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The Runes by Ormungandr Melchizedek

The Runes by Ormungandr Melchizedek

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An introduction to Runes, their geometry and origin.
An introduction to Runes, their geometry and origin.

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Published by: Ormungandr Melchizedek on Aug 18, 2008
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What does the word ‘Rune’ mean?
The word rune has meant similar things to the various groups of our ancestors that used them. The Goths called them ‘Runa’ the Secret Whispers. The Hungarians called them ‘Rovás’, which means carving and the Serbs ‘Rabos’ or ‘Rabus’. In Old English we find the use of the words ‘Roun’ and ‘Rowan’ associated with the runic way. In Iceland they were called ‘Runar’, a magical sign. The Welsh have the word ‘Rhin’, which refers to a mysterious secret. The Old Celts, Anglo-Saxons and the Old Irish referred to them as ‘Rún’, used sometimes to refer to a secret meeting. Scottish Gaelic also has the word ‘Rún’, which refers to a secret mystery, purpose, wish or love. All stem it seems from the Indo-European word ‘Ru’, ‘Ró’ or ‘Reu’. This root word means to carve, roar or incant.

Archaeological and Historical Observations of the Origins of the Runes
It has been suggested by some Runic scholars that the runes are a development of Phoenician, Latin, Greek or the Etruscan alphabets. Others have suggested that the Atlantians created them. Most of these theories are based on observing the similarities between lettering systems used by neighbouring people, often found in caves, and their movement between places and the fact that to date no one is sure where they originated, archeologically and historically speaking. No doubt a significant level of lettering interchange occurred over the several thousand years of our recorded history. For a long time the orthodox view was that runes were only a phonetic alphabet and a numeric system. Few now deny that our ancestors saw them as special and magical. A recent theory is that one group designed the runes in extreme antiquity. This theory ties in with those who think it was a long-gone advanced civilization that first used them. This theory comes from observing the regular geometrical nature of all runic writings, and is the one closest to the truth in my mind.

The Flower of Life In my view the truth of their origin is that the Runes are geometrical symbol generated by the natural frequencies that materialised the multiverse. Geometry is at the foundation of all things, and it is my view that Spirit (Life) takes form through the vehicle geometries. From this perspective the runes are older than time and permeate all existence. They were not designed or developed by humans; they were observed by the wise as natural phenomena. Runes are an intrinsic part of the language of light and the language of nature. They are part of us and we of them. Looking at a rune is like looking at page of the Book of Life.

What are Runes?

Elder Futhark Sequence Runes are many things to many people, all of whom have a slightly different perspective of them as all have a different perspective of Self. They are simple letter-like shapes that have represented phonetics, numbers and concepts worldly and otherwise for hundreds and in some places thousands of years. At the same time every ‘Rune’ is a ‘Mystery, a stream of profound wisdom and a key to our Universal Mind.

I see the Runes as children of the Sacred Primal Crystal Snowflake, as it is this pattern that birthed them (the Seed of Life, above right ). They are one with the sacred geometry of our cells, our DNA. They are keepers of the Akashic memory of all life, experiences and potentiality. Runes are geometrical forms that represent one of the millions of elemental facets that the Source of All weaves constantly in the continuing manifestation of all that is. Symbolically, local to our world, they can represent the archetypes of total human experience. As universal geometric shapes they represent mental channels of creative power and function as emissaries from the Heart-Mind of the Cosmos. Their intelligence is our unified universal intelligence reflected back to us through their geometric forms.

The awareness of the runic forms is a gift to us. It is given to us (by the All Mind) to be an instrument of creation, an instrument with which to further play the music of creation. This music of creative will attracts the manifestation of our wishes and ideals in harmony with the Vision of Spirit. Runes have the capacity to hold our attention and channel our will. This ability, this gift of forming, was given to us in a free will environment. We have the choice of how to focus these creative forms and the power of our being inherent in them. Spirit will unconditionally manifest what we ask for (whatever we have our attention upon) or will to be. This law of manifestation is made more tangible through engaging the runes as a psychic focus. Runes can efficiently draw our creative power through the channel of their forms. This is so because: A) The Runes are an eternal facet of the Language of Light. B) We are the children of Spirit and reality moulds itself to our vision/meditation/attention. The Runes have their roots throughout the all-spheres of all that is, that ever have been or ever will be in potentiality. Initially transmitted from the Omnipresent Source at the inception point where the Divine Idea was externalised as manifest forms. The intelligence represented by the Runes streams through nameless dimensions into the heart of all manifestation (through the manifestation of nothing to the manifestation of something) moulding all into the collective Isness (the singularity that is everything). Weaving worlds together Runes are both the essence of and represent the awesome alchemy of multiversal expression, the meditations of the All Mind. The Runes are part of the language of light, their essence is of the immense creativity of the All Mind. Their power is not only in their individual natures but also in the way their geometric forms can be bound together in a harmonic unity. They are a dynamic family of forms that reflect many facets of the ineffable multiversal intelligence of Spirit. The Runes can be related to as abstract multifaceted conceptual teachers. They are like portals to our innermost being which can help us access truths about our essence self. As windows through which to perceive and comprehend the infinite we can utilise them to access the wisdom and memory of the ages. They present to us the worlds of our archetypal being where we can find profound insight into the Great Light and the paradox of existence. They shine their light upon paths to the sacred spaces within which we can explore the limitlessness of our Divine Nature and listen to the wisdom of Intrinsic Awareness.

The Runes have always been and always will be. Their power is unparalleled in harnessing the elements of Creation for the purpose of harmonically engineering manifestations. Shamans of the ages are known to have harnessed the runic elements, in many different ways, to steer the destiny of their tribes. The Runes can never be lost as they exist everywhere, in the geometry of flowers, in the crystals of the ice, in the gems of the Earth, the DNA of life and the memory of collective mind. Intangible at times their wisdom and knowledge has infinite depth and complexity. To begin to unlock their secrets they must be related to within at the seat of the self. With meditative dedication to selfdevelopment in the image of High-Self and appropriate personal practice, the Runes will make themselves known, opening up further levels of their enigmatic profundity.

A Runic Revelation
I realised that each rune is naturally linked to a number through their two-dimensional image. I called it the Geometric Number Emanation (GNE). Traditionally runes have a number associated with them that is observed by their position in their Futhark (An ‘alphabet’ of runes or which there are several). However, on more intimate level each rune is a member one of many families of number, or of vibration. For example: the UR rune resonates to the number 4

As runes are angular, they have a finite number of ends and joins to their forms. As geometry is number this is a way of observing the Runes as pure number. All Runic forms transmit the wavelength of their numeric family. It was through applying this principle to the Runes which make up the Torch of Life that I discovered the Arcturian Shield Program. This is explored in the document called the Torch Stargate investigation.

Ormungandr Melchizedek www.torch-of-life.com

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