Rules For Young Yakuza The 'Wakamono no Kokoroe' is set of rules that hangs in the hallways of many gang

headquarters and yakuza dormitories. 1. When you are wearing the family crest in a public place, don't do anything that might hurt the gang's reputation.
2. Inside the gang headquarters, when you greet someone, sit in seiza (seated with your legs

folded under you) and be sure to tuck your thumbs in under your hands. The thumb is our most important finger because it is the last one to be cut off if we disgrace the gang too many times. Hiding your thumb is also a sign of respect to the oyabun (gang leader).
3. When you greet someone on the street, be sure that you bend your back in the shape of

the character 'ku' when you bow.
4. When you greet someone on the street, never take your eyes off him or her when you

bow. Never give a person an opening to attack you. The only people you should lower your eyes to are your seniors in the gang and the oyabun (boss).
5. When you talk to your superiors never put your hands in your pockets or fold your arms

in front of your body. 6. When you decide to do something, do it immediately without any hesitation. Never be late for anything either. Not even one minute. 7. Never compare yourself with the other gang members, try to place the blame on someone else for your mistakes, or make excuses. 8. When you are given an errand or task to do, take full responsibility for it.
9. Donft tell gang secrets to your family members, wife, or children.

10. Think of everyone else as a part of your family and don't think of yourself as an individual. Don't argue or form factions within the gang. 11. If you don't know if you can do something or not, adopt the attitude that you can. 12. If you have a fight or dispute with someone from another gang, if that person is wrong, never back down, even if they are tougher or in a higher position than you. 13. If there is an accident, do your best to contain it quickly and make sure it doesn't get out of hand. 14. Never give in when you are negotiating. Don't rationalize yourself into making concessions and always act in accordance with your gut instincts. 15. If there is a big problem, stay calm and think about what you can do personally to improve the situation. 16. Endeavour to learn the rules, names of gang members, and practices of the gang as best you can. 17. Avoid becoming complacent and never lose the spirit and enthusiasm that you had when you first joined the gang.

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