see a gay couple they want to assign gender roles, because we assign gender roles to absolutely everything else. “

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The Fantasy Myth
S&M is the stuff of pop songs and runway shows, while public sex and threesomes dominate on screen. So, for university students, why isn’t life reflecting art? Community Editor Allyssia Alleyne investigates
Frantically kissing, the couple pushes their way into a dim women’s washroom, their hands roaming each other’s toned bodies. It’s mid-afternoon, and they’re the only people in the building. Their privacy is ensured for now. They back into the spacious handicapped stall, too distracted to consider fiddling with the locks. He slams her against the concrete walls and they proceed to make frenzied love. They’re either deafeningly loud or completely quiet. Alicia Wright hasn’t decided yet. Sex in a public place is one of the second-year finance student’s most revisited fantasies. Though she’d love to act it out with her boyfriend — or, in the perfect fantasy, basketball player Derrick Rose — Wright doesn’t think she’ll take that step any time soon. “I don’t have the balls for that,” she says. Wright is one of many university students denying themselves their sexual fantasies. According the Eyeopener’s unscientific annual Love and Sex survey, the majority of Ryerson students either do not have fantasies or are not acting on them. In spite of this fact, the media paints young adults as limitless, willing to have indiscriminate sex, often without protection, and engage in once-shocking fantasies, from sex on camera to group sex and anonymous flings. But some students are feeling pressured to conform to these images. University is the one time in a person’s life when experimentation is allowed, if tionships on Campus and an assistant professor at La Salle University, many university students have a distorted perception of what their peers are doing in the bedroom. “People always think people are wilder than they actually are,” she says. Though her research has found that university students are having more casual sexual encounters or “hook-ups” than previous generations, she hasn’t found that student are using hook-ups as a way of living their fantasies. son. “They don’t say, ‘I would love it if you would kiss me here’,” said Johanson. “They just leave it up to their partner to decipher what they would like.” Johanson says this confidence doesn’t typically develop until a person is well into their 20s or 30s and has acquired more sexual experience. Bianca Smith*, a fourth-year arts and contemporary science student, developed this confidence early. Since becoming sexually active at 15, Smith has indulged her BDSM (bondage, discipline, domination and submission) fantasies through flogging and canning among other things. She once drove 14 hours to participate in an orgy at a prewar Manhattan brownstone. “I always wanted to mix things up,” says Smith. Though most of her partners were receptive to her fantasies, she learned first-hand that bringing up your fantasies with a partner can backfire. “I was with one guy once who was not even into rough sex. He would not do anything remotely rough. He was like, ‘I can’t do it, I can’t do it, I can’t hurt someone.’ But even if I was begging?”

People always think people are wilder than they actually are. — Kathleen Bogle, Author of Hooking Up
Common in the drinking scene, hook-ups are more a way of engaging in common sexual behaviour, like oral sex. According to Dr. Sue Johanson, a Canadian sex expert who has done talks at universities across North America since 1988, students are most curious about more day-to-day sexual activities. Most questions she receives at universities pertain to birth control, penis size, orgasm techniques and anal sex. “Giving good head is definitely one,” she says. Niki Davis, a second-year psychology student, thinks fantasies aren’t as important to young couples as people may think. Though she and her boyfriend of two-and-a-half years, an image arts student, are open to new things, they haven’t tried anything “that extreme or awesome.” “It’s more about intimacy,” she says. But when students do try to enact their fantasies, they often go about it the wrong way by using alcohol to create both the courage and the opportunity to act on their desires. “It’s not this hypersexual world where people are acting out fantasies, as much as people [are] getting drunk to act out scenarios that aren’t as great as they thought they’d be,” says Bogle. “People use alcohol a lot in conjunction with hook-ups because they’re not as confident as they want to be.” A lack of confidence can also impact long-term couples. Without confidence, students don’t know how to ask for what they want, according to Johan-

People just dream big. — Christopher Betty, second-year business student
In spite of that experience, Bianca thinks it’s better to discuss one’s fantasies earlier rather than later to avoid complications and resentment down the road. “If you’re in a committed relationship, you should be able to explore that with your partner,” she says. “And if you’re really into it and they’re really not, then there’s a probably going to be a problem.” But for Christopher Betty, Wright’s boyfriend, having a fantasy isn’t the same as wanting to fulfill a fantasy. Though the second-year business technology management student has discussed his fantasies with Wright, he is in no hurry to cross them off his to-do list. “People just dream big. People are filled with a lot of dreams that they can’t or don’t want to act on,” he says. “Sometimes it’s just easier to do the things that are easier and closer to you.” *Name has been changed

I don’t have the balls for that. —Alicia Wright, second-year finance student
not encouraged, and it’s easy to feel as though one is falling behind the pack. Though she’s only 19 years old, Wright already feels that she has to live out her fantasies as soon as possible. “There are other people my age who are probably more experienced,” says Wright, though she admits that it’s hard to figure out who’s doing what since people can be “freaks on the side.” This isn’t an uncommon viewpoint. According to Kathleen Bogle, the author of Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Rela-



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Sex, Lies and video games
Who needs to go to the club when video games are bringing couples together — and driving them apart. Biz and tech editor Ian Vandaelle reports

More and more couples are playing and finding love through online games. PHOTO ILLUSTRATION: MARTA IWANEK Emily Goode deftly maneuvers through the option menu on Mario Kart 64. She and her boyfriend, Andrew Galloway, select their characters and enter the Flower Cup. It’s been a hard day for the 20-year-old film students, and they’re looking to vent their frustrations digitally instead of arguing with each other. Galloway takes the first race, cackling as he crosses the finish line. “Tales of my victory shall be told through the ages,” he yells, though a sharp elbow to the ribs quickly silences him. “You watch it,” warns Goode,“Or else you might be single at the end of this cup.” Goode gets her digital revenge, as she sweeps the last three races, but both end up laughing and relaxed after the game, much happier than they were before they started. Goode and Galloway are part of a growing trend of couples that play video games together, or even meet in online games. With the rising popularity of Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG), Tanner Mirrlees, an instructor of Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson, thinks that this trend will continue to grow. “I think that this [move to meeting in online games] reflects some need that is not being met in other parts of society,” says Mirrlees, who has written several papers on the impact video games have on players personal lives. But, Mirrlees isn’t convinced this is a healthy shift. “The fact that thousands of people are taking so-called flight to the virtual world in pursuit of meaningful relationships…says something profoundly disturbing about the conditions of our actual world and our face-to-face society,” Mirrlees says. Sarah Andrews discovered both the good and the bad of meeting a fellow gamer online. Andrews, 21, a fourth-year University of Lethbridge student, met her ex-boyfriend Ben on a forum for fans of Red vs. Blue, a Halo parody series. Andrews played Halo regularly and was happy to find someone who shared her interest. However, it didn’t take long for the relationship to sour due to Ben’s gaming habit. “I remember calling Ben and I could always tell immediately whether he was playing Xbox Live because there would be about a three second delay in him responding to me,” An-


drews says.“In his case, the antisocial gamer stereotype really fit.” Mirrlees says that while it may be too early to tell whether this type of relationship is doomed to fail, he’s unsure if the dynamic of an online relationship could work. “We might jump to the conclusion that it’s unhealthy, because this interaction is existing in a computer environment that is not face-to-face,” Mirrlees says. But he says that since the phenomena is relatively recent; there aren’t enough case studies on the topic. Tyfanie Wineriter and her husband Robert run a blog named Couple’s Gaming: a blog by a couple, for couples. Wineriter often writes about how World of Warcraft is perfect for couples, as well as relaying her and Robert’s experiences as a gamer

couple. “Each [of us] play as our own character, the way we want to…I look for hidden treasures or secrets while Rob keeps us levelling,” says Wineriter. Like Galloway and Goode, Wineriter and her husband use games to let off a little steam in a constructive manner. “There is nothing like being your online persona and messaging the person your disagreements…or, if that doesn’t work, kicking their butt in Mortal Kombat is always pleasing,” says Wineriter. “It’s a lot like a stress ball,” says Goode.“Sometimes, the best way to deal with my frustration is to shoot Andrew in the head during a game of Goldeneye.” — WIth files from Jillian Bell and Sean Tepper

The app store’s sexier side
While Angry Birds and iMovie are some of the app store’s more popular programs, there are plenty of sexy apps that can spice up your love live life. Sports editor Sean Tepper reports
iKamasutra $2.99 Tired of constantly doing it in the same position? Looking to inspire your partner to try new positions? Look no further than iKamasutra. Back in the day, the Kama Sutra was known to have all the answers for couples looking to spice up their sex lives, but who wants to read a book when you can access tips on your mobile? iKamasutra will provide you with all of the freaky-deaky sex positions you can ever want. eHarmony and Match.com FREE Having trouble talking to people face-to-face? Not able to find “the one”? Or are you simply a picky person when it comes to your match? Instead of spending Valentine’s Day with your other single friends in a dark and damp basement pwning n00bs in Call of Duty: Black Ops, these apps can help you find someone to bring back to your basement who will let you touch her boobs. Just a thought. Sexy Slang’s Naughty and Nice Charades $1.99 Charades is a fun way to break the ice, but Charades won’t get you laid — at least not traditionally. Sexy Slang’s Naughty and Nice takes the traditional game of Charades and adds some sexy twists to it. Act out all of your favourite sexual fantasies in a game-like environment. Bedometer $0.99 In today’s world, people are more conscious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But seriously, who has the time to get to the gym for an hour every day? Why not have sex instead? Bedometer is an iPod app that tracks how many calories you’ve burnt while having sex. Place it flat on your bed and Bedometer will count the number of thrusts and the calories you burn. So instead of taking time out of your busy day to go to the gym, just grab your partner and start doing the nasty. It’s healthy and more pleasurable than a jog. Grindr FREE If you’re into guys, then Grindr is a must have app. Catering to gay, bisexual and bicurious guys, Grindr is a quick and easy location-based networking app that finds guys in your area that are down to hook up. Kinky Dice FREE Starting to get bored with your sex life? Kinky Dice is one of the many dozens of sexy dice apps that you can find for your iPod or iPhone. But unlike those other ones, this one is free. This app randomly chooses an action and a body part on which to perform it, and it gives you dozens of options for you and your partner to experiment. The Sexulator $1.99 The Sexulator is an app that lets you keep track of your busy (and hopefully eventful) sex life. Simply input your sexual activities and this app will provide you with your sex stats. And if you are in love it’s also a good way to track your relationship. You know, the first time you held hands, the first time you kissed, the first time she gave you head. If you’re a guy that’s not interested in tracking your sex life, here’s a word of caution. If a woman you had sex with becomes pregnant and you don’t know whether it’s yours or not, you can use it to track the dates you had sex with her. What’s hotter, the people or the apps?

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A little one-handed reading...
Since you’re too embarrassed to pick up trashy erotic novels at Indigo, we thought we’d indulge your secret cravings for sexy fiction here. Read Gin Sexsmith’s steamy story about an anonymous encounter
The toasting had been endless and the music wafting from the grand piano left much to be desired, she thought. She sighed, knowing she should have skipped the annual dinner party. But she was already here and all she could do now was feign interest in numbingly boring stories and politely laugh at tired, old jokes. She was scanning the crowd of uppity business-types in search of a waiter carrying a tray of champagne when it happened. She saw him and their eyes locked. His dark hair cast a shadow onto the intense, dark eyes that were looking directly into hers. A soft smirk played across his full lips as he stood up from his chair, his black suit enveloping his tall, muscular frame. A quick gasp escaped her lips as he came closer, his gaze never breaking. “Thought I’d help you with that,” he whispered, his breath hot in her ear as he pushed the strap of her red silk dress back onto her shoulder, leaving a trail of goose bumps. “Thanks,” she breathed, as her eyes wandered from his broad shoulders and crawled down his long torso and rested on his noticeable bulge, which sent a warm sensation down her legs. “You’ve looked bored all night,” he said as his eyes intensely burned into hers. She nodded, surprised at the effect this stranger was having on her. A blush crept into her cheeks as she noticed the increasing warmth between her legs and she frantically looked around the room, but no one was paying attention – except him. “Come for a walk with me?” he asked as his hand brushed down her back and rested on her hip. “Only if we go somewhere a little more interesting,” she replied, her confidence returning as she looked up at him under her long, blackened eye lashes. She watched as he slowly bit his lip before turning suddenly and heading out of the banquet room. She had no choice but to follow. Mesmerized by the need he had awakened in her, she walked down the long hall, pausing for a second at each door. ‘Where is he?’ she thought as she turned back, sighing in frustration and feeling foolish that she had been so engrossed with a stranger in the first place. The sound of an opening door stopped her on the spot. pation by the hefty weight of his cock in her hands, shuddering in frustration as he took his hands off of her trembling body and stepped away from her touch. She watched, unbreathing, as he slowly removed his jacket and unbuttoned his crisp white shirt. Not being able to wait one more torturous second, her finger plunged into her intensified wetness. “Patience, patience,” he breathed into her ear as he took her hand and placed her dampened fingers into his mouth. Her hands fondled his balls as he pushed her against the desk, fiercely sweeping the papers with the back of his hand onto the mahogany floor. His mouth covered hers, their breath With each stroke she felt more overcome and she bit her fist as he thrust faster and faster, suffocating his grunts in her breasts as his hands squeezed her hips. A deep moan rattled inside her chest as she wrapped her arms around his back and dug her nails into his taut flesh. He groaned and nibbled at her neck before lifting her off of the desk and bouncing her up and down onto his ardently throbbing penis. She twisted her fingers into his dark hair as the waves of climax scorched her skin. She was infatuated with how he filled her and screamed out in a fit of release when he forcefully slammed her against the wall and more powerfully stabbed into her, his hands gripping harder, she felt him hot and throbbing inside of her as he exploded in a magnificent rush. With rapid breath they kissed as his hands clutched her ass and her dripping warmth moistened his torso. Coated in sweat, they clung together until their ragged breathing calmed. She unwrapped her legs and tried to steady her feet against the floor as her knees continued to shake. With a sigh, he brushed her light brown hair off of her forehead and stared into her eyes. “So, what’s your name beautiful?” he asked, his voice raspy from exhaustion. “It’s a little too late for introductions now, wouldn’t you say?” she said with a coy smirk before redressing and walking to the office door. With her hand on the door handle she looked back at him from over her shoulder. “See you next year,” she added before wandering back to the dinner party, which had suddenly become much, much better.

“He stood up and teased her cunt with his dewy tip before driving into her, she gasped as she strained to take him all in.”
In seconds, his hands were on her shoulders, his fingers lightly raked down her arms before taking hold of her hands and leading her into a large empty office. “How did you get in?” she started to ask before he pressed his finger against her lips. She watched him, fascinated by the need that was quickly possessing her, as he dropped his hands to his sides and took a step back, his tongue licking the smirk off his lips. She unzipped her dress and it slid to the floor. He found the clasp of her bra and with a flick of his fingers it joined the dress at her feet. She moaned in release as his tongue teased her nipples, her hands clawing at his belt while she pressed against his hardness. Tugging at his pants, she shivered in anticiquick and lascivious as their tongues intertwined. Her back arched upon touching the cold, hard desk and she trembled as his hands roughly seized her creamy white thighs and pulled them apart. In a second, her legs were clasped around his shoulders as he knelt, sending electric shocks through her spine as his tongue flicked inside of her. Her legs shook fervently as his tongue tasted how ready she was, her hips rising in motion so his fingers could plunge deeper into her. “Now!” she cried out, her voice tormented with passion. He stood up and teased her cunt with his dewy tip before driving into her, she gasped as she strained to take him all in.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Buying contraband cigarettes costs more than you think. It fuels other criminal activities, such as the trafficking of drugs and guns. Individuals caught in possession of contraband cigarettes face serious consequences ranging from a fine to jail time.

L’achat de cigarettes de contrebande coûte plus cher qu’on le pense : il alimente d’autres activités criminelles comme le trafic d’armes et de drogues. Les individus pris en possession de cigarettes de contrebande s’exposent à de graves conséquences, allant de l’amende jusqu’à l’emprisonnement.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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Board of Governors Positions availaBle STAFF (one position available, two year term) FACULTY (two positions available, two year term) STUDENTS (three positions available, one year term) senate Positions availaBle FACULTY (two year term) STUDENTS (one year term) See www.ryerson.ca/senate/elections for specific positions. imPortant dates for Board and senate elections
February 7, 2011 – Call for Nominations February 11, 2011, at 12 noon – Candidate Information Session (JOR-1410) February 16, 2011, at 12 noon – Close of Nominations February 18, 2011, at 12 noon – Mandatory Student Candidates Meeting (JOR-1410) March 7-10, 2011 – Voting Dates for Board and Senate March 11-16, 2011 – Additional Voting Dates for Faculty Candidates (Senate only)

imPortant information for Board and senate candidates
Election information and nomination forms: www.ryerson.ca/governors/elections | www.ryerson.ca/senate/elections More information: Board Secretariat, JOR-1313 – Telephone: 416-979-5004 Senate Office, JOR-1227 – Telephone: 416-979-5011
CANDIDATE ELIgIBILITY: As defined by the Ryerson University Act and the Board of governors Bylaws and Senate Bylaws, www.ryerson.ca/governors and www.ryerson.ca/senate respectively. RETURNINg OFFICERS: Board of governors – Catherine Redmond | Senate – Diane Schulman


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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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Date night? We’ve got your back!



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