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January 17, 2008

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: Sreen Munukutla

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Venkat Munukutla ‡ Over 12 years of experience in Oracle and Technology. ‡ Worked in various technical, functional and management roles involving ERP and technology solutions ‡ MS from University of Texas, Dallas ‡ Currently Working for Somasoft as a Senior Consultant for Oracle ERP and Technologies practice; A complete IT solutions provider Sreen Munukutla ‡ BS with MBA (Finance, Systems) from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta ‡ Worked at KPMG (now Bearing Point) in their Enterprise solutions practice in 90s. ‡ Over 20 years of experience in Oracle and Technology. ‡ Worked in various technical, functional and management roles in more than 30 projects involving ERP and technology solutions (Extensive use of SOA and Oracle Fusion technologies). ‡ Currently head of Oracle ERP and Technologies practice at Somasoft (www.somasoftsol.com), a complete IT solutions provider.

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Siebel. Inc. All Rights Reserved. JDE ± Implementation and upgrades etc. Web Services ± Java. ‡ Managed Support (On-site and Off-shore) ± Functional ± Technical ± DBA ‡ BI and Analytics ± Oracle/Siebel BI ± Enterprise Data Warehouse ± EPM ‡ SOA and Middleware ± SOA. J2EE. Identity Mgmt.Somasoft¶s Service portfolio ‡ Enterprise Applications ± Oracle. BPEL ± Integration ± Oracle Fusion. EDI. EAI. Peoplesoft. . Oracle ‡ Training and Documentation Copyright© 2003 Somasoft.

All Rights Reserved. . Inc.Objectives of the Presentation ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ What is BI Publisher Understand the features of BI Publisher Get to know different components Now and Future of the product Demo a few features on Template builder Copyright© 2003 Somasoft.

. All Rights Reserved. Inc.Agenda ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Why Choose BI Publisher BI Publisher Components BI Publisher Enhancements BI Publisher for 11i Customers 11i ± R12 Reports Conversion Process Advanced Features of BI Publisher in R12 Implementing New Features ± Technical Perspective Applications Question and Answer Session Copyright© 2003 Somasoft.

All Rights Reserved.What is BI Publisher ‡ Oracle BI Publisher was formerly XML Publisher with new enhancements and advanced features for reporting A great reporting tool inside the eBusiness Suite used for enhanced reporting functionality to their users Tool of choice for eBusiness Suite (EBS) customers An estimated 80% of the reports for eBusiness Suite R12 are BI Publisher based ‡ ‡ ‡ Copyright© 2003 Somasoft. Inc. .

All Rights Reserved. ‡ Additional Templates Copyright© 2003 Somasoft. . Inc.BI Publisher Components ‡ Data and Layout Abstraction ‡ Powerful Layout Editing Features ‡ Super Extracts with Related Information ‡ Enhanced Reporting Options ‡ Delivery Manager ± email / fax any thing.

Inc.Architecture Copyright© 2003 Somasoft. . All Rights Reserved.

All Rights Reserved. .Benefits for migrating to R12 for an 11i customer ‡ ‡ One of the carrots to come in R12 is better reporting and an increased number of templates available for use Oracle¶s tentative plans include building a Template Bank on Metalink to allow downloads of development. delivery ready templates Consistent user interface Report in multiple formats Language and locale options Multiple delivery channels ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Copyright© 2003 Somasoft. Inc.

Different Sources ± Output ± Multiple Destinations Copyright© 2003 Somasoft. All Rights Reserved. Inc. .

Different Output Formats Copyright© 2003 Somasoft. All Rights Reserved. . Inc.

.Migrating Reports from 11i ± R12 ‡ Custom Reports: R12 has a set of libraries that will assist in moving custom reports to a data template and a layout template ‡ The libraries are being used internally to convert the canned reports Copyright© 2003 Somasoft. Inc. All Rights Reserved.

In Oracle BI Publisher the data model and the layout are separate objects.g.: PL/SQL specification and body containing the data for the report. . E. Report Definition and Layout Templates In Oracle Reports. Inc. The conversion utility generates several files which include a report definition file and a layout template file which are uploaded to the Oracle BI Publisher repository.Converting Reports from Oracle Reports to Oracle BI Publisher ‡ ‡ Oracle BI Publisher provides a utility for converting reports from Standard Oracle Reports to Oracle BI Publisher. All Rights Reserved. ‡ Copyright© 2003 Somasoft. the data model (SQL query or extraction logic) and layout are contained in a single file.

rtf) ± Log file (for example: REPORT. Inc.xdo) ± DataTemplate (for example: REPORT_template. .log) Copyright© 2003 Somasoft. Load the PL/SQL package into the database Upload the report to the Oracle BI Publisher repository Test the report and check the conversion log files to identify any manual modifications needed to complete the conversion Output Files Includes: ± Report definition file With Data Model (for example: REPORT. All Rights Reserved.xml) ± Default PL/SQL packages RTF Layout Template (for example: REPORT.Conversion Process The overall flow for the conversion process is as follows: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Run the conversion utility BIPBatchConversion to migrate reports from Oracle Reports to BI Publisher.

All Rights Reserved. Inc.g.BI Publisher is here to stay ± Release 12 ‡ 870 templates currently available for R12 for more than 60 modules with ± 2000 templates expected to be available in future releases ± 450 templates will be translated for customers in future releases ‡ Used across entire division from Financials to SCM to CRM E.x project to move remaining reports across Copyright© 2003 Somasoft. .: ‡ HRMS uses government form to a high degree ‡ Payments team uses XMLP for all payments ‡ Financial Applications consolidates many reports ‡ R12.

All Rights Reserved. Inc.Enhanced Features for BI Publisher ‡ Data Extraction Engine ‡ Bursting Engine ‡ Consolidated Document Publishing ‡ Template Enhancements ± Loops ± Conditional Formatting ± Format Triggers ‡ Delivery Manager: Distributed Delivery ‡ Template Manager Copyright© 2003 Somasoft. .

R12 Oracle BI Publisher PowerPoint Output ‡ Oracle BI Publisher 10. This enables you to get report data into your key business presentations. Inc. ‡ In this initial version of this functionality. the PowerPoint document generated is a simple export of the formatted data and charts to PowerPoint. All Rights Reserved. Copyright© 2003 Somasoft.3 adds support for PowerPoint output. ‡ In a future release. there will be more sophisticated integration that allows for direct embedding and refreshing from within PowerPoint. .1.3.

Inc. .Other New Features ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Support for Digital Signatures in PDF Documents Support for PostScript Printers Oracle BI Publisher Web Services Advanced Bar Code formatting possible Advanced design options: supports use of xsl and xsl:fo elements Copyright© 2003 Somasoft. All Rights Reserved.

browse worksheets. Inc.Integration with Oracle BI Discoverer ‡ In this release BI Publisher accepts Discoverer worksheets as report data sources. and load data to the Template Builder directly from Discoverer. the Template Builder enables you to connect to Discoverer. To facilitate building reports from the Discoverer worksheets. All Rights Reserved. . Copyright© 2003 Somasoft.

Editing Fields on Templates ‡ ‡ Edit code in the form fields in a single window in the BI Publisher Properties dialog. . All Rights Reserved. Inc. Template Builder generates the code for you !! Sample Additional Dialogs simplifying insertion and editing : ‡ Data field Properties ‡ Repeating Groups ‡ Conditional Formatting ‡ Conditional Regions Copyright© 2003 Somasoft.

Testing and Deploying to generate Flash output. FLEX : Oracle BI Publisher offers support for Adobe Corporation's new document format for building interactive forms and reports. In this release. called Flex for Building. All Rights Reserved.Flash Templates for Oracle BI Publisher ‡ Appying Adobe FLEX Templates This new feature enables report authors to develop Adobe FLEX templates to generate highly interactive Flash output documents. Copyright© 2003 Somasoft. . Inc.

All Rights Reserved. Inc.Sample Applications for BI ‡ Oracle Financials ‡ Oracle Payments ‡ Any custom application Copyright© 2003 Somasoft. .

Oracle Financials Business Requirements ‡Generate High Fidelity Output ‡Allow end user customization ‡10000+ page output ‡No change for report consumers Implementation ‡RTF Templates ‡Scalable transformation ‡Concurrent Manager Integration Copyright© 2003 Somasoft. Inc. . All Rights Reserved.

. All Rights Reserved. HTTP Implementation ‡ eText Templates ‡ Delivery Manager Copyright© 2003 Somasoft.Oracle Payments Business Requirements ‡ Generate Electronic Funds Transfer files ‡ Support 160 formats Very large input data Deliver via FTP. Inc.

Limitations ‡ Security: The security is only to the extent of role. All Rights Reserved. Inc. . ‡ File size: Character Based Vs High Fidelity Object Reports ‡ Totals and Page Numbering: Additional features like Page Totals can be done only in pdf formatted reports for now Copyright© 2003 Somasoft.0 has the feature list relatively small compared to the latest releases. Would have been great if report component level is permitted ‡ Product Maturity: Functionality Compared to Oracle Reports ‡ Data Model Knowledge: Currently doesn't provide anything like the End User Layer (EUL) meta-data like Oracle Discoverer for End-users. ‡ Robustness: Product is not Robust yet with the Number of Product versions and Releases ‡ Versions and Features: Oracle XML Publisher version 5.

Inc. .Roles Based Security The security in BIP is based on roles assigned to the user. All Rights Reserved. The roles available are: ± ± ± ± ± BI Developer BI administrator Excel Analyzer On Line Analyzer BIP reports scheduler Copyright© 2003 Somasoft.

. Inc.Q&A My contact information: sreen@somasoftsol.com Copyright© 2003 Somasoft. All Rights Reserved.

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