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It is great pleasure that I express my deep sense of gratitude to all

those persons who were guide me as well as increase my moral.

I am extremely grateful to Mr. S. Pandey, Manager Pantnager

Operations, for providing me this opportunity to work on this project.
I shall always remain grateful to him for all possible help & assistance.

I am also indebted to Sri. Mr. Dangwal, H.R. Officer for extending

all help & corporation both at the time of entering & during the course
of preparing the project. He also shows me the way to work in an

I am also thankful to Sri. Shishir, Saurabh Rathi & Anjum Nabi, for
guidance & supervision of the project. Sir provides me all the
necessary support & guidance which help me not only at that time but
also in my future.

In the end I wish to acknowledge my thanks to all the staff members of

the Parle Biscuit Pvt. Ltd. For providing all necessary assistance
when required.

A project is essential need for any professional course. Projects make a

student eligible for developing good skills, & make deep sense for
working in an organization. Project also helps in generating new ideas
& to present it. I thanks to my institute who provide me this

The study was undertaken in PARLE BISCUITS PRIVATE LIMITED under the
guidance of H.R Deptt, which prove beneficial to me.

This study is about Performance Appraisal is done to know the method Performance
Appraisal and its applicability in the company. As human Resource is the valuable assets
which appreciate day by day. So it is important to do Performance Appraisal to know the
skills, knowledge and capabilities of a person. The modern concept is more concerned
about its Human Resource than other resource human resource performs all the operation
as well as activities of the entire department.

This study helps me a lot in understanding the objective of performance appraisal. And
we know about the all method of Performance Appraisal. In which we studied about the
Performance Appraisal used in PARLE BISCUITS PRIVATE LIMITED and we studied
about the performance of worker in PARLE BISCUITS PRIVATE LIMITED

Candidate’s Declaration
I hereby declare that the work, presented in the project report
entitled “Performance Appraisal” in partial fulfillment of the
requirement for the award of degree of “Bachelor of Business
Administration” in SIMT ( SARASWATI GROUP OF
NANITAL , Srinagar, is record of my own work under the
guidance of Mr. S. Srivastav of P.B.P.L., Rudrapur


B.B.A. 3rdyear


The Parle story unfolded in the year 1929, with the establishment of its first
confectionery factory in the western suburbs of Mumbai, presently known as the
landmark region of “vile Parle”. Thereafter in 1939 Parle started the manufacturing of
biscuits, which henceforth became its core activity. PARLE BISCUITS LIMITED is a
subsidiary to PARLE PRODUCTS LIMITED, MUMBAI, which is closely held
company run by the Chechens. The company commands a 40 % market share in the Rs.
35 billion biscuit markets in India.
Parle-G; its first venture became an instant favorite amongst the masses, leading the
glucose category with the huge market share of 65 %. It’s topped charts worldwide by
becoming the world’s largest biscuit selling brand as revealed by the US-based bakery
manufactures association in 2002. The products portfolio also comprises of
KRACKJACK, MONACO, HIDE ‘ N’ SEEK and its variants.
The success and survival of Parle is its adherence to quality and diversification in its core
area. The strong and extensive distribution network assures the availability of Parle
biscuits even remote region. Most of its offerings are in the low and mid price range
making it affordable to the masses. Parle understands the psyche of the Indian consumer
and provides them value-for-money.
There are four of its own at Mumbai (head office), Bahadurgarh (Haryana), Neemrana
(rajas than) and distribution of the biscuit are controlled by the “business development
department”, Mumbai office with assistance from the regional sales offices at new Delhi,
Calcutta, ban galore and Mumbai.

To reduce freight rates and increases production, Parle has tie-ups with contract
manufacturing units supervised by a “Parle officer”. These units are provided with the
processing charges biscuits, which are transferred to depots established at strategic















Parle products pvt ltd. Mumbai promotes the company, which is holding company
of the Parle biscuits pvt ltd. The directors of M/s Parle products pvt limited are:










Mumbai, Nasik, Banglore, khaboli, Bahadurgarh (Haryana), Bhuj (Gujarat),

Neemrana (rajas than), sitarganj, pantnagar.

The Parle name conjures op fond memories across the length and breath of the country.
After all, since 1929, the people of India have been growing up on Parle biscuits and

Today, the Parle brands have found there way into the hearts and homes of people all
over India and abroad. Parle biscuits and confectioneries continue to spread happiness
and joy among people of all ages. The consumer is the focus of all activities at Parle.
Maximizing value to consumer and forging enduring customer relationships are the core
endeavors at Parle.

Our efforts are driven towards maximizing customer satisfaction and this is in synergy
with our quality pledge. "Parle Products Limited will strive to provide consistently
nutritious and quality food products to meet consumers' satisfaction by using quality
materials and by adopting appropriate processes. To facilitate the above we will strive to
continuously train our employees and provide them an open and participative
GOALS FOR 2008-09

To meet the challenges of this year, we need to increase our single pointed "focus"
towards customer, quality, productivity and development of people, without any
compromises. So our objective will be:-

- We must beat the customer' expectation by ensuring zero defect product from all
- We must increase direct customer interface by ensuring maximum children and other
visitor at all locations.


-Parle quality system=PQS=productivity quality safety. Productivity improvement by

reducing downtime, breakdowns.
- Wastage, re-works, thereby saving natural resources like fuel and power.
- Quality improvement by strict adherence to quality assurance norms without any
-Safety improvement by adhering in true spirit to HACCP, 5-S, ISMS philosophies.

> Grow then higher then market growth rate, while maintaining leadership in the

> Export 1 % of annual turnover.

> Have access to customized information globally.

> Aim to zero defect products, there are exceeding customer’s expectations.

> Develop process flexibility and innovation to get significant portion of turnover from
new products.

> Expand distribution network in neighboring countries, presence in other countries.

> Impart training, motivation and respect to all employees and associates.

Parle Products has one factory at Mumbai that manufactures biscuits and confectioneries
while another factory at Bahadurgarh, in Haryana manufactures biscuits. Apart from this,
Parle has manufacturing facilities at Neemrana, in Rajas than and at Bangaore in
Karnataka. The factories at Bahadurgarh and Neemrana are the largest such
manufacturing facilities in India. Parle Products also has 14 manufacturing units for
biscuits and 5 manufacturing units for confectioneries, on contract. All these factories are
located at strategic locations, so as to ensure a constant output and easy distribution. Each
factory has state-of-the-art machinery with automatic printing and packaging facilities. Al
Parle products are manufactured under the most hygienic conditions. Great care is
exercised in the selection and quality control of raw materials; packaging materials and
rigid quality standards are ensured at every stage of manufacturing process. Every batch
of biscuits and confectioneries are thoroughly checked by expert staff, using the most
modern equipment.

Since its inception in the 30s Parle biscuits have prided itself in offering quality products
that are affordable to the common man. The marketing mix has evolved with the


Parle biscuits have a range of variants in it product portfolio. The popular brand Parle- G,
krackjack, Monaco, and its variants (Zeera, onion and Methi) are available in packets of
various convenient sizes. New products like hide & seek are a foray into the premium


The biscuits major have not bothered to raise the price of its flagship brand "Parle- G" for
the past 6 to 8 years and has always tried to provide its offering at nearly 33% discount as
compare to other competitive brands.


The consumer is the focus of all activities at Parle. Maximizing value to consumer and
forging enduring customer relationships are the core endeavors at Parle. Parle-G “My
Dream Come True "- was one its biggest promotional ventures (2.5 crore) which gave
contestants a chance to fulfill their dreams. Discounts, gift offer schemes are other
popular promotional offerings.

The well-entrenched distribution system (the company covers 12-15 lakh outlets across
the country), with 39 depots at strategy points all over the country. From the depots, the
biscuits are sold to wholesalers and further to retailers.

Biscuits have under gone a swift transformation. From the earlier waxed-paper
packing, Parle's BOPP offering is not only stylish and enticing bit also increases the
self-life of the biscuits.

Filled with the goodness of milk and wheat, Parle G is

not just a treat for the taste buds, but a source of strength
for both body and mind. Tear over a packet of Parle G to
experience what has nourished Generations of Indians
since last sixty-five years, making it truly Hindustan Ki

Krackjack - The original sweet and salty biscuit is one of the most loved biscuits
in the country.

It’s not just a biscuit, it’s the taste of relationships captured in a biscuit.
A little sweet and a little salty crafted in such a delicate and delicious balance, you can never get
enough of it. Have it anytime you like with anything you like.
Krackjack Crispy Creams is a delicious
combination of crispiness of Krackjack and
sweetness of cream biscuit. The classic sweet and
salty taste gets laced with a sweet & sour lime
flavor in the cream sandwiched between Krackjack
biscuits. A mouth watering delicious combination

Share the company of great taste anytime, anywhere with Monaco. A light crispy biscuit
sprinkled with salt, Monaco adds a namkeen twist to life’s ordinary moments.

Orange: Tickle your senses with

Parle Orange Kream – The tangy
orange cream between two
scrumptious biscuits makes for
a real treat.

Here’s a choco biscuit that flirts with your taste

buds. Seek out the chocolate chips that aren't really hidden. And relish a delectable
experience as they melt in your mouth. Also know to work as an effective icebreaker it’s
easy to see why it’s tasty itna, ki dil aaj

The ingredients that go into making this prized cookie

are a well-guarded secret. What is, is the effect it has on
those who eat it. A cookie with a reputation for
romance. Indulge in the sinful taste of Milano and
everything that follows it.

Digestive Marie will change your daily dipping

and sipping routine; making it more enjoyable and
much healthier.

With five times more fibre than the regular Marie,

you can actually see the differences in Digestive
Marie. With lower fat and calories than other
digestive biscuits, Digestive Marie helps you stay
Active-Lite all day.

Yahi Marie, Sahi Marie

Your favorite Marie biscuit, Parle Marie is now
even more exciting. It’s lighter. It’s crispier. And
it’s tastier. Making it even more appealing than

So the next time you’re hanging out with your

buddies, just tear open a pack of Parle Marie. And
immerse yourself in an engaging conversation and
an even more engaging taste.

From boy-next-door to Super Boy, no that’s not the

plot for the next Hollywood blockbuster it’s the
effect of Milk Shakti. The Shakti of milk fortified
with the goodness of honey, a zabardast combo that
even ace batsman Dhoni swears by. So get that cape
out and head straight to for a pack of Milk Shakti toda
Mouth watering cookies that you’ll want to nibble as
‘sweet nothings’. Not to mention, always have them
within your reach. The delicious taste of butter,
sugar and milk in an all-you-can-have tasty offering

A crispy cracker that adds a namkeen zing to the
usual biscuit. Goes well with a cup of tea, an evening
snack or an occasional namkeen thought. Just bite in
and let the rich golden texture melt in your mouth.
Motivation & Welfare programs:
The status of an organization is not achieved by keeping hand on hand. It is achieved by
the work of the hundred of members towards one main goal, by substituting that goal in
different parts and then marching up to achieve that one main goal which is your
organization goal
In this modern world, everyone is dependable; as such they are dependent for food,
shelter, and clothing. Various luxurious items, etc. Even these large organizations needs
raw material for the preparation of their finished goods. Whatever is there, for the
preparation of these finished goods, they need manpower. Employee welfare comes on
that very point those working in this organization are not slaves, animals but they are also
mere people working to earn money for their survival
in the past time, the approach towards human condition moreover go on developing and
leads to employee welfare. Workers working in these operations undergoes various
hazardous situations and then leads to the finished goods that were enjoyed by the people
at large. Those who were working their in those organization also needs measures for
their welfare and well-being.

As such government of India also leads for the welfare of the workers in the
organizations under various acts made for the industries to follow up the path of well-
being by following those rules and guidelines. In those acts only the conditions for the
workers welfare is also well organized. The various acts for the industries to follow are as
• Indian factories act,1948
• Workmen's compensation act, 1923
• The employees state insurance act,1948
• Personal injuries (compensation insurance) act, 1963

Although many of the companies in this era have very different approach towards
employee welfare as they feel employee welfare as duty of the govt. and also some raise
questions on the welfare subject as state duty but in the era of globalization welfare part
has very important role. Many international bodies has been formed in this respect as
International labor organization (ILO) and many others.

Companies now-a-days undergoing the concept of employee welfare in its real broader
sense and implements different type of policies for the welfare of the workers. Personnel
managers were appointed for the proper administration and the execution of the job they
are responsible for the environment inside the workplace and also as such outside the
workplace and necessary actions needed to achieve the organization goal.
Welfare measures were also normally measured inside the workplace and measures
outside the workplace, normally companies follow them both by forming their structure,
applicable for the best performance of the job. Some of the measures which are followed
or which should be followed are as follows:

Welfare measure inside the workplace

• safety and cleanliness neighborhood :
Safety and cleanliness to the neighborhood in this modern era has very important role.
Company adopts the policy of being eco-friendly and safety and cleanliness is maintained
in the surroundings which is equally important for the company and neighborhood.

• Up keeping of premises –compound lawns, walls gardens ,and so

forth, egress and ingress passages and doors:
as discussed earlier, company should be eco friendly, and also the company should have
good compound for the better perspective. Lawns, gardens should be maintained,
compound walls should be proper white washed even the passage for the entrance and
exit should clearly give the idea about the route to follow.
• elimination of dust, smoke ,fumes, gases:
The work to be done in this operations for the production purpose also produces various
gases, waste material, dust, smoke which is moreover always dangerous if we come in
contact with them their should be proper elimination of the waste material and the place
where the actual work is done should be well ventilated and well maintained.

• Sanitation and cleanliness:

where there the condition of work, produce waste, gases, and other material not for use
their elimination were mostly done by sewers, and pipes the sanitation process for the
waste should be well formulated and also cleanliness in respect of sanitation also should
be there.

• Control of effluents:
Accordingly when the process of sanitation is done the wastage of industrial process is
eliminated and that wastage is eliminated through the process of sewage. This eliminated
waste should be taken care off as this waste material is also harmful for the environment.
Emphasis should be given on reduction of waste material.

• Convenience and comfort during work: seating arrangements:

Their should be proper arrangements for convenience and comfort. Measures should be
adopted for the reduction of stress there-in employee having by regular work. Proper
Seating arrangements should be there as situation needs.
• Distribution of work hours and provision for rest hours meal
times and breaks:
Proper distribution of work should be there employees working were not machine they
are also men their should be provision for breaks, meal times, rest hours for better
governing shift wise system should be adopted.

• safety measures , that is maintenance of machines and tools, providing guards

helmet and tools aprons goggles , first aid equipment:
Working condition was not same at all places, workers while working in operations
should be well equipped with all safety measure essential for that operations. Guards,
helmets, aprons, goggles should be provided to them for their safety. First aid equipment
should be there so that if any emergency occur it can be handle with ease.

• supply of necessary beverages , and pills and tablets: salt tablet

milk and soda:

While being in exhaust place and working there from long period, leads to lack of energy
that gives birth to stress and compulsive nature. Employees should be provided with
milk, soda, other mineral drinks in intervals so that they be able to carry on their work in
good position.

• Notice boards; posters and picture, slogans, library,

Under company compound they should have notice board so that any important
information, notice can be easily come under the notification of the employee. Company
should provide their workers with library so that they be able to get material to enhance
their knowledge. Use of posters, picture, slogans should be there which help in employee


• urinals and lavatories, wash basins, bathrooms, provision for spit rooms, waste
For the maintenance of company compound and for the welfare of employee there should
be provision for urinals and lavatories, wash basins, bathroom, spit rooms and waste
• Provision of drinking waters and coolers:
Operation were not same at all places, they differ in respect of work. Employees working
there were also human being they also need water to drink, and fresh air to breath.
Workers should be provided with drinking water facility and also of coolers.

• Canteen services:
Company should provide their workers canteen service also as it is beneficial for both
company, it will save their time and workers will get their meal. Canteen should provide
goon nutritious food to the workers.

• Management of workers:
Workers should be well managed, according to the work. Company should manage the
proper distribution of the workers in each task so that employee is able to complete their

Workers health services:

• Emergency aid, medical examination for workers; health education; medical
It is normal in nature of the companies where work is performed in huge capacity anyone
can get hurt or any type of emergency can take place. Emergency aid i.e. first aid kit
should be there, company should perform medical examination of their workers and
medical officer should be appointed. Company should lead their employee with well-
versed education.

• Medical insurance:
Company must be sure about medical insurance to their employee for the welfare of the
employees. (ESI &EMI)

• Compensation:
Company should compensate their employee and their family members in respect of
medical treatment.

• Women and child welfare:

Companies now usually make compound in their province for their employees where
workers live with their family. For the welfare purpose, women and child must be lead
with education programmes, provision of loan to the employees for the education of child
should be there, and recreational parks should be there for the women and child.

• Recreation:
Recreation comprises of various activities like social cultural programme for the
women's, and playgrounds for their children, extra curricular activities should be there

• Education:
Education facility to the women and children for their welfare, grant of loan to the
employee for better education of their children

Measures outside the workplace:

• Water sanitation, waste disposal:

as discussed earlier, company should have proper measures in consideration of waste
disposal, water sanitation or in broader sense company should have control on their

• Roads , lightning , parks , playgrounds:

Company being whole-sole responsible for the welfare of their employees have roads
inside their compound with good lightning overall. They provide their employees with
playgrounds and parks as a part of recreational activity.

• Schools :
Schools is a major associated thing with our country for its bright future and if it is
provided to the employees by the company for their children and themselves its being the
major contribution of the company towards the welfare of their employees

• Transport:
Companies have employees from various places nearby their province. They should
provide them with transport facility for their conveyance. It will be good in respect of
both Company and their employee.
• Communication:
Communication is essential to carry on the work, and to maintain the relationship,
company should have its own flexible communication system that is suitable for the
welfare of the company and its employees.

• Recreation; games and clubs, cultural programme:

Continuous working with no other activity leads to stress, and then sometimes to
Company should have recreational facilities it should have its own playgrounds and on
regular interval tournament of various games should be made. Beside games companies
should have its own clubs for the company members; they should arrange different
cultural programmes for the welfare of the employees.

• Watch and ward; security:

Security deserve its own importance company should have its own security team headed
with its own security officer, security is essential for confidential documents, goods, semi
finished goods, raw material and primarily of residential compounds so that any
misconduct act will not happen.

• Housing facility:
Companies have moreover large no. of employees working there, some were from the
neighboring places and some from the places situated far away from its compound.
Companies should have housing facilities for those employees who has come to serve
company with their best performance.

Administration of welfare:
To follow welfare policy companies has to under go various studies which place out for
the execution of the welfare policies. Opinions, surveys, research were done to find out
applicable policies. Role of personnel department, H.R.Managers, line managers and
welfare officer were very essential for right implementation of welfare policy.

Analysis, evaluations were done and then opinions were taken whether the policy to be
implement will give out it best or not. If applicable then time management studies arose,
that policy will give its purpose on time or not and so on the process goes.
policy Evaluation
Yes or no, Trend
Objectives, analysis
approach Opinion


Indian Factories Act,1948

in its sections and sub-sections defines all measure points company should follow this
sections and sub-sections also lead provisions that too results for the welfare of
Some of those general duties were:
11 Cleanliness
12 Disposal of wastes and effluents
13 Ventilation and Temperature
14 Dust and Fume
15 Artificial Humidification
16 Overcrowding
17 Lighting
18 Drinking Water
19 Latrines and Urinals
20 Spittoons
21 Fencing of Machine
Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd.

Emphasis on various policies for employee welfare. As such, Parle have more than 15
working plants and more than 3 factories across the nation where more than thousands of
workers were working from years. At pantnagar total strength of the staff and workers is
616 more then 560 workers are there for the production of biscuits.
Workers there in Parle biscuits pvt. Ltd (pantnagar). Were mostly from poor background
concerning that whole family is dependent on agriculture (likely more than 85% of total
no. of workers), other have at least one of the brother doing his own business or doing
government service (mostly were in army). Being agriculture the main source of income
in this region is not comfortable for the family having more than 5 members and about
90% of total workers were having family with more than 5 members some of them
having family of more than 8 members its very hard to adjust in that atmosphere.
Although about 55% of workers were not married but other 45% were having children
with them, and its not possible to give them proper education with only having
agriculture the main source of income, workers were having there mother and father with
them, which were normally suffering from body pain because of old age and some of
them were also suffering from major disease such ad diabetes, blood pressure etc.
With having so much trouble, how can one be dependent on only one main source of
income i.e. agriculture?

Parle provides their workers well-structured incomes based on their caliber and provide
them with various policies, for their welfare which establish strong bond of employees
with their organization. Parle have organized their organization with staff well-versed in
their respective field, with standing H.R.Department they manage to build that bond
strong which allocate the right people to the right job and place different schemes and
policies for the better productivity and also to regain the better status of their employees.
The policies made by H.R.D executives gives its purpose by motivating employees to be
responsible for their work and getting the work done. The Parle biscuits pvt ltd. helps
their employees by making them capable of achieving their motive at ease. Policies were
made for such an purpose that it will be beneficial for both, the organization as well as
the employees. Accordingly all other organizations also have given contribution for the
interest of employee welfare in their respective organizations and also regularly making
new plans for the welfare of employees and the organization.
The policies that Parle biscuits pvt. Ltd. execute for the benefits of their employees and
the organization as a whole were discussed as follows:
Welfare policies adopted by Parle for the welfare of their
• Training and development
• Incentive policies
• Cultural programme
• Sports
• Art of living
• Naturopathy
• Medical facilities
• Education access
• Home visits.

Training and development:

Parle biscuits pvt. Ltd. gives their employees, opportunity for training and development.
In many of the field related to:
• Computer handling and its uses
• In technology field (other tech. department)
• Dealing in H.R.Department.
• In other departments for e.g. mechanical, production, marketing, personnel.
Training and development leaves perfection under employee about their work.

Incentive policies:
The company has introduce incentive policies which motivates employee in doing better
work as well as effect company performance by reducing wastage and increasing
production; 5-s policy
5-s policy stands on five words.
• Seiri meaning proper organizing of things
• Seition meaning right place for right thing

• Seiso meaning neatness and cleanliness

• Seiketsu meaning standardization
• Shitsuke meaning discipline

Depending on the performance of employee related to 5-s the employees receives

incentives in their salaries.
Although increment of rs.250 to rs.350 has been made per. employee
Average increment resulted rs.350
Other policies on the basis of various incentive or gifts were awarded:

KRA (key responsible area).
Cultural activity:
Cultural activities took place and many programmes happen there from which one is
awarded being the best. Gifts and awards were given to the persons which were the best
in their respective tasks and also from best one, selected following different policies and
rules made by the executives.
Cultural activities i.e. plays were done by the employees themselves in supervision of
their heads.

Different type of themes type these cultural activities happens sometimes monthly,
mostly quarterly. These cultural programmes get employees reducing stress and fills them
with great sense of being with an organization.

Sports also reduce stress and gives employees great pleasure which helps employees in
concentrating more on their work, sports that carried out in the company is cricket,
badminton, volleyball, and table-tennis
Games took place on every Saturday of a week. Tournament for different games also
happen at their respective time by making out teams within all employees.

Art of living:
This was the programme specially done for the employees getting them how to come out
of stress and tension which employees suffers by the continuous work, employees were
told how to get relief by keeping them in continuous process of doing meditation and
Camp was set on 16 of May to 20 of May and employees were brought shift-wise there in
morning from 0600 hrs.

Knowledge was also given to the employees, which means how nature and its sources
can be beneficial. Groups were made consisted of 5-6 members and were send for the
naturopathy classes

Medical facilities:
Medical facilities for the employees, giving them compensation for medical claims.
Company also has first aid kit with all usually needed medicines, tools and equipments
necessary for the treatment.
ESI policy were made for all employees. If any causality happens his\her family is
compensated by the company as such, company give compensation to their employee

Education access:
Company also lead access to the employees for the better education of their children by
providing them education loan.
Home visits:
Every week visits were made to the homes of employee time by time to see the effect of
policies executed (5-s) whether they are rightly implemented. Also they notifies the
change in the family status of employees

Other than these services Parle Company also has many other policies for the employee
welfare like:
• Transport facility to the employees (pick and drop) was expanded till haldwani for
the employees coming from haldwani. At the expense of rs. 1500 p.m. which also
give conveyance to the employees in the matter of transport and expense both.
• Company besides providing lunch, now also providing dinner to the employees
which costing rs. 20 but only rs. 5 were charged to the employees. Provision of
drinking water, urinals and lavatories were already there.
• New incentive schemes for employees enable them to get till rs. 500 p.m.
• Casual leave can be given to the employees who has completed the tenure of 2
• Employees those increment has been left, for an year were receiving airier in that
case which means that if the time is 1year 8 months then the employee will be
getting rs.
• 8*350=2800

These were the policies that Parle biscuits pvt. Ltd. follows for the welfare of their
employees which makes strong relations between employees and the company.
HR Practices at PBPL
S.NO Details pantnagar status

Parle biscuits pvt.

1 Name of company Ltd
Plot No-3,sector-
address 1,Rudarpur
Turnover of company 2%
Turnover of unit 1.7
2 Range of product Biscuits
3 Total strength
Permanent 150(Teammate) + 50
Contract labour 564
Total 764
Shift working Hours 6:00 To 2:15 hrs
(A) 2:00 To 10:15 hrs
(B) 22:00 To 6:15 hrs
( C) 9:00 To 17:30 hrs
Genral Yearly-march
Are you contemplating any pay revision? If so,
5 when?
6 D.A Scheme 444
Consumer price index for working class in the
city base no variable DA
7 Minimum wages Yes
Unskilled 2794 p.m
Semi Skilled 3174 p.m
Skilled 3559 p.m
8 Leave Entitlement Yes
Casual leave ( completed 2 years at contract level) 5
sick leave / ESI Leave 10
Earned Leaves 30staff& 15 workers
9 Holidays yes
National & Festival Holidays p.a 8(3+5)
10 Provident Fund contribution 12%
Rate of Bonus / Exgratia

For Staff As Per act

For workers 20%
Gratuity Scheme As Per act
Min period of service 5 years
Medical Schem yes
Category A 25000 P.A
z Catgory B 18000 P.A

(Reimbursement for Wife, children, mother, father &

dependent brother & sister)
14 Night Shift allowance yes
15 Loan facilities yes
staff Loans
vehicle loans 25000/-
Educational Loan 15000/-
For Housing (Repairs/ construction/land/flat)
After 3 yrs 15 times of Basic
After 5 yrs 25 times of Basic

For House keeping NO

Rate of interest 6 % p.a
Recoverable Instalments 10 years

overdraft facility at UTI bank 50% of salary

3 month's (Basic +
advance against Salary HRA)
16 Welfare Schemes Yes
Rural Development Programs Yes
Creidt Society No
Long Service Awards No
Retirements No
Subsidised coupons of co's products Yes(5 packets of

Benevolent Fund No
Transport Facility for all Yes
Uniform (2 pair cotton, 2cap, 1 jacket) Yes
subsidised canteen Facilities(5Rs for staff &3.50
for worker Yes
Cultural Program Thrice in a tear
Sports Activities once in a year
Naturopathy Yes
Staff Yes
Workers Yes
Guest House Facility (Staff) Yes
Yoga /Art of Living/ Vipasana Yes
Magazine(Quarterly) Yes
Recreational Tour / Inter unit visit Yes
Special occasion celebration &Gifts (Marriage etc) Yes
Home visits Yes
Religious ceremony (vishwkarma puza) Yes
17 Performance Appraisal System Yes
Review Period
Staff (Half yearly) Jan & July
Workers (Half yearly) Jan & July
Rating System Point Based
factors considered knowledge/Productivity
18 Exceptional performance Reward Yes
By giving additional Increments Yes
By giving Early promotions Yes
By cash Rewards No
19 Training & Development Yes
Internal Trainings Yes
External Training Yes
7 days per year (56
Training Man Days hrs)
Training Policy Yes
Functional Training Yes
Behavioural Trainig Yes
Skill Gap Training Yes
Education Tours Yes
Benchmarking Practises Yes
Quality/ 5"s/ HACCP Training Yes
20 Salary & Perquisites
Basic Salary Yes
Minmum 50% Yes

DA (Workers only) Yes

Lunch Allowance No deduction on OT
Special Allowance Yes
Adhoc Allowance (staff) Yes
PLA ( Staff) (Quaterly) Yes
Education Allowance Yes
Medical Allowance Yes
Book Allowance No
Supervisory Allowance No
City compensatory Allowance Yes
Conveyance Allowance Yes
Mobile Allowance Yes
Bonus Yes
Care Fule Yes
P. Fund Yes
Medical Reimbursement (Staff) Yes
Gratuity Yes
Holiday Scheme Yes