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Abhaya- A Friend or A Stranger

Abhaya- A Friend or A Stranger

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Published by Riddhesh Sadariwala

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Published by: Riddhesh Sadariwala on Feb 09, 2011
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Abhaya- A Friend or A Stranger?

Most of the people I meet in my day to day life, ventures and other stuffs inspire me in some way or the other. But few of them are those who influence or touch me in a real sense. In seldom are the cases when people influence me in a just a single meeting. This article is dedicated to one such person whom I accidentally met up. It was early October. 8th I guess, and I needed to reach home (that is Surat) from Pune due to two most important reasons of that times. One, it was the first day of the long awaited Navratri which I guess every Indian wishes to replicate by the traditions or the ways it is celebrated in Gujarat. The second and the better reason for me to reach home(skipping the Convocation Ceremony of my Super Seniors) was that I had an intense desire to wish dad a birthday on the next day that is 9 th October. And this time, I had a better plan, better strategy and some full proof arrangements which I hoped will help me drop in a surprise visit at my place. I called up my friend Lohit and asked him a favour to book a ticket for Indore Pune Express of 8th October, so that I can reach about half an hour before my dad’s birthday arrives(11:30 pm) and had strictly instructed him not to inform anyone at my place about my visit. Just after the call ended, I called up my sweet younger brother Parshva to inform the about my visit and to keep it a secret. Also, I told him to make some excuse and come to the station to pick me up, so that we can save some buffer time till I reach home. Some minutes later, Lohit called me up to inform that my ticket was confirmed, making me more desperate to come back home. Finally, the day of execution arrived. It was around 1 pm and by then, I’d decided that I will bunk the lecture of management along with a laboratory session of Swati ma’am and leave for the station as it was a forty five minutes journey from the college and I was smart enough that I carried the very bag I’d decided to take back to Surat. By the time, I reached the bus stop, Parth called me up and told me to a TShirt with me and that his brother Ankush will take it from my place. This wasted some fifteen more minutes and the opportunity cost was that I had to miss a bus going towards the station as Parth was on the way. Finally, he arrived, thereby terminating my patience class. Somehow, I managed without bursting, took his TShirt and then boarded the bus going towards the station. Somehow, I managed to

it always consisted of people who were very sweet and kind in their gestures. So in the end. I had in mind the task that Mrunal ma’am had allotted to me. mostly from different culture and regions from India and I was desperate to inaugurate the interview sessions. But. It was about the sex/gender discrimination (later. What I really liked about the couple was their love for their spouse and the coordination that they showed in keeping the child as happy as possible.. way of talking and I myself enjoyed travelling in this one as I always a new friend while travelling in this train. So going through my chemistry with the train. . She wore almost the same dress as Tashu had put on when she came at place for a get together. I came to know that both the terms have a different meaning although they are used as synonyms. About the train in which I was about to start my journey that is Indore Pune express. but I liked them without tea also). So this was my state of mind that I carried when I boarded the train. so that I can turn both of my cards active. Talking to them was like grabbing a bag which contained quiet a handful knowledge and besides that. But at the same time. For the first time when I travelled through this train. The actual task was to interview around five people. I was in a state where my body’s level of endurance was actually tested due to the terrifying pain in the back. I had my bag with a book on stock exchange and a packet full of khakhras (a Gujarati daily starter snack with tea. married about two years ago and was with their child which was hardly an year in age. Pushkar and Rahul as a project for the first semester. I was more than enthusiastic in coming back home. I expected that I’ll have the same magic today also. So there was a boy on the Pune station who carried several dreams and snapshots of some of the situations that he was about to witness in the next couple of hours. but eventually dropped its idea. even in such a state of agony and despair. when I was signing off from Pune.!!). but didn’t actually knew how to start. Then I met a few students who had just passed out their Engineering in the same year as mine. I passed my time watching a sweet Gujarati couple. I had also an extra mobile handset that Bharat had brought. I thought of buying a “bun maska” . In other words. Over and above I lady in the couple reminded me of my dear Tashu (Aeternitas as I refer in my articles). it minimized my pain that I was having. Later it was known that I had a problem called Chronic Disc Prolapse.travel without a ticket and reached the station free of cost.

she was a wheatish complexion girl. putted my stuffs nearby and sat in the state of relaxation. there was a strange sense of sincerity and she seemed as if she was the world bank of maturity. Apart from this. you don’t have anyone else to help you in here right now.the ultra light version of sky blue. So whats the big deal in asking for a pen? And the worst case scenario would that she’ll refuse that’s it. whose torso and limbs were almost equal. In terms of simile. Then I decided to put my Gujarat sim card in active mode in Bharat’s phone. so that it might serve its purpose of borrowing. with an irritating height (I always felt insecure in front of the girls who are just about an inch or two taller than me. But then my selfish instinct dominated my thought process and I said to myself. She was actually preparing something and was going tones of papers that she carried with her. I was about to open the flap of the cell phone.I called it a classic jeans colour rather than calling it blue) and I guess no girly stuff except a pair earings which is rather considered as a part of daily wearing rather than a jewellery. but found it stuck with something. It was a lower berth and was nearby the charging point which is located at the door. I was a bit confused whether to disturb her or not. She wore a red and white coloured sweater type T-Shirt with a classic blue coloured jeans (the one the people started wearing in the nineties. I was lost in something that I cannot describe in words. with a face that carried a snapshot of many emotions and secrets that enclosed in the safe of her heart. Then I finally decided to go for help from people around and ask for some pen or other pointed thing to open the lid of that Idiot Box which was frustrating me and raising the temperature of my head with the passage of time. But she was far more complicated and reserved than I expected. I looked around and before I could locate the pen in the hands of the person.As soon as I boarded the train. but the next that was visible to me was about five berths away and I . it wasn’t that we were alone in the compartment. I tried it with force. but in vain. I checked out for my berth. Coming to her appearance. So chill and go ahead.” Actually. Initially. but looked taller as she had long limbs as compared to me. I just observed her gestures and tried to make out the type of person she was. “Dude. she was a source of enormous maturity and that she radiated it in the form of energy to the world. I located it. Observing what I just described. It feels that I may immediately ask God that what was the extra sin that I had committed ever in my life which these girls have a height that is marginally high than me?). She was a girl of around my age.

I was fast asleep. While they were discussing all these on the side berth. So in the end. I exclaimed in joy as she was touching the topics in which I have a good grip. This affected my confidence but I was focused about my intentions.!!!” This was enough for entering into a technical discussion with both the girls and frankly. Suddenly. But for that I will have to initiate a chat between us. To which I again told . Somehow I fixed it and returned the pen back to her. As I was a bit more than tired. Apart from that. I slowly got up and started showing that I was interested in their discussions. so said. At this moment. words like “CSS”. the newer girl shifted the discussion on writing articles and poems. Apart from asking for a pen. I am not very good at writing as my interests are in web designing.” At this asked about her qualifications to which she said that she was a fresher from the MCA (Master in Computer Applications) faculty and added that she loved web designing and equally hated java as it is too vast and a bit confusing. She gave it and then I had a blunder committed! I just broke the tip of the pen in an attempt to open the lid of the cell phone. But this constant task of strategy making drained my mind completely. When I woke up. I jumped in the discussion by saying. I found a girl sitting near her and talking as if she was an old friend of hers. So I thought of having a nap and then thinking of the further plans. “I am sorry. Finally. I didn’t react to it but still waited for an opportunity to arrive and jump into the discussion as it was the only way I could catch hold of her. I supported the fact and added that I passed out my Engineering in July ’10. So I just asked for pen she was holding. The third girl said that she was an arts student and she hated programming but loved writing.. I thought and decided myself that she will be my interviewee for the Business Communications (BC) project no matter how but she is one I choose to be the inaugurating member of my project. it was getting interesting too. For all those who aren’t aware of these terms. so waited patiently for another chance to initiate a chat between us. I found that it was about an hour passed and so I have seven hours left to do what I’d decided. they are IT terms related to web designing and this is where I owe my education a credit of thanks.was feeling very lazy to go to him ask for a pen. Later on. “HTML” etc struck my ears and thereby came my opportunity to jump in the discussion. my targeted girl was not so very comfortable. “actually CSS are for designing of the web pages and not for programming and blah blah. the girl was the only option left.

But yeah. Later on I asked her about where she lived in Pune and other similar questions. she also reminded me of Payal di. so at times. Finally then came the station called Kalyan. I immediately asked both of them their names.that I have been writing since around three years. where Belinda had to leave and catch a train on the suburban line to reach Mumbai. They replied their names to be Belinda (the third girl) from Mumbai and Abhaya (my target) from the district Kota in Rajasthan. I had to initiate the topics to chat around. I just then asked if I could see the papers which she was reading. As soon as she said this. She happily accepted my critical comments. the elder sister of my college friend Mihir and told her this fact. I then shared my tips on writing that I had discovered myself in these years. She told me that after her schooling. But her intellectuals were far better to be complimented than her looks. She also offered us vadapavs that she bought from a vendor at the Lonavala station. my target was getting some influence and perception what I might be. To this. she had something in her that was more attractive than just the just physicality that most writers found their metaphors in. Belinda also showed her piece of writing which she carried in her bag and asked for an opinion as writers usually ask. She said that she previously used to stay in Koregaon Park (better known as KP) and now she has shifted Karvenagar. She didn’t give any reaction. Seeing this. me and Abhaya. The conversation amongst the three of us continued as if we were age old friends. for which I was replied back . Now there were only two people left. the reason of shifing being an expensive standard of living at the KP. so avoid using it. Let me tell you something about this girl Abhaya. then she started asking me about how do I write. No sooner did I completed my words. Actually. She was a bit of silent kind of a girl. She also added that she is working in a web designing firm and that her schooling was mostly done in Indore in a boarding school. do I write in solitude. she went to Jaipur for her graduation and post graduation and then came to Pune to earn her own living. I suggested her that including a paragraph of some another author in your article makes it a bit artificial. But that also doesn’t mean that she was not too good looking. It was actually a set of probable questions on programming concepts that can be asked in an interview as she had to appear for it. some tips on my ways of writing and so on. I raised asked her the reason of not remaining at home with parents. She was not the typical girl that every writer describes in his manuscript.

Its always fun to have those idlis although they burn your mouth.as to she wanted to be independent and so did her parents. I guess this was the first initiative that she took as a response of friendship that I’d put in front of her. but its you who speak too much and for your knowledge. It was by then that all of a sudden I jumped out by saying. I then thought that this was not enough. “I want to interview you. She bounced back by saying. but after all I am too Gujarati.” Hearing this. After this little break of ours was over. She reckoned that I wished to change the mood and she told me not worry about that as she has most of her friends like me only always on like a radio station which runs her quota of entertainment cycle. I don’t know. I finally convinced her and we enjoyed the super spicy idlis. I just manage myself by not speaking exactly in the way you do it by talking over tones of topics. So while she was talking over her phone. I ordered two plates of the famous idli-chatni of the Vasai station. “its not that I speak too less. I asked if she gets bored by that remaining silent habit of hers. So asked her if she would like to have a tea or coffee or something. we resumed our age old talks once again. I do speak out. but she was a blend of freedom bounded herself within some shakles that she never wishes to break. so that both us can get refreshed ourselves with the divine sips of caffeine containing tea. but only in the times when I think its absolutely necessary to do so. I was simply impressed but didn’t admit it and counter questioned her by asking as if she was my elder sister “so if in case you know that you are being treated in a wrong manner. finally she gave a strange reaction as if I told her that it was me .” I got her point and was deeply pleased by the way she said it along with the thoughts that she carried in her mind. She opted tea and I bought it for her. It was now around 7:30 or 8:00pm when the train stopped at the station called Vasai and I now needed something different to be done for a change and for entertainment. Then to change the mood of conversation. will you still remain silent the way you have been till now?” she replied with a deep sense of maturity. “no dear. Initially she refused and there seemed to be a lot of weight in the things where she wants to convince the opposite parties. you are getting me wrong. the breed of people who gets drunk over food. I then pointed out to her that talked very less and inquired about how she managed to be so silent throughout the day. She then asked if I wished to have a cup of tea.” Hearing this. I positively responded this time and anyways I never deny for a cup of tea.

It seemed very simple to me in the beginning and thus I agreed to the conditions put forward by her. she agreed to it but on one condition that I should allow her to study for her interview for about an hour. Instead of a guy and a girl talking like friends since some centuries. she agreed. the scene changed drastically.” It was an interesting article the sailed through the barrier of an hour mark. I forgot to mention that she had a plan to go back to her home on the day before. On the contrary. The look that I saw on her face depicted some expressions and I felt as if she saying to herself. Then she planned that dinner from the tiffin box she’d brought with her and then can I interview her. took out her tiffin box and moved to the window seat opposite to me. Although I hated this sabji which she eventually made from the way I was eating. got her ticket booked and was finally there in the train. so that we can have a dinner she had bought from a mess. I just remember the eye contact that we had when all of a sudden she saw me sleeping while I was trying to adjust myself so that I can sleep with ease. but she did. But as her habit. Oops. This was the only act of childishness that I noticed in her in these eight hours. I will actually this as an addiction to speaking. the people around us were shocked to see that the way we were now having our own jobs to be done. . I ate somehow and we finally were done with it. packed her things off. Initially I thought that she might not keep her promise. But on the insistence from her family. She stood up from her berth. but missed the train and was happy for that as she herself didn’t wanted to leave for home. It was guwar ki sabji. I was fast asleep. pickle and chapatti. Abhaya continued with her preparation for the interview (the job interview that she was supposed to appear for) while I resumed with my book on Stock Exchange and in around fifteen minutes. Just a second later.” While I was helpless as I had nothing to do but to either read or sleep and I chose to sleep.who’d bribed Kalmadi for the CWG games in New Delhi and was responsible for the scam that took place and with a question mark on her face that what and why the hell do you want to interview me. I somehow swapped between sleeping and reading for around 45 minutes after which I kept that book in my bag and took out the newspaper and started reading the article of Shah Rukh Khan with the title “I never thought as a businessman. she said nothing of that sort. couldn’t remain silent for mere half an hour. “what I poor guy.

In other words when Abhaya started speaking meri bolti bandh ho gayi. Initially she was a bit disturbed. society and the region from which she belonged. So finally. And as expected I opened up some of the safety vaults which she had locked in her heart. ended on really happy note. That was the reason why she was admitted to Indore and had to live in the hostel during the times when probably I thought of myself as the baron who lives in the palace of gold and will rule the world. not from the parents. she faced a lot of hardships along with unique sort of hostel enjoyment which I had missed out. She told that whatever she is today was just because there was a gender discrimination. she is now gifted with the invaluable freedom that she enjoys at that moment of time. but from the culture.” She asked me whether I would prefer a job or opt a business in the long run. . I hurted her. but later she concluded within herself that although my way was incorrect but my intentions weren’t.Now it was the time. As opposite to this. I replied. But now as she has a vision to view the actual scenario. After this. I saturated and had nothing ask for. I started asking her about topic I was supposed to. As per the plan. she cheered up. Hearing this. As all my readers know. Now shoot the questions. as due to their decision. she said.. “Now its my turn to interview you and I am not gonna leave you easily. Seeing this.” I felt as if I was having masti with my elder sister only. the showtime. “I am ready. I enjoyed and witnessed the good and bad times that my family faced with my family members while she longed to be home and couldn’t come back as then she would eventually be dragged into marriage by force. I was moved. they are the sources from which she draws her energy and will to live and fight for the right. But I was a bit disappointed as unknowingly. Then she asked me about the pro and cons of my decisions which I eventually explained to her and the meeting that had started with a selfish motive. She agreed by saying that initially she found her parents really harsh. I then asked her opinion on the fact if her parents decision to leave her to the hostel wasn’t very tough for her to digest.!! Then came the question from her “why are asking such questions to me?” I finally had no choice but to reply back the truth of the project. I replied that it’s the business that I’ll opt and this is what I live for. She owes the strength that she showed to her parents by saying that although they stay miles apart from her. she thanks them by saying that it was best on her parents side to chose hostel life on the opportunity cost of marriage at an early age.

he stepped into the wrong shoes and was trapped in addiction to alcohol and smoking. She also told me that she had another friend who was almost like me and was studying in Engineering faculty in Sinhghad College Pune. I resumed my mission “Birthday Dad. I too greeted her in the same manner and as I was just about to jump. if you read this article help . That simply meant that our company was about to be terminated as it usually happens with all the good things. which sometimes leaves me in a state of confusion whether this was a friendship or just a lesson that I’d ought to learn and she was just a medium to teach me? If given an aption. bid her a farewell once again. I felt as if the train was just waiting for our conversation to get over. but she told me that she’ll be home by ten in the morning.” So this is the short. But unfortunately. Hence I would like to thank Abhaya for that. She told me to rake care of myself and avoid such foul companies. I thought of buying a chocolate for her but somehow I couldn’t manage one. stood on the platform. we reached the Udhna station which is just before the Surat station that my destiny. She tasted it and liked it very much. I agreed. But anyways. I don’t remember the destination names that talked about. In the final moments. So Abhaya. email ids and promised to stay in contact for as long as possible. As soon as she finished her words the train started moving. I then offered her the khakhras that I’d carried.We exchanged our numbers. waited for her train to leave and as the train disappeared. At that moment. I eventually decided that I should give away the complete packet as a part of remembrance and a sort of compensation for what I did. all this drama was done. But the unfortunate fact is that we are out of touch after that day. I had to leave now and so I was making my way out of the train when she offered her hand for a shake and said that it was nice meeting me. By the time. So she asked to stay with her till the train departs. The train stopped and as I was about to step up from my seat. I thanked her. she called me up and handed me my polythene containing the T-Shirt that Parth had given to me in the morning. I would try and get in touch with her once again. sweet and cute story that I encountered upon in my life. we just discussed the course of the journey that she needs to make to reach back to her place. I felt as if she actually was my elder sister reciting the do and donts just before when a younger brother is about to leave and loved that feeling. she told me that the train waits for around ten minutes at the station.

Riddhesh Sadariwala .9923854378 . I hope you read it and reply back soon.me clear my doubt of whether you are a friend or a stranger.9601386265 . .

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