Born in 1910 in Manouche gypsy and as a prodigious talent by 13yrs old was perfo rming as a street entertainer.

By 1928 saw the virtuosos hand become serverely d isfigured in a fire. Whilst bed ridden he developed a method of utilizing the fi rst and second fingers for soloing. The 3rd and 4th could be used for chord shap es. Much of his successful recordings were produced around the late 1930s. Thoughout this analysis of Django Reinhardt I will attempt to breakdown the indi viduals technique.The roots of the style are founded on the manouche gypsy tradi tion. A look at the chord usage is an important area. The Usage of the thumb on the fr etting hand is method to utilize(use the C Major6 chord diagram). This was cruci al as djangos fretting hand was limited and allowed to have full usage of this o ther fingers. This technique was utilized by later players such as Jimi Hendrix. It does allow you access to other chords, which otherwise wouldn't be achiveabl e.

Samois-sur-seine is the location of Djangos death and where homage is paid throu gh the annual jazz festival in June. This is where the most prominent virtuoso g uitarists in th genre can be heard. Other festivals do exist however such as the gloustershire gypsy festival.

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