Rizal and The La Solidaridad Newspaper

On February 15, 1889, Graciano Lopez Jaena founded the patriotic newpaper called La Solidaridad in Barcelona

democracy and happiness . To oppose the evil forces of reaction and medievalism To advocate liberal ideas and progress To champion the legitimate aspirations of the Filipino people to life.Aim of La Solidaridad To work peacefully for political and social reforms To portray the deplorable conditions of the Philippines so that Spain may remedy them.

1889 In this article.First Article of La Solidaridad Los Agricultores Filipinos (The Filipino Farmers) Published on March 25. he depicted the deplorable conditions in the Philippines which cause the backwardness of the country. .

the farmer capitalist has to deal with constable who takes away form his laborers for personal service. sometimes for not carrying with them their cedulas(certificates) for not saluting properly. not always After the floods. repair of roads. defense indeed is permitted. they take away his carabaos. with the civil guard who arrests them for various reasons. bad harvests. and they manacle them to clean the barracks and thus compel the capitalist to live on better terms with the chief and.Los Agricultores Filipinos (The Filipino Farmers) The Filipino farmers has to struggle not only against petty tyrants and robbers. Against the first. against the latter. oxen. and the like. if not. for being suspicious persons or for no reason whatsoever. in spite of many protest . locusts. bridges and others. some public works. fires.

if not two or three. The unfortunate man undertakes a trip of two or three days. He is lucky if he comes out free from the questioning. waits. dissatisfied with the farmer. spends his savings. for not infrequently after it. He is sent to jail from which he comes out later as stupid as before " . presents himself. finally to be asked with a frown and the look of a judge. urgently summons this or that laborer. returns the next day and waits. abstruse and unknown things.At times it is not the constable or the civil guard who opposes so indirectly the minister of colonies. arrives. uneasy and distrustful. An official of the court or of the provincial government.

nom-deLetter to the Young Women of Malolos (February 22. 1889) Specimens of Tagal Folklore.Writing in London La Vision del Fray Rodrigues (The Vision of Fray Rodriguez). (May. Published in Barcelona under his nom-de-plume Dimas Alang. 1889) . 1889) Two Eastern Fables (June.

and mankind The Filipino mother should be glad. like the Spartan mother. with good morals and good manners. aside from retaining her good racial virtues and Faith is not merely reciting long prayers and wearing religious pictures. . fartherland. but rather it is living the real Christian way. to offer her sons in the defense of the fatherland A Filipino woman should know how to preserve her dignity and honor A Filipino woman should educate herself.Main points of Letter to the Young Women of Malolos A Filipino mother should teach her children love of God.

Walang mahirap gisingin na paris nang nagtutulogtulugan. matinik ma y mababaw . Ang maniwala sa sabi y walang bait sa sarili. Ang maglakad ng marahan.Proverbial Sayings Malakas and bulong sa sigaw. Hampas ng magulang ay nakatataba. Ang laki sa layaw karaniwa y hubad. Ang nagsasabi ng tapos ay siyang kinakapus. Nangangako habang napapako.

Puzzles Isang butil na palay sikip sa buong bahay. . . dala ko siya.tulay Dala ako niya.sapatos Isang balong malalim puno ng patalim -bunganga . .ilaw. Matapang ako sa dalawa. duwag ako sa isa.

Their friendship drifted towards romance and as their flirtation was fast approaching the point of no return.Romance with Gertrude Beckett Rizal had a romantic interlude with the oldest of the three Beckett sister. Gertrude Gettie as she was affectionately called by Rizal was a buxom English girl with brown hair. Rizal suppresed his feelings for Getrude for he could not marry her because he had a mission to fulfill. . and rosy cheeks who always gives company to Rizal. blue eyes.

. Carvings of the heads of the Beckett sisters which was given as a farewell gift to the Beckett sisters.Sculptures finished in London Prometheus Bound The Triumph of Death over Life and The Triumph of Science over Death sent to Professor Bluementritt in Leitmeritz.

Adios London Suddenly on March 19. He was sad as he crosse the English Channel. 1889. . Rizal bade foodbye to the kind Beckett family (particularly Gertrude) and left London for Paris. for he cherished so many beautiful memories of London.

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