and in a general sense applies to any person starting a new project or trying a new opportunity. The word derives from the French "entre" (to enter) and "prendre" (to take).  One who takes the initiative to create a product or establish a business for profit.ENTREPRENEUR  An entrepreneur is an individual who accepts financial risks and undertakes new financial ventures. generally. whoever undertakes on his own account an enterprise in which others are employed and risks are taken. .

License your product.20 WAYS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS Open another location. Merge with or acquire another business. . Franchise your business. Diversity.

Cont . Expand globally Expand to the internet Find ways to increase sales to your existing customers Join forces to another business to promote your company Breaking down tasks to last activity in system ..

Strengthening regional footprints first. Result link reward system for employees. Risk taking.. Focusing on cash flows. . Banking on networking.Cont .

Perseverance Hard work Ability to choose good leaders Empowerment Institutionalization .Cont ..

You control freak!  Learn to delegate. . The coffers are empty  The cash must keep flowing.BARRIER TO YOUR STARTUPS GROWTH No players for the dream team  You have to toss the equity apple at team.

Speed it up . Explore new market The deepest cut. Research well Cracking the code. intercept Breaking away from the old. Man overboard.Cont .

.PARTNERING FOR GROWTH The right business partner can help grow the baby you gave birth to into a fine.young adult.

He has a different point of view. Your weakness is his strength. He is able to bring funds. .Cont . THE RIGHT PARTNER Your vision is his.

PARTNER THE RIGHT WAY Contribution Profits and losses Role and responsibilities Withdrawal. death or disability Resolving disputes REVIEW AND RE-THINK .Cont .

WHERE TO FIND AND DEPLOY FUNDS FOR GROWTH  Where to find funds«.  Invest in R&D/upgrade technology  JV and alliances  Ad and marketing  Manpower  Franchisee network  Infrastructure .  Debt  Equity  Venture capital  Private equity funds  Where To Deploy Funds«..

.FROM LOCAL TO GLOBAL Local Touches. Sea Of Differences. Go National First.

SCALE UP YOUR SALES When do you move your business from sole proprietorship to private limited? .


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