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Egypt Remembers

Egypt Remembers

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Published by William J Greenberg

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Published by: William J Greenberg on Feb 10, 2011
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‫ركذتت رصم‬
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Mohamed Abdel-Monem Hussien, 20 Occupation unknown 28 Jan 2011. Shot in the head and chest ‫٠٢ ،نيسح معنملا دبع دمحم‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ + more

Christine Seela, 21 ، ٢١ + more

Hussein Taha, 19 Student Alexandria. Law student, shot after prayers at Al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque ‫٩١ ،ﻩط نيسح‬ ‫بلاط‬ + more

Ahmed Basiony, 31 Art teacher (Helwan University) 25 Jan 2011. Tahrir Square. Artist and musician, father of two ‫١٣ ،ينويسب دمحأ‬ ‫ناولح ةعماج ،ةليمج نونف سردم‬ ٢٥/١/٢٠١١ + more

Mohamed Ali Eid Abdel Megeed, 38 Graduate of Cairo University 28 Jan 2011. In front of Amr Ida Elas Mosque. Father to a son. ‫ديجملادبع ديع يلع دمحم‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١

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Eslam Bakir, 22 Student of European Culture in the Faculty of Arts ‫٢٢ ،ريكب مالسإ‬ ٣/٢/٢٠١١ + more

Eslam Ra'fat, 18 Occupation unknown 28 Jan 2011. Cairo, near the Interior Ministry. Fractured skull after being run over by a van ‫٨١ ،تفأر مالسإ‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١

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Sally Magdy Zahran, 23 Translator, Graduate of English in the Faculty of Arts 28 Jan 2011. Sohag. Hit in the back of the head with a bat ‫٣٢ ،نارﻩز يدجم يلاس‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ + more

Saif-Allah Mustafa Musa, 16 Student 28 Jan 2011. Shot at Abbas Al Aqad Street ‫٦١ ،-ىسوم ىفطصم ﻩللا فيس‬ ‫بلاط‬

٢٨/١/٢٠١١ + more

Mohamed Magdy Mohamed Emam, 23 Law Student at Cairo University 30 Jan 2011. Shot through both legs while protecting his home. ‫٣٢ ،ماما دمحم ىدجم دمحم‬ ٣٠/١/٢٠١١ + source Islam Refaat Mahmoud Islam Refaat Mahmoud, 35 Alexandria

Liza Mohamed Hasan Liza Mohamed Hasan, 20 Student 29 Jan 2011. Hit by a police car on 28 January-she died the following day. She was a Business Administration student at the American University in Cairo.

٢٩/١/٢٠١١ Gharib Abdul Aal Gharib Abdul Aal Occupation unknown 28 Jan 2011. Shot in the head outside of El Mattareya Police Station. ‫٥٤ ،لاعلا دبع بيرغ‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ Mohammed Hassan Belal Mohammed Hassan Belal, 20 Occupation unknown 9 Feb 2011. Al-Wadi Al-Jadid ‫لالب نسح دمحم‬ + source Mohamed Abdel Rahim Ibrahim Mohamed Abdel Rahim Ibrahim, 22 Alexandria + source Islam Mohamed El Said Abdel Sallam Islam Mohamed El Said Abdel Sallam, 25 Alexandria

Mansour Abd El Latif Occupation unknown 3 Feb 2011. He was shot by a pistol in his stomach, at Al Gomhorya Street. While being transfered to Qasr Al-Ainy Hospital by a taxi, there were gun shots at the taxi so the driver panicked ‫دمجم فيطلادبع روصنم‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٣/٢/٢٠١١ + source Hassanein Khallaf Allah Hassanein Khallaf Allah Alexandria

Mohamed, 26 Suez + source Ahmed Abdel Latif Ahmed Ahmed Abdel Latif Ahmed, 22 Alexandria

Yasser Shoieb, 27 Tailor 28 Jan 2011. Random gunfire ‫٧٢ ، بيعش رساي‬ ‫طايخ‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ + source

Ahmed Hashim al-Sayyed, 25 Occupation unknown 18 Jan 2011. Set himself on fire on the roof of his house ‫ينويسب دمحأ‬ + source Medhat Tahar Medhat Tahar, 26 Occupation unknown 29 Jan 2011. Cairo. Stepped outside to watch protest and was shot in the head ‫٦٢ ،رﻩاط تحدم‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٢٩/١/٢٠١١ + source Mostafa Ragab Abdel Fattah Mostafa Ragab Abdel Fattah, 20 Occupation unknown

25 Jan 2011. Suez ‫٠٢ ،حاتفلادبع بجر ىفطصم‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٢٥/١/٢٠١١ + source Ahmed Mostafa Thabet Ahmed Mostafa Thabet, 18 Alexandria

Mohamed Amin Occupation unknown 28 Jan 2011. From Mansoura. Shot in the neck by security forces. ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١

Gerges Lamey Mousa, 29 Driver . Single shot to the neck. + source Mohamed Hussein Rihan Mohamed Hussein Rihan Alexandria

Mostafa Al-Werdani Mostafa Al-Werdani, 23 28 Jan 2011. Suez. Shot twice near his house ‫ينادرولا ىفطصم‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ + source Karim Mohamed Ali Al Banna Karim Mohamed Ali Al Banna

Alexandria + source Tawfiq Mohamed Tawfiq Tawfiq Mohamed Tawfiq, 70 Alexandria + source Mohamed Atef Mohamed Atef, 25 Occupation unknown 27 Jan 2011. Sinai-Sheikh Zewid. Gunshot by forces ‫فطاع دمحم‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٢٧/١/٢٠١١ + source Mohamed Saiid Rabie Mohamed Saiid Rabie Alexandria

Ashraf Nour El Din Mohamed Abdel-Razek Ashraf Nour El Din Mohamed Abdel-Razek Technician at Suez cement company 28 Jan 2011. Gunchot wound to abdomen. Married with 2 children.

‫قزارلا دبع دمحم نيدلا رون فرشا‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ + source Mostafa Ibrahim Mostafa Mostafa Ibrahim Mostafa Alexandria + source Ibrahim Mostafa Ibrahim Ibrahim Mostafa Ibrahim, 20 Alexandria

Mohammed Tamimi Mohammed Tamimi 29 Jan 2011. From Port Said ‫يميمت دمحم‬ ٢٩/١/٢٠١١ + source Ahmed Samir Ibrahim Hamad Ahmed Samir Ibrahim Hamad, 26 Alexandria + source

Al Sayed Mohamed Raid Abdel Hakim Al Sayed Mohamed Raid Abdel Hakim Alexandria + source Ayman Adel Hassanein Ayman Adel Hassanein, 20 Alexandria + source

Mohamed Mostafa Abdo Aly el Said Solomon, 20 Student . ‫ديسلا ىلع ﻩدبع ىفطصم دمحم‬

Muhamed Mahrous, 21 28 Jan 2011. ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ + source Mamdouh Saber Abdo Seddiq Mamdouh Saber Abdo Seddiq, 26 Alexandria + source Mahmoud Ismail Abdel Karim Mahmoud Ismail Abdel Karim, 19 Alexandria

Samy Salah, 28 28 Jan 2011. Cairo-Arkadia Mall ‫حالص يماس‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١

Balel Salem, 10 28 Jan 2011. Cairo. Killed by police forces ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ Anmr Hamed Anmr Hamed, 23 Writer in Giza 2 Feb 2011. Tahrir Square ٢/٢/٢٠١١

+ source Karim Mohamed Mohamed El Fikki Karim Mohamed Mohamed El Fikki, 15 Alexandria + source Omar Sayid Ali Mohamed Omar Sayid Ali Mohamed, 20 Alexandria + source

Khaled Saeed, 28 + source Adel Youssef Hussein Adel Youssef Hussein, 52 Alexandria

Mustafa El-Sawi, 26 AC Technician 28 Jan 2011. Cairo - Kasr-el-Nil bridge. Shot in chest and neck with shotgun ‫٠٢ ،يواصلا ىفطصم‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١

Amira, 16 Occupation unknown Killed by a police officer. ‫ةريمأ‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬

Ibrahim Abdel-Satar, 22 Graduate of the Faculty of Commerce, English section 1 Feb 2011. Alexandria ‫راتسلا دبع ميﻩاربا‬ ١/٢/٢٠١١ + source Mohamed Sayed Mohamed El Sakka Mohamed Sayed Mohamed El Sakka, 17 Alexandria

Mohamed Abd El Tawab Saleh Mohamed Abd El Tawab Saleh Occupation unknown 3 Feb 2011. Tahrir Square ‫حلاص باوتلادبع دمحم‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٣/٢/٢٠١١

+ source

Mohammed Ashour Sorour, 53 Employee of EgyptAir 18 Jan 2011. Cairo. Self immolation on the stairs of the Journalists Syndicate ‫٣٥ ،رورس روشاع دمحم‬ ١٨/١/٢٠١١ + source Hassanein Ibrahim Hassanein Hassanein Ibrahim Hassanein Alexandria

Unknown Unknown, 64 ‫٤٦ ،ﻩتيوﻩ مولعم ريغ‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ + source

Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed Alexandria

Ghareeb El-Sayed Ghareeb El-Sayed, 44 Occupation unknown 27 Jan 2011. Suez ‫٤٤ ،ديسلا بيرغ‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٢٧/١/٢٠١١ + source Ahmed Amer Mahmoud Ahmed Amer Mahmoud Alexandria + source Essam Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Khallaf Essam Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Khallaf, 38 Alexandria

Bahaa Al Garwany Occupation unknown 28 Jan 2011. Cairo-Damanhour. Run over by a fire truck ‫يناورجلا ءاﻩب‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ Eslam Rashad Eslam Rashad, 22 Student at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels 4 Feb 2011. Gunshot wound to the head on 28 January, died at 4AM on 4 February. Had 1 sister and 1 brother. ‫٢٢ ، داشر مالسإ‬ ‫بلاط‬ ٤/٢/٢٠١١ + source Nour Ali Nour El Din Nour Ali Nour El Din

Alexandria + source Khaled Mohamed Abdel Ader Khaled Mohamed Abdel Ader Alexandria

Sulaiman Saber Ali Muhammadein Sulaiman Saber Ali Muhammadein, 40 Occupation unknown 25 Jan 2011. Suez ‫٠٤ ،يلع رباص ناميلس‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٢٥/١/٢٠١١

Ahmad Kamal, 19 Student 28 Jan 2011. He had a bullet in his lung and was unable to be saved at the hospital due to blood loss. Student at the Engineering Faculty of Tanta.

‫٩١ ، لامك دمحأ‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ + source Mohammed Farouk Hassan Mohammed Farouk Hassan, 40 Lawyer 18 Jan 2011. Set himself on fire near Parliment ‫نسح قوراف دمحم‬

Ali Gawdat Hasan Ali Gawdat Hasan Occupation unknown 3 Feb 2011. Tahrir Square. Shot in chest ‫نسح ةدوج يلع‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٢٥/١/٢٠١١ + source Abdou Abdel-Moneim Jaafar Abdou Abdel-Moneim Jaafar, 49 Restaurant owner 17 Jan 2011. Father of four from Ismailia; he set himself afire in front of the Prime Minister's Office at the Egyptian Parliment ‫رفعج معنملا دبع‬

Amr Gharib, 25 Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University 3 Feb 2011. Tahrir Square. 2 gunshot wounds to the stomach. He could not reach the ambulance and was stripped of his clothes and belongings ‫٥٢ ،بيرغ ورمع‬ ‫سمش نيع ةعماج ،قوقحلا ةيلك جيرخ‬ ٣/٢/٢٠١١ Gharib Abdul-Aziz Abdul-Lateef Gharib Abdul-Aziz Abdul-Lateef, 45 Occupation unknown 26 Jan 2011. Gunshot wound to the abdomen ‫٥٤ ،-فيطللا دبع زيزعلا دبع بيرغ‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٢٦/١/٢٠١١

Ahmed Ahab Abbas, 29 Graduate of Helwan University; Engineer 3 Feb 2011. Tahrir Square. Shot on Friday, 28 Jan. 6 rubber bullets hit him -- 3 in the face including 1 in the eye. He went into a coma and died 3 Feb at El Hossein University hospital. ‫٩٢ ،سابع داؤف دمحم باﻩأ دمحأ‬ ‫ناولح ةعماج جيرخ ؛سدنﻩم‬ ٣/٢/٢٠١١ + source Mohamed Abdel Fattah Mohamed Abdel Fattah Alexandria + source Hamdy Adel Aty Abdel Magid Kassem Hamdy Adel Aty Abdel Magid Kassem, 26 Alexandria + source

Mina Naggy Mina Naggy Shot 30 times by security forces in Tahrir Square

Mohammed Hossam El Din Mohammed Hossam El Din, 25 Student 3 Feb 2011. Tahrir Square. Brother reports that he was shot 10 times near the Interior Ministry building ‫٥٢ ،نيدلا ماسح دمحم‬ ‫بلاط‬ ٣/٢/٢٠١١ + source Hossam [Unknown] Mohamed Hossam [Unknown] Mohamed, 18 Alexandria + source Ahmed Magdy Hassanein Ahmed Magdy Hassanein, 20 Alexandria

Hossam Sayed Metwally 28 Jan 2011. Shot in the chest ‫يلوتم ديس ماسح‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ + source Mostafa Omar Mohamed Mostafa Omar Mohamed Alexandria

Anwar fat7y Anwar fat7y Student 3 Feb 2011. Tahrir Square ‫ىحتف رونا‬ ‫بلاط‬ ٣/٢/٢٠١١ Ali Hassan Ali Mahran

Ali Hassan Ali Mahran Lawyer 3 Feb 2011. Shot in his head ‫نارﻩم يلع نسح يلع‬ ‫يماحم‬ ٣/٢/٢٠١١

Mohamed Mamdouh Said Mansour, 32 Manager 28 Jan 2011. Giza ‫روصنم ديس دومحم دمحم‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١

Eslam Metwally Muhamed, 21

Graduated from the Faculty of Commerce in 2010 + source

Nijat Gojayev, 20 Accountant at the Azerbaijani Embassy 29 Jan 2011. Cairo. Stray bullet ‫٠٢ ،فايجوج ﻩاجن‬ ‫ناجيبرذأ ةرافس يف بساحم‬ ٢٩/١/٢٠١١ + source Mostafa Mahmoud Ismail Mostafa Mahmoud Ismail Alexandria

Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud, 19 Law student at Ain Shams University ‫٩١ ،دومحم دمحم‬

Samir Mohamed Mahmoud Samir Mohamed Mahmoud 28 Jan 2011. Gunshot to the heart outside of Elwaral police station ‫دومحم دمحم ريمس‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ + source Fouad Suleiman As'ad Abdelmalak Fouad Suleiman As'ad Abdelmalak Shot 3 times by security forces - in the back, chest and foot

Heba Heba Occupation unknown Cairo. Killed by thugs. ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬

Mustafa Abu-Zaid, 17 Student

28 Jan 2011. Badrashin ‫ديز وبا يفطصم‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١

Muhamed Gamal Salim Occupation unknown 28 Jan 2011. From Mansoura ‫ملاس لامج دمحم‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ + source Islam Mustafa Islam Mustafa, 26 Occupation unknown 29 Jan 2011. Shot in the stomach in front of the Interior Ministry ‫٦٢ ، ىفطصم مالسإ‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٢٩/١/٢٠١١

+ source Hamada Labib Hamada Labib, 30 Driver 28 Jan 2011. Suez. Gunshot ‫٠٣ ،بيبل ةدامح‬ ‫قئاس‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ + source

Muhammad Yassin, 26 Doctor 29 Jan 2011. Tahrir Square, outside the Ministry of the Interior. Gunshot to the chest. He was a graduate of Ain Shams University ‫سي دمحم‬ ٢٩/١/٢٠١١ + source Mohamed Sayed Abdul Latif

Mohamed Sayed Abdul Latif, 24 Jan 2011. Shot in the neck during a demonstration in his neighborhood of Imbaba ‫٤٢ ،فيطللا دبع ديس دمحم‬

Mohamed Mahrous, 29 Interior designer Cairo. Shot in front of Al Khalifa police station ‫٩٢ ،سورحم دمحم‬ + source Ibrahim Sobhy Abdel Samad Ibrahim Sobhy Abdel Samad, 14 Alexandria

Tarek Mohmad Ammer, 33 Occupation unknown 28 Jan 2011. Shot 3 times in the chest while driving his sister and her children home. Father to 3 children ‫رماع دمحم قراط‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١

Sherif Radwan Oil engineer for Suez Co. 28 Jan 2011. Suez. Married with 2 children. ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ Sherif Hammad Sherif Hammad, 40

Weather news anchor 30 Jan 2011. Tahrir Square. Shot in the neck ‫دامح فيرش‬ ‫ةيوجلا ةرشنلا عيذم‬ ٣٠/١/٢٠١١ + source Mohamed Hassanein Anwar Mohamed Mohamed Hassanein Anwar Mohamed, 20 Alexandria + source

Mohamed Kamal Muhamed Yousef, 33 Driver Shot and killed in front of Ain Shams Police station. He had only been married for a few months. ‫فسوي لامك دمحم‬

Tarek Ossama Nour, 34 Police Officer (Major) Shot in the head near El Moasassa Square ‫٤٣ ،رون ﻩماسا قراط‬ ‫ةيبويلقلا نمأ ةيريدم ،طباظ‬ + source Amira Samir [Unknown] Shehata Amira Samir [Unknown] Shehata, 17 Alexandria + source Saber Fahmy Abol Ma’aty Saber Fahmy Abol Ma’aty, 35 Alexandria

Mustafa Myhamed El-Wardany . Mustafa Mahmoud Abdul-Fattah Mustafa Mahmoud Abdul-Fattah, 20 Occupation unknown 25 Jan 2011. Shot in the chest ‫٠٢ ،دومحم ىفطصم‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٢٥/١/٢٠١١ + source Mohamed Ibrahim Darofeeq Mohamed Ibrahim Darofeeq, 30 Alexandria

Mohamed Metwaly Mohamed Metwaly Occupation unknown

3 Feb 2011. Tahrir Square ‫دمحم يلوتم دمحم‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٣/٢/٢٠١١ Muhamed Farag Muhamed Farag Occupation unknown Suez ‫جرف دمحم‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ + source Mohamed Hashem Ali Mohamed Hashem Ali Alexandria

Tarek Magdy Mustafa Alayas, 24 Graduated from the Institute of Co-operations (Commerce)

28 Jan 2011. Shot with 3 bullets in the neck and 2 in his arm. ‫٤٢ ،سايالا ميﻩاربا دمحم ىفطصم ىدجم قراط : ىبرعلا مسالا‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ Mahmoud Maher Mahmoud Maher Doctor Tahrir Square. Shot in the head ‫رﻩام دومحم‬ ‫بيبط‬ Abdo Saleh Abdo Saleh Occupation unknown 3 Feb 2011. Tahrir Square ‫حلاص ﻩدبع‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٣/٢/٢٠١١ + source Mahmoud Nasr Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Nasr Mohamed Ahmed, 26 Alexandria

Saiid Abd El All Saiid Abd El All

Occupation unknown 3 Feb 2011. Tahrir Square ‫لاعلادبع ديعس‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٣/٢/٢٠١١ + source Ahmed Mohamad Mahmoud Ahmed Mohamad Mahmoud, 36 Photographer with Al-Ta'wan 4 Feb 2011. Cairo, Qasr al-Aini, adjacent to Tahrir Square. Victim of sniper fire while filming confrontations between protesters and government forces from his balcony ‫دومحم دمحم دمحا‬

Ayman Ali Ayman Ali Occupation unknown Suez ‫يلع نمي‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ + source Ahmed Salem Mahmoud Abdel Mayssar Ahmed Salem Mahmoud Abdel Mayssar, 17 Alexandria

Mahmoud Said Hedya, 14 28 Jan 2011. Shot in front of Shobra police station ‫٤١ ، ةيدﻩ ديعس دومحم‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ Ali Hassan Ali Hassan 3 Feb 2011. Tahrir Square ‫نسح ىلع‬ ٣/٢/٢٠١١ + source Mohamed Othman Abd Raboh Mohamed Othman Abd Raboh Alexandria

Amir Magdy Abdo Alahwal, 24 Student, Faculty of Commerce 2 Feb 2011. Tahrir Square. From Abu Awali, Ashmon, Monofia ، ٢٤ ٢/٢/٢٠١١ + source Ahmed Fawzy [Unknown] Ali Ahmed Fawzy [Unknown] Ali, 28 Alexandria

Karim Ahmed Ragab Karim Ahmed Ragab, 20 Student Tahrir Square ‫٠٢ ،بجر دمحأ ميرك‬ ‫بلاط‬

+ source Mohamed Saber El Sayed Hamada Mohamed Saber El Sayed Hamada, 35 Alexandria

Muhamed Emad Hussien, 23 Occupation unknown Cairo-Gesr el Sewis area. Gunshots to chest, shoulder and head ‫٣٢ ،نيسح دامع دمحم‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ Nasr Mahroos Nasr Mahroos Occupation unknown 2 Feb 2011. Mataria. Skull fracture ‫سورحم رصن‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٢/٢/٢٠١١

+ source Rami Gamal Abozeed Rami Gamal Abozeed, 19 Alexandria

Abdul-Karim Ramadan Abdul-Karim Ramadan, 27 Occupation unknown . ، ٢٧ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬

Ahmed Samir Al-Sayed, 27 Occupation unknown 28 Jan 2011. Shot and killed in front of Dar Al-Salam Police unit. The bullet went through his chest and exited his back ‫٧٢ ،ديسلا ريمس دمح‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ Nasser

Nasser, 30 Occupation unknown 2 Feb 2011. Shot twice ‫٠٣ ،رصان‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٢/٢/٢٠١١ + source Mahmoud Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Karim Mahmoud Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Karim, 37 Alexandria

Muhamed Rashed, 24 Port Said ‫٤٢ ،داشر دمحم‬ Mohamed Zaky Ahmed Mohamed Zaky Ahmed Occupation unknown

3 Feb 2011. Tahrir Square ‫دمحأ يكز دمحم‬ ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٣/٢/٢٠١١ Mohamed Ebrahim Mohamed Ebrahim Occupation unknown 3 Feb 2011. Tahrir Square ‫ميﻩاربإ دومحم‬ ٣/٢/٢٠١١

Sameh Ali Gamal Afa-Allah, 24 ، ٢٤ ٢/٢/٢٠١١

Mohamed Abd Ela'al Ahmed, 18 Occupation unknown 28 Jan 2011. Shot in front of Dar elsalam police station. ‫ةمولعم ريغ ةفيظولا‬ ٢٨/١/٢٠١١ Mohamed Abo Bakr Mohamed Abo Bakr 3 Feb 2011. Tahrir Square ‫ركبوبأ دمحم‬ ٣/٢/٢٠١١ Sources: Human Rights Watch; @sabzbrach | verified

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