GUIDED BY Dr. Anniamma Chacko Asst. Professor

GROUP MEMBERS Anna Mary George Anoop.K Meby Mary Mathew Melvin Joseph Toby.K.Mathew - 08 - 09 - 34 - 39 - 62

the soil samples at two different sites is to be collected and tested . Based on the soil properties. Methodology The preliminary and important part of our project is the literature survey .Based on the test results. Works Completed The literature study of the retaining walls is progressing .Abstract Project is a study of Gabion wall and Reinforced Earth Retain wall based on soil properties at two sites. comparison study of the retaining walls is done and the suitable type is selected. suitable wall of the two above is selected. .Once this has been completed.Study of design of Gabion walls has been completed.

30th September. 1st October .1st March .Schedule Work Duration Literature survey 1st September . Site visit and collection of sample.30th November Performing laboratory tests for finding properties of samples Design of Retaining Walls 1st January .15th February Completion of project 21st February .

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