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Published by: African Activist on Feb 09, 2011
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by Muhame Giles on Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 8:08am KATO DAVID MURDER: THE SHOCKING HIDDEN TRUTH David Kato, now labeled "hero" by the GULLIBLE AND EASILY EXCITED international media, was killed by a DESPERATE prisoner whom he attempted to force into a cruel sex bang, preliminary police investigations have revealed. Mr Binoga, the head of Crime Investigation at the Criminal Investigations Department in Kibuli, Kampala, has told Rolling Stone Managing Editor Giles Muhame in an exclusive telephone interview that Kato is suspected to have been taken down by one Eden Nsubuga. The story is that a few weeks ago, Kato went to Kawuga prison in Mukono district where he paid some good money to secure prisoners to work on his farm. A security source said as the prisoners were on duty, Kato fell in love with the behind of one of the prisoners -Eden. Kato later engaged the handsome guy before promising to secure his release from prison- on condition that the prisoner would allow his bum to be CRACKED every night. Tired of jail life (Binoga said Nsubuga had been arrested and sentenced for mobile phone theft and was a known criminal in the area), Nsubuga agreed to the deal. In fact on January 24, Kato went to court and managed to get Eden out of jail for one purpose -satisfying his enormous homo appetite. It's said since then Kato has been going home early to rock the behind of innocent Nsubuga. However, this unquenchable homosexual thirst could lead to the TRAGIC death of the man who terrorized the boys with his monstrous 'thing'. Police chief Binoga said used condoms were found on the scene of crime. This points to the fact that he could have over-banged Nsubuga's behind, compelling him to use force to flee Kato's "iron bar". Nsubuga fled with Kato's rags, according to Binoga. Pals say this heartless monster infected hundreds of boys with HIV/AIDS which he has been distributing like...... Kato's friends say he was aggressive in bed and sodomized boys using force (read rape). The downfall of the sodomy honcho has not only been welcomed by termites deep in the earth but millions of parents. In fact a few hours ago, Kato's neighborhood was thrown into frenzy after news spread that the bum terrorist had gone to meet his creator. His relatives described his death as a "soothing relief." They whispered that Kato had brought shame not only to their family but the clan, village, tribe and country. EX-Homos jubilated, saying God had taken the devil to hell for "eternal roasting". The gay vs gay violence has energized anti-gay activism in the Country with moralists and legislators calling upon Parliament to expedite the debate on the Anti-homosexuality Bill. They said this would cut off the ugly head of homosexuality in the country. Meanwhile, we are told some embassies have been pressuring police chiefs to arrest Rolling Stone editors over the death -only to learn that the devil they are defending died as he attempted to commit mischief on an innocent prisoner. The embassies have been giving Kato dollars which he has been flashing around to seduce young boys. It's estimated he sodomized about 300 boys in his regime as "king of sodomy honchos" in the country.It's said even if he had survived the gay violence, Kato would have succumbed to HIV/AIDS which was seriously eating up his flesh. "It was a mater of time," said a an ex homo.

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Fare Thee Well Share Atuhaire Martha Do gay pipo get HIV? January 27 at 8:21am Johnson Musinguzi sooo much.In the US, gay pple have the highest HIV infection rates January 27 at 8:34am Ben Byarabaha eee.... too callous January 27 at 8:45am Chris Tinka Too early to make a conclusion! January 27 at 10:10am Tumusiime Francis Kato was a serial bum driller who one time exported his anal service acts to Rwanda. Briefly worked at Lycee de Kigali as a teacher. Sodomised some members of staff before he was busted. He was later deported from Rwanda for spreading his ... S ee M ore January 28 at 12:36am Johnson Musinguzi good story January 28 at 1:12am via email Chris Tinka How do you dig all that info? Give us the trick January 28 at 1:14am Muhame Giles ​@ Martha,,,that there is mob friction thus tears and bleeding ....@johnie....u have the facts rights...it's terrible there...@Ben,....ope u edited a nice story.... January 28 at 1:56am Muhame Giles ​@Chris...you do not need rocket science....@Francis...on Rwandese stuff...i know u as an expert...shame him....you are good indeed January 28 at 1:58am · 1 person Arinaitwe Rugyendo Tinywana, where have been with all this scoop? January 29 at 1:44am Muhame Giles i thought he ran the story... January 29 at 1:45am

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