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Million Mind March (Theater Of Prosperity)

Million Mind March (Theater Of Prosperity)

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Published by Rebecca Johnson
24 Hr. Prosperity Revival Call 1-800-772-9781 EXT 40. For more Info...Call Rebecca Johnson (213)-785-2352
or visit her website @ www.RebeccaJJohnson.com.
24 Hr. Prosperity Revival Call 1-800-772-9781 EXT 40. For more Info...Call Rebecca Johnson (213)-785-2352
or visit her website @ www.RebeccaJJohnson.com.

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Published by: Rebecca Johnson on Nov 11, 2007
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In 1861, President Abraham Lincoln addressed congress with these words


“No men living are more worthy to be trusted than those who toil up from poverty…”
Copyrights: No. Copy & share. You will invite increase. Author is: Fly-Boy

Our Master-Mind Samurai Sect is in Memory of

The Napoleon Hill Focus Society of Can Do and Prosperity

Oscar Wilde once said, “There is only one

class in the community that thinks more about money than the rich, and that is the poor. The poor can think of nothing else. That is the misery of being poor.”
Here’s the big trap: "Focusing on what you don’t want instead of what you do."

Theatre of Prosperity
** Nightly Live Discipline and Intent Coaching. Gratis. ** Conference line (phone) holds 500. Call in early. ** The free “Conquering Chief” eBook. Sow. Share. Reap. ** 24 Hr. Recorded Invite line 1-800-772-9781 EXT 40 ** Affiliate website for Master-Mind Members ** Retreats and Inner Sanctums (live) Quarterly. ** Complimentary audio files. (2) MP-3 to load / iPod. ** BEN FRANKLIN revival community launched in 1996. ** To date over 2.4 Million newsletters delivered. ** Courses and text shipped world-Wide since 1996. ** “What You Give Away You Always Get To Keep.”

Yes, both the rich and poor think about money. However, here’s the big difference: the rich get warm and positive feelings about it, and the poor get bolts of distress in the pits of their stomachs as they agonize over their lack. Night and day! If money gives you a sick feeling due to needing it and yet not having it, then this so called “evil” must be condemned. What’s forgotten is that every feeling becomes a vibration. Every vibration becomes an attraction field, which returns similar vibrations as objects, experiences, and circumstances in your life. Test it. Right now as you’re reading these words,

Lincoln said, those who toil up from poverty are the ones to be trusted most...
...not those who remain in poverty! Poverty is not a virtue but a self-induced crime rooted in the mind. Our minds have
been poisoned against prosperity not only by our “friends” who struggle in poverty, but also by the media and television who bombard us with pictures of the rich being corrupt.

what are you vibrating?
( ( ( ( ( ( ) This is plucky-pluck b.s. Just more rhetoric. ) I love this. I prayed for a community like this. ) I don’t trust strangers. Money embarrasses me. ) I love this. I am divine light. I am enough. ) Can’t wait for the token audio CD they gift! ) I will use this to manifest $2,500 in 24 days.

“POVERTY may be one of the devices used by our Creator to sharpen the wits and to arouse the DESIRE-FORCE of the ones Nature is preparing to give the key to wealth and INFLUENCE to.”—–Napoleon Hill

** Only Benefactors who own and order the $1,341 Theatre of Prosperity can earn $800 per sale ** No limit to how many you can share in a week. Forward our company $541 to drop-ship 9.2 Lb. Package. ** Please get everyone in your world on our nightly live Master-Mind Prosperity conference calls.
Ben Franklin Arrested His Own Poverty Using His Infamous “System of Renewal” Chart BUY the Book, “The Ben Franklin Auto-Biography” at all Books Stores Only $12.95

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Memories From The Work-Farce
From: Viking Princess, Ms. Diane Hochman

I know only too well what “living life near the bone” as Thoreau would say is like.
Living an experience of severe debt is not some peaceful acceptance or contentment–- mostly, it is a life of resentment. The word money is one of the most negatively emotionally charged words in the world. People show contempt for those who have it and praise for those who don’t. Society taught us to admonish and “cherish” the poor with such trite tittles as, “the salt of the earth” and “hard workers.”
The only reason the majority of people go to a job is because they can’t figure out how to create their own work. I decided to create my own work and when I did, I erased $40,000 in CC debt and now have a Lifestyle most of the “brain washed” wouldn’t dare believe. Because it would threaten their own vision. Together, we will add MORE life to Millions of people. ** Welcome to our Million Mind March.

“I Owe, I Owe So Off To More Job I Go.”


Attention and emotion on a “don’t want” only attracts more of the same. The trick is to change the target. Basically, if you’re not actively working at fixing the problem, it shows you secretly want the problem. Do you want the honest and brutal truth? If your life sucks, it’s because you suck. How do I mean that?
The number one reason people fail in life (especially in a free society) is failure to take personal responsibility for the events and conditions of their lives. When I assumed more responsibility my life quadrupled. Both in income, magnetism and lifestyle. It did.

An Open Letter To All Lifestyle Seekers Whose Intent is More Life
You have been treated like a bastard son, barked at, ridiculed when you rehearsed your desire for more of your American free capitalistic right, diminished and handed a servants trade. New laws replace old ones, last years work load triples, state “needs” add to your taxes and the game is called and simply is——entrapment. They pay you just enough to exercise your need and then after a period of time, you’re stuck. Because what you earned five years can’t manage your life today. Human excellence is about freedom of mind, work and freedom of expression. Hard though, with a master who dictates your value, only pays you what your “title” pays and scorns you for wanting even a little more!

24 Hr. Prosperity Revival Call 1-800-772-9781 EXT 40
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The Star-Link Master Mind isn’t a Solution. It’s a Step.

“Often Environment is More Important That Pedigree.”
From The Mind of Universal Energy:

Seth said, “that’s not good” and the Wise man answered, “then there are the folks who know a lot and study hard and A reading from page 183 from the THEATRE of the angel of knowledge—not them—gets the recognition.”
prosperity $1,341 (9.2 lb.) test package that i n cludes ten hours of audio and over 500 pages.

“Which Angel Should You Feed Most?”

“Most people” he said, “have a natural disposition to follow the Angel of money and wealth and they IGNORE the other two angels.” Then, without missing a beat. . .

Now then, in the secret land of CAN-DO, a young Sage named Seth, asked his teacher the wisdom of the ages. A wisdom seed so stellar and profound, that is would render most wise people pull their chins in HIGHER thought. And upon this ANSWER, anyone wise enough to hear the answer, would instantly be awakened to a HIGHER level of consciousness. Instantly!

Step 1: New Life Philosophy Step 2: That Philosophy invites a new environment Step 3: That environment invites a new lifestyle Step 4: Start to witness more life coming towards you. Step 5: Exchange “goals” for a life in momentum. Step 6: Learn to invite people and income to you. Step 7: Fire your boss. Do you. Not other people. Step 8: Share the vibe. Teach other teachers. Step 9: Kill the ** Buddha on the path. Step 10: If you have to explain it, you’re still stuck.

Here is what the wise old man said and was his answer to ACHIEVE more LIFE, love & income. Quickly, Seth chimed in——“so what is the answer?” “There were three Angels” the wise old master told Seth. “One is the Angel of wealth, the other is the Angel of knowledge and last” said the old man, “is the angel of desire; the DESIRE force.” “That Angel,” he said, “has a natural ability to turn people’s knowledge into applied MOTION.” The “answer” said the wise old man, “is to feed the angel of DESIRE the MOST because if you do the other two Angels (money and knowledge) will get jealous and APPLY themselves more into a persons natural DESIRE and also, if one doesn’t feed the DESIRE force the most, the other two Angels will get cancelled out. Therefore, feeding your DESIRE is the ultimate KEY to more life.

27 Minutes With a Great Looking Dead Guy
Home-Work #1:
Napoleon Hill died over twenty years ago. But his books remain “must read” for all who seek enlightenment. Therefore, go to BARNES and NOBLE. Leave your doubt at home. Pick up his $6.95 page turner called, “Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion ” and STUDY it hard. It will stun you what is hidden inside! See the chapter called “MASTER-MIND.” Read it and see for yourself what associating with a group like us could mean to anyone’s life. If the book falls on dead ears smack yourself and read it again. Home-Work #2 If you are now negative, peeved at the person who brought you here and in anyway NEGATIVE about the potential of you inviting 500 NEW friends into your life and a NEW $50,000 to you, ask yourself why? If you are distrusting, doubtful, searching for deceit in others, think like a low man, ask, “who taught me to think like this?” Then bless yourself and say, “ I am allowed to CHANGE. I love me. I am more than they say I am and screw it. I’ll ride this wave especially if I can be more and share MORE of ME with other people!”
** Anyone who claims to have the answers (Buddha) can’t be authentic. Why? Because an authentic teacher was inspired by another who was taught by someone else who lifted those ideas from either Jesus or one of His downline. There’s no new thought. It’s all collective; and you know it. So stop seeking a Buddha and be your own best Wing-Man.

Ask For The Soldiers Prosperity Guide Called, “Actors Life”—– By FLY BOY

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The 7 Vows of Fly Boy

You Study Your Worst Self in order to Uncover Your Best Which Resides in Your Better

The Good News Merchants “Creed of Influence!”
1: I choose to be different because I am an individual. I am proud of that. I am good.
I don’t play like others in the “crowd” do. I don’t go where the “crowd” goes. I am different. I will be understood by the 2% of America and misunderstood, at times, by the remaining 98%. That’s okay because I am part of the fellowship of the 2%. The people who create the positive force that shapes this great country. This I will teach with my children. No more maybes. No more games. 2: Finally, (now) the foundation has been poured. I have made my decision and I am now dedicated to everyone, not just to my family. I am a vessel now. I now realize that. Because as a fisher of men, I am at their service. Their model. Their friend. (women already do this naturally) I now understand one of Joe’s “Mystique” character traits. He speaks INCREASE into other people. I now am starting to see the “hidden order” of HOW certain people are so attractive. They speak heightened self- image into people + increase and forward speak = good news merchant! 3: I am a Genius. I am a Diamond and I will not ever let up. I am now out of my old comfort zone. I will not back away, slow down or ever complain about my mission and decision. I live my life between Amen and achievement for which I am proud. I love me so much! It’s my turn now! 4: I love this because I now “see” that with every step that I take from now on, I will be creating the path for all of those who will follow behind me. I call this servanthood. The core of Networking. 5: I am done with small thinking, lack of planning and my past lack of discipline. I have been renewed. No more gossiping. No more cheap excuses. No more shame. NO MORE working from home without pay. “You can not save the whales if you can’t afford to fish,” In other words, I know, deep down, that without serious income and profit, both physically and spiritually, I will not be able to feed my real vision, which is to inspire 100,000 other people. 6: I no longer need validation or applause from anyone because I am self directed and a part of the 2%ers club. The MASTER-MIND think tank @ STAR-LINK ! We swim together and as one. I don’t have to be first. I don’t have to be heard by all and I don’t care whether everyone likes me or not. Because I now walk in faith. Which is Gods way of getting me to where I am supposed to be. I am a Diamond. My genius lives through me in my children and friends. 7: I will no longer seek to be in the popularity pool and I know that my attitude and thoughts are contagious. I am a winner, a visionary and a leader. Only good comes from my lips and my words heal the pain in the hearts of other people. I speak my world into existence and I am a leader. I know this is true. I am a Genius gathering my own I AM and a proud member of the MASTER-MIND Team at Star-Link. Other alumni will never have a problem recognizing me as one of their own. I wear who I am in what I do and how I treat other people. My world is bountiful. I am a fisher of hearts. I will imprint these ideals into everyone’s eyes that connect with mine.
About Fly-Boy

I was so dumb that I actually believed ever word NAPOLEON HILL said. I wrote these self vows back in 1996. They were mine. Soon later, the world became my oyster and I became a servant to thousands. Read this for 21 days and notice magic appear. People will come to you. Hearts will abound and you will learn that the divine assignment for is all is to be a walking reward for 10,000 people. It’s living a life that gives evidence to all love.
Copyrights 2007 The Labor Plant and Schroeder Publishing & Industries

Page # 4

What does it mean to be enlightened? It means you are in

an expanded state of identity. Suddenly, everything matters. The food you eat, the air you breathe, the water you drink, the earth you walk upon—yes, they all matter! You have become your own highest value—life.
Here’s what happens. You begin to seek more meaning into your life; which in its simplest forms, suggests new people and a new re-establishing of new philosophies, enters your life. When you start to become more enlightened you seek a natural means from which to EXPRESS more of yourself. Me? My life gives evidence to WHO I am. How about you? Your work is your prayer and HOW one labors into their supply is their ART. Is your living quarters the proper evidence of WHO you are? Is your job indicative of YOU? How many true friends do you have and is your life—– now—–reflective of who you are now; or are you stuck in a life that made sense ten years ago, but now today, reflects your regret? These are things we think about and actually, stuff other people secretly think about as well.

Great, But Where Do You Go From Here?
Many years ago, one of my teachers (Google, Jim Cellini the worlds greatest Street Magician) said to me, “you can’t learn the art of life from a $10 or $20 book. Seek someone who has so much to teach that he/she has an entire library of work.” Why? Because a genius can’t stop teaching. Why? Because a gifted teacher never stops teaching and therefore over time, has an entire cavalcade to teach from. So I looked for teachers who had large “trunks” of study. Guys with $500 and $3,000 courses which were stuffed with a lifetime of thought. ** The James E. Tollison course (1989) was $5,000. ** The Jeff Paul summit (and course) back in 1995 was $1,400. ** The Gary Galbert and my Jay Abraham library cost me $4,500. ** All tolled, my investment into Tony Robbins surpasses $2,000 and some 10,000 hours. Now you know why a Dr. Wayne Dyer or say a Marianne Williamson, can’t stop writing! Me? I was never smart enough to explain the “map” I uncovered, from my 19 years of study into a $20 book. How anyone can expect to explain the wisdom—and art—of influence, in under 200 pages still arrests my imagination. I needed twelve HOURS (audio CD) and over four books = $1,341. That said though, I understand the doubtful because I was one myself. At first. That is why you can sit within our MASTER-MIND for free and watch. Then, you can invite our WARRIORS NEST (68 Pg.) manual and double CD into your ($97) life. The entire library is $1,341 and called appropriately, the THEATRE of PROSPERITY. We offer no solutions, only examples and steps to MORE life that each of us wants for each other. No promises. Except one. You won’t be able to stop if you start with the $97 WARRIORS NEST kit. Nightly 9:27 PM Live Prosperity Revival Classes. Get That Phone # Now! Page # 5

What “The Spellbound Method” Can Teach You in Two (2) Hours Can Erase Two Years of Future Struggle and Lost Money

Over 9 POUNDS!
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** Twelve audio CDs ** Four Manuals ** Two Booklets ** $1,341

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Simple is Better And Often Easier

Level 1 Believe To See Level II Warriors $97

Learn The Magic and The Method. The Spellbound Method.

Level III
$1,341 Prosperity Pak

Audio CD #1: “Forced Continuity.” ——–The Banking System of the Filthy Rich!
Learn the PRIMAL code and leading indicators of L EGENDS such as Bruce, Madonna, Oprah, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm, Ben Franklin and Caesar. To think their GIFT is somehow OUTSIDE of your own potential is the dumbing of man. To believe you are not capable of INTENSE wealth, posture and INFLUENCE is a mental disease.

Audio CD #2: “Disciplines of Doership” and “THE METHOD.”
Learn eight (1-8) things Joe Schroeder did in easy 1-2-3 fashion to shift from MLM retard with three years of failure and disgrace behind him to OVER-NIGHT shift into $100,000 per week. This METHOD is why magazines flooded to Schroeder to FEATURE him on their cover. (Cutting Edge, HBC, Upline Mag, Six Figure and Others)

Audio CD #3: “Speed Enrollers System” Level 101 Training.
7 SCRIPTS, read by Author Joe Schroeder who used this precise leadership system to flip his life into abundance.

Audio CD #4: “Speed Enrollers System” Level 2nd Semester
Schroeder TAUGHT this system to seven people. That grew to 780 people and then THOUSANDS followed.

Audio CD #5: “The Alpha Code” for Amazing Silent Power
Learn the amazing communication link that Alpha Hurclues recruiters (Male / Female) use to create fans and Zealots who BLINDLY FLOCK into whatever is shown to them. Once you MASTER this SECRET communication ORDER of SPEECH you will deftly be of the one who INFLUENCE Vs. the one influenced.

Audio CD #6: “Your Mess is Your Message” Learn the Madonna & Bill Clinton Variable
If you LISTEN to the stage of MASTER-TRAINERS at Star-Link USING “The Spellbound Method” you CAN hear them using a SYSTEM of LEADERSHIP; it’s obvious to hear and this will now become yourd to manifest instant leadership into your TEAM, your life and wherever you are. PRESIDENTS and Rock-Stars use this technique YOU can too!

Audio CD #7: “FLY-BOY Un-Plugged” ——The Only Interview Ever Recorded
In 1996, The ATHOR of this program TAUGHT his lessons to MIKE LITMAN, who today is one of the MASTERS and who is now world know. Now, on this unprecedented interview, LITMAN pushes FLY BOY for the Mastery Code!

HOUR (8) Audio CD: “Digital Cowboys” with Marketing Lord ROBERT BLACKMAN!~!
Together SCHROEDER & BLACKMAN reveal unabashedly the BANKING secret—–used in marketing—–that has lead to their COMBINED $1 Million per month downline. This single tape on the FUNDED PRPOSAL that Schroeder invented and taught YANIK, DILLARD, HOCHMAN, LEDOUX has changed the industry. YOU WILL BE STUNNED!

HOUR (9) Audio CD: “Think & Sow Rich.” Law of Attraction. Makes “Secret” seem dull.
Add it up. Run the math. Joe Schroeder was a street magician from age 19 to 26 then SOLD 10,000 different homes (like Tony Robbins, Zig and Dexter Yeager) DOOR-To-DOOR + built sales org. bigger than some towns. Do you think SCHROEDER is working on an average level or USING A MENTAL TECHNOLOGY that YOU can learn also!!!

HOUR (10) Audio CD :

“The Conquering Chief”—–Mental Engineering
www.RebeccaJJohnson.com Your Enlightened Benefactor
Pg. # 6

This audio CD is all “METHOD” conditioning. It’s stunning in it’s easy delivery and magnificent in content. Learn the technique of Marketing Mastery from the side of an UN-FAIR advantage. You’ll listen to this tape until you wear it out.

Rebecca Johnson/ 1-213-785-2352


You Don’t “Get” Power. You Either Are Powerful or You Are Not.

Believe to See.

Sample reading from the “Cowboy Code” manual from the $97 WARRIORS NEST Benefactors Earn $80 per $97 Sale. People pay You. We Drop Ship The Box.

Power is Something You Quietly Express and Give as an Example, Not Something You Wield
The key is to stay within your own power and move to a self discipline that ATTRACTS instead of repels other people. ** ** ** ** ** ** Make your word law. Do what you THINK and say you will. Say “Thank you” ten times more than everyone else. Say please and thank you as a honor into yourself. No ego. Have the discipline to DO as you THINK in your head. Be a RESOURCE for others. Let people FUSE into you. Be a walking REWARD this month for 10-100 people.

The key is to become a RESOURCE to other people, not a burden. That’s what Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks and people of POWER have done—–they have become a source of encourage-

ment and SAFETY for Millions of people.
BE + I AM + THINK + DO + SHARE + HARMONEY = BIG BLACK HUMMER Wow! What a calling. YOU as the source for other people to feel safer. YOU as a source for other people to come to for knowledge and power. It’s not a control freak “here is some power I am a Guru” sort of thing. It’s simply a way about you that empowers others to assume their own power.

Teach Because Teachers Become The Best Learners
You will begin to show people how to move from the uncertainty of ego and into the immortal world of spirit. It’s about managing your worst self and studying the better and more authentic you. This is about Soldering the idea of true self prosperity back into a nation of disbelief. It is about knowing you will someday die and have to leave your Palace to Jeeves, but knowing that you will leave behind to Millions of people, everything that you sowed into them freely and with honor. That is the Soldiers calling. Be the Soldier of Prosperity or the Angel of Giving. What you do TO others God does TO you. Sow / serve / give it away / be someone FOR somebody. I did and look what happened into me. I ARGUED for prosperity. What you argue for you get to keep. “The Master is Not The One With the Biggest Army, But Instead The Master is The One Who Has Taught The Most Masters.” Our Teaching Lineage Dates Back to 1921
? ? ? ? ?



Page # 7

Sample Script To Add To Your Influence

The Mere Act of Dedication To Something Breeds Power Because So Few People Have The Discipline to Live a Life That Gives Evidence To What They Believe. Dedication To Yourself Breeds Dedication From Others

24 Hr. Info Line 1-800-772-9781 EXT 40

Here’s The Fine Print:

(1) The reason we use a simple eight page report like this, is because all good ideas were first etched onto paper first. The other reason is, because not everyone likes the computer or sits on it all day long. That plus, it’s often easier to grab someones attention if they are TOUCHING what you are selling. (2) We sell thoughts and we teach a philosophy. Every thought we sell has been thought before which makes what we sell easy for people to digest. Why? Because most people can relate to our product. More lifestyle. (3) Our TEACHING atmosphere is free. We hold classes nightly. Donations are your time and heart. (4) People can enter this program at $97 for the WARRIORS NEST. Manual and double CD kit (5) The reason we allow our affiliate Benefactors to receive the monies is because within any true business you must be in control of either the product or the money. One or the other or you don’t have a business. (6) Our 100% Lose-Win Guarantee is simple: Order the $97 introduction to the $1,341 THEATRE of Prosperity. If it stinks, throw it out and we’ll send you $125. Why? Because we seek YOU and everyone to come out ahead here, even if it’s at our expense. Even if it’s ours. You don’t have to return the (package). Just toss it into the garbage and we give you $125. Why? Because old fashioned “money-back” guarantees are no longer relevant. In today’s market, you have to “give more GIVE value to get more GET value.” $97 WARRIORS is 60+ Pg. manual & audio CD kit / Author is FLY-BOY. (7) Our philosophy stems from and is in honor of, the late great NAPOLEON HILL; he basically lifted his ideas from guess where? The Book. Therefore, we offer no one any certain “solution.” This organization was founded over a decode ago, has graced the covers of many magazines and is simply a —–step. Which means that when you share our program with others, the new SIGHT and “next step” you will be helping MORE LIFE being added into other people’s lives——will give them the VISION to see the NEXT step to where their divine assignment is located. We share one STEP. Not the solution. Just steps. For as we teach, you don’t decide to become wealthy. That’s something you discover with steps. One at a time. So be the step. Not the answer and seek to possess no one. Give freely, ble ss everyone, hand out the keys to MORE life and move on. Next! Some will, some won’t, so what—–next! Oh, and the name of our Master-Mind is: Star-Link. That’s an acronym for “systematic training and reciprocity leveraging intuitive NEXT knowledge.” Life is always is motion and there is no absolute “answer” or solution. Just NEXT steps. So rise. LIFT. Just walk ahead, without trying to get it right and just get it going! Trade fear for faith. Take the step. Be the hero. Add more life into another 10,000 people’s lives. I did. No it’s your turn. My LIFE philosophy is simple, “What you give away you always get to keep.” Signed—–Fly-Boy. Post-Script: The “I AM” rights of increase, on page # 4 works and works fast. Please use. You don’t have to buy anything to CHANGE and change the lives of others. But use it. READ it daily upon waking & at PM.

For An Advanced Study on How To “Master Poverty.”
See the Napoleon Hill book, “You Can Work Your Own Miracles .” For an Advanced Study of Bold Increase, Read The Book:

“Ben Franklin Autobiography”

Look for his automatic renewal system for Higher Self
** Both of these Gems are Easily Accessed at BARNES & NOBLE Page # 8

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