Fallen (short story

I fell again, last night. It was the third time this week its happened. It always happens when I'm sleeping. I find myself walking down a long dark hallway. There are doors that lead off to who knows where on either aide of me Funny thing is, they are always locked except for one single door, way at the end of the hall. As usual I find myself wandering the same hallway for the fourth time. For some odd reason, about half way down I find a door partly ajar. I stop. My mind tells me to ignore it and continue on to the end door, but my hand reaches out as if guided by some unknown force. I push the door open further and find myself in a white room. It's a fresh change from the other room that is pitch black. The door swings shut silently behind me. And for the first time this week I feel peace. The white walled room slowly melts away, revealing beautiful garden with a fountain in the middle. I see roses and tulips, plus flowers I had never seen before. The smell is intoxicating. Each flower smells stronger then in real life. Something brushes my leg. I look down and find a lamb looking up at me. We stare at each other before it walks away. I find myself following it. We travel further into the garden. I encounter more exotic plants and flowers as well as sever other fountains. The lamb brings me to a shepherd. Feeling a powerful presence emitting from the man, I fall to my knees. "You are safe now my son. For you have broken away from the daily pattern of life. You turned away from the doorway of death and chose the door of life." he said. He takes my hand and I wake up. I fell four nights in a row, and it took me the fourth time to realize I wasn't satisfied with what I was given. There is more to life than being satisfied with life gives you. The Shepherd wants to give you more. Take the doorway of life and fall before the Great Shepherd.

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