Third Sphere Sky Ray Defence Gunship

Points: 90 points Description: Sky Ray Front 13 Side 12 Rear 10 BS 3 Unit Type: Vehicle

Type: Tank, Skimmer

Crew: Tau Fire caste

Weapons: A Sky Ray is armed with a turret-mounted primary weapon system and a hull-mounted secondary weapon system. It is also equipped with two networked markerlights (which are counted as defensive weapons) and a target lock. The primary weapon system is either a Pulse Coil Generator at +35 points or a Seeker Missile Turret at +40 points. The secondary weapon system is either a pair of burst cannons for +10 points, a pair of Gun Drones for +20 points, or a smart missile system at +20 points. Options: The Sky Ray may be equipped with some stuff when we figure out the new vehicle upgrades. Wargear: Weapon Pulse Coil Generator Range 24" Str 2 AP 4 Type Heavy 5 Notes Targetted unit must immediately take a Pinning Test. This test is rolled with a -3 Ld modifier if the unit is T5 or less, and includes Fearless units. Note that the unit is not required to take unsaved wounds for the test to occur. The Seeker Missile Turret may fire on every unit that is targetted by a Markerlight. Each unit can only be fired at once and each hit expends one Markerlight counter. The Skyray does not need Line of Sight. If a vehicle is targetted, the missile hits the armour facing in a straight line from the Skyray. The missiles have no maximum range. Note that this weapon may be fired regardless of how far the Skyray has moved, the other weapons it has fired and if it has suffered a Crew Stunned result.

Seeker Missile Turret




Heavy 3, Markerlight Dependant

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