Corporate structure Xerox logo 1971â 2008 designed by Chermayeff & Geismar.

Although Xerox is a global brand, it maintains a joint venture, Fuji Xerox, with Japanese photographic firm Fuji Photo Film Co. to develop, produce and sell in the Asia-Pacific region. Fuji Photo Film Co. is currently the majority stakehold er, with 75% of the shareholding. Xerox India, formerly Modi Xerox, is Xerox's Indian subsidiary derived from a jo int venture formed between Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi and Rank Xerox in 1983. Xero x obtained a majority stake in 1999 and aims to buy out the remaining shareholde rs.[15] Xerox now sponsors the Factory Ducati Team in the World Superbike Championship, under the name of the "Xerox Ducati". [edit] Rank Xerox Rank Xerox logo used in 1980s European operations, Rank Xerox, later extended to Asia and Africa, has been ful ly owned by Xerox Corporation since 1997. The Rank Xerox name was discontinued f ollowing the buyout.