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Summary of auotmated excel based appliactions

I have given the sanpshots of some reports which are automated.

These are some of the functions provided by our user friendly excel based reports
- Data Extraction from different data sources
- Cleanup data
- Provide metrics and reporting based on the requirement
- Graphical view
- Auditing
- Data Analysis
- Incorporate businees rules

Access,Oracle and Sql are used to store data

1. Global Systems Enginner Specializations

- This report automatically pulls the specialization and completion for the given system and
can also do auto run for all the SE
- Calculate the % progress
- Update the database
2. Rollup Information:
Automatically connect to dB and calculates the rollup data at different hierarchy levels
Summary Report
-Refreshes the data automatically from backend at every run
3.Provides Trending for the Fiscal Year
Theater View
Organizational View
Click to view Click to Exit Click to view Curriculum
Trending Report Report not started Report

View the desired reports by traversing through this menu

Main Menu

Theater View
4. Roadmap Planning report
Relevancy Summary
Relevancy Detail

5. Exception report used as Audit report

Pre-Measures to be taken before we run the report
Post Measures to test the report output
6. Training Plan report
7. CES Utility
- Reports for Executive Briefing Centers and Customer briefing centers
-Provides various metrics in different tabs
-Menu will be shown to select the data
8. PE Utility
Provides different operational Views based proposal Experts
9. IDT Automation

Provides an user- friendly way of showing different dimenions

10. Measuring Customer validation
Each Theatre has started to review booking data from FY09; completing validation of different amounts of FY09 data till da

Validation progress are measured and represented in four slides

1. Percent of total bookings (Validation vs Not Validated)
2. Percent of total transactions (Validation vs Not Validated)
3. Percent of Pre-assignment to FDEV groups by CV Engine
4. Percent of End Customer “correction” as result of validation process
5. CSC ID Management

Theater Metrics for Customer Validation

11. RTC report Sample