GPH 259 Autumn 2009 Instructor: Stephen Luecking Photoglyph Your grade will depend on the proper tangent

construction of curve extensions and on the quality of the interpretation of the animal into a linear graphic based on these extensions. Presentation: Proper presentation is important! Any violation of the following instructions will reduce the grade by one grade point. 1) Include page with lightened and dimmed photograph. On this page execute an overdrawing using the construction of extended curves to describe the outline and contour lines of the animal. Overlay this page with a hinged sheet of tracing vellum. Hinge with three 1-1/2" pieces of 1/2" transparent tape spaced along the. Only 1/2" of the tape's length should appear over the front of the vellum and 1" behind the photo sheet.



Using your compass and triangle redraw the constructed curves onto the overlaying vellum sheet. Use the arc centers and the start and stop radii to determine each curve segment.


Create a title page to state as shown: Photoglyph by Your Name GPH 259-Autumn Be sure to boldface and underline the title. Top margin should be 3" and lines should be double spaced. Center each line. All pages plus the title page should be presented in a report cover with a white binding bar (below). All work should be neatly executed with sharp drawing tools and no smudges.

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