Descriptive paragraph

Before, I had to look out my bedroom window into another person·s bedroom window. It may not a view to inspire anyone. But now, I see a row of tall green trees swaying gently in the soft breeze. There are climbing vines on it. It is a serene and beautiful sight that I do not mind staring out my bedroom window at all. Sometimes, I see someone cooking their food from their kitchen. I can also see the bluish sky with big powder puff clouds skimming along on it. I love seeing those clouds every morning and breathing fresh air that makes my mood calm have serenity in life.

Narrative paragraph

First, we went to the Deans office to get our class cards and we talked to the lady clerk in room 8 to evaluate our grades. She gave me the evaluation form and she told us to line up to the registrar and gets our white form and answers all the questions in it. It was a very hot afternoon when we went to the registrar, CWTS head, and to the Dean·s office to sign our class cards. The next step that we did was to line again in the cashier office to pay our tuition fee. We really hate this step because this was the step that we were all tired and hungry. It was like a line for giving donations to flood victims. The line was so long that it took us 3 hours before we got our permits and went home.

Expository paragraph

I chose Laguna State Polytechnic University as my school because this was the only university in our town and I think it·s better for me to enroll here for my future. When I first went and stepped to the school grounds of this school, I saw the big gymnasium and its grounds. I also saw the rooms and I was fascinated because it was really a cool University. It was like the University of Batangas that I enrolled in before.

I was so stunned when he approached me because I thought no one liked the way I declaimed the given piece. He liked my closest girl friend and he was asking me if I can help him. I was so petrified that maybe that person will just hurt me. I can·t help but smile. He fell in love with me. Until now. But life was just too mischievous that the day I actually reviled to. I told him that it was a nice day meeting him even though it was not because I felt something incredible inside myself. His voice was so soft that every time I remember the words that he said. I really felt anxious because I thought I can not stand alone. I cried all day and night because it was my first time to have an admirer at all. I fell in love to a person that I do not see for a long time. a prince might approach me again and tell me how beautiful I am and how great I am to be a girl of his dreams. A guy approached me and told me that he was astonished with my declamation piece and how I acted faultlessly to it. It was my second year in high school when I first fell in love with a childhood friend. I am holding to what he promised me before and praying that one day he will be my man and the person that I will live with for the rest of my existence. I do not like him that much because I had a crush on someone else. It was not that hard for me to move on since he was my first love at the same time he was my best friend. As a best friend I helped him and I did all my best. But it was last months of my high school days when someone named Michael approached me and told me how grateful I am to have the talent of acting. But his words always run in my mind.My High school Lovers When I first enrolled in Laguna College for my high school degree. It was years of existence that was full of reminiscence. came. I really felt shy and my heart beats faster every time. Joy Anne . I had Goosebumps every time I saw him. We just met again through internet and we had a mutual understanding only through text and internet. But life is so miserable. The story was reversed. In fact. We talked to each other and tried our relationship just for a month. he is so kind and considerate that even though I need some time for my self he is always there and he promised me that he will not leave me. It was really tremendous. But that fantasy stopped when he transferred to another school. I stopped dreaming of that one day. I thought he was just someone who wanted to tease me. But our special feelings for each other did not last for a long time because we talked about it and were aware that we were far away and we could not handle a special feeling for each other because we were apart. But he approached me again. He told me the real reason why he kept on hanging out with me. Actually. Since then. and I also fell in love with him. I did not entertain any suitors because I was so scared to fell in love much more.

Project In English Submitted by: Joy Anne Lyn May v. Lopez . Carbonilla Submitted to: Ms.

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