Elements of Design

Brittany Bell

Definition: a line represents a path between two points. It can be straight, circular, angled, zigzag. Used in the picture: lines are angled, bringing the shape of the building into focus. As with the train tracks.

Definition: result of closed lines . Can be visible without lines. Squares, circles, and stars are some basic examples. Used in the picture: triangular shape of the trees in the background.

Definition: colors affect us, as humans, through our emotions. Different colors invoke different emotions. Used in the picture: the color red is normally associated with passion or anger. In this picture it looks slightly demonic, as the color red is so prominent, thus making the water look like blood.

Definition: texture refers to the surface quality or feel of an object. Used in the picture: the wheat looks rough, while the group of stones look smooth.

Tone (value)
Definition: consists of shadings from white-to-gray-to-black or it may consist of darks against lights. How it is used in the photograph: the only colors used are black and white, creating a tone of professionalism.

Space: Positive and Negative
Definition: Positive space is where shapes and forms exist. Definition: Negative space is the empty space around shapes and forms. Use in the Photograph: The horse its self is positive space, while the darkness surrounding it is negative space. By having that much negative space, including the amount used that is actually encroaching on the horse (aka positive space), gives the photograph a mysterious/majestic element to it.

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