hile his first official single “All The Way Turnt Up,” is becoming a nation and worldwide success, Roscoe

Dash is still taking it one day at a time. Surrounded by family and those that have his best interest at heart, he is relaxed and ready to go when the cameras start rolling. With his newest single Show Out hitting the airwaves and now television circuits he is gearing up to do it all over again, only this time he has a platform and a buzzing name to do it with. Rapping since the 6th grade and a product of the Capitol Holmes section of Atlanta, it’s not hard to believe that something about this young artist seems like he’s been here before or perhaps that he deserves his shot. Polite as he is talented, supporting an artist like him comes easy. Even easier as his talent shows through and is quickly quieting those who think he’s just “turnt up.” Whether you’re trying to catch the Lambo, or feeling his verse on the street heavy single “On My Dick” with L.A. DA Boomman, Roscoe Dash won’t be denied. And good music is why.
Where did the name Roscoe Dash come from?

Basically I wanted something that was going to be marketable. I had Atl at first but I felt like if I kept that name it was going to make me an Atlanta based rapper and that’s all it would have been. It would have been harder for me to get out of that box. So I needed something that would make you research it and be the only thing that came up when you searched on Google. So I went to Google and typed in retro super heroes and alternate identities and I got a list of names and ended up putting something together that worked.
What is the MMI Movement? You guys have been definitely making a name for yourselves around Atlanta.

So you’re enjoying the success of your first single. What else are you working on now? What can people expect next from you?

enough to give it to me.

Outkast, Biggie, Pac, Lil John, and everybody who was doing it in the game when I was coming up. Snoop Dogg, the Wu-Tang Clan, I listen to everybody really.
What’s the biggest misconception you have going on right now out here about you that you want to clear up?

MMI, that’s the first people that singed me. It’s my original team, my camp. Those were the people letting you know who Roscoe Dash was when nobody knew who Roscoe Dash was. They are that one’s that put me to Music Line and Music Line put me onto Zone 4 with Polow Da Don and Interscope .
So how did your single “All The Way Turt Up” take off?

I got my second single, Show Out coming out now. We just debuted the video for it on 106 N Park. Basically we just working, trying to stay a float and keep grinding. We got a lot of stuff coming out. Can’t Catch the Lambo is all over the Internet right now. It’s getting a great response. It’s got about 140k downloads, we going for mixtape of the year with that one. So we got a lot of stuff still going on.
So tell us something we need to know! Who is Roscoe Dash?

There’s no beef between me and the guys. There are a lot of things going on right now from the internet that people are making it into something that its not. People are feeding into this and that when really there is nothing there. So there’s no reason for that. We good. We making good records their making good records. Everybody’s working. We all trying to be the future of this rap game.
So we’re looking out for Show Out and I also heard you on that remix for L.A. DA Boomman.

Basically, Soulja boy. It was already a hit record in the streets but that definitely took it out of here. Soulja Boy got on there and did Soulja Boy. He added that diversity to it and made it into more than what it was originally. His fan base heard it and they started to support it. Soulja Boy has a wide fan base so if he does any song people across the world are going to hear it. I felt like I needed that for the single and he was kind

(laughing) I’m Roscoe Dash. We’ve already done the whole Turnt Up thing. That was like my introduction record. Now I just got that separation, I got to put my foot on the gas and ride it until the wheels fall off. I got a lot more stuff coming. I do a lot of different things with Pop, Rock, & R&B, club records, down south records, east coast, west coast to whatever. I feel like if I get a hit in every genre we’ll be good. We won’t have a choice but to sell records.
What artist are you inspired by or were inspired by before you became a hit?

I’m still inspired regardless of having a hit.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m on that. You know LA’s my manager. You see the whole camp is talented. We got to go all the way across the board with it. He’s the next one out the gate for sure. But we got a lot of people ready to go. We got my brother, Calio; my cousin YT, he is the guy who was investing in Travis Porter that I mention in a lot of interviews. We got Nico, K.E. on the Track of course,We just working. We trying to be the new No Limit, the new Rocafella, the new Young Money Cash Money but of the South.



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