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So You Want To Be A Genius, Huh?

I came across these words this morning on the Eckhart Tolle web site. They pretty much reflect my own perspective: To meet everyone and everything through stillness instead of mental noise is the greatest gift you can give to the Universe. I call it stillness, but it is a jewel with many facets: that stillness is also joy, and it is love." ... and it is also genius. But the problem is, we find it incredibly difficult to have a still mind in the midst of our busy lives. There are reasons for this and seeing them can help us no end. . Mind traps
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our awake. and material things it needs constant maintenance.h… 2/10 . love and joy that Eckhart talks about above . alert essence that never changes.com/…/so_you_want_to_. And because this self -image is built around things that are capable of changing .a mental construct maintained by selective perception) the mind has to work doubly hard to maintain this illusion in the face of evidence of that would disprove it. Not only does the mind have to battle to try and create a 'life' for us that is stable and secure out of things that are forever changing but also. And so we appear to be separate from everything else. We don't need to do anything to experience the truth of who we. The mind creates the illusion that we have a separate little bit of consciousness that is somehow shackled to the brain within a human body. because our self image is in fact an illusion (a sad parody of who we really are . We experience the creativity. h… The mind trap that catches most of us goes something like this Reality can only be experienced directly. Hence to life2point0.0: So you want to be a genius. Why would we need to do anything to just experience 'what is' ? And so in stillness (a lack of mind activity) our true nature shines bright and plain to see. reputation. in stillness. vulnerable and powerless in a scary world where things appear to come unbidden and outside our field of consciousness.the body. Our life revolves a self-image. The mind works ceaselessly to maintain our self-image. But because we don't experience ourselves as this we create a selfimage. personality. a 'me' (some call it ego).10/02/2011 Life 2. promotion and protection.

[2] But the reason we find it so difficult and the reason very few of us find any deep.com/…/so_you_want_to_. rational mind' (ego?) is one of selective perception and control. Have you ever noticed that when you try and control your thoughts your mind kicks back? You can almost hear it saying. [1] In the midst of this continuous mind activity there is no stillness for reality and the truth of who we are to be experienced.Our mind is given the purpose of serving our best interests with one hand and then other hand is trying to stop it! No wonder we find it so difficult.0: So you want to be a genius.. seemingly separate things and sees them not as they are in reality but as they relate to 'me' and 'my history'.each of us has our own favourite ways. In this lack of stillness our reality remains unrecognised.10/02/2011 Life 2. The popular belief is that to 'be still' we need to discipline our minds and tame our wayward thoughts. So back then to the question of why we find it so hard to be still. life2point0. h… maintain this illusory self-image the mind puts 'me' at the centre of the Universe and puts everything else 'out there'. what gives?. I'm just trying to do the job you gave me LOOKING OUT FOR YOU". Perhaps we use meditation. So do you see the dilemma? . The mind can therefore never rest. or maybe we prefer to go for a long run or knit . It then looks out on these projected. The mind is just doing it's job .h… 3/10 . "Hey man. It's because the very nature of our 'thinking.serving us. lasting stillness is the mind resists any attempt to control it. Even when the body sleeps the mind is still in motion.

I'm not sure of the exact translation but it goes something like this: life2point0. the mind falls still naturally.Namaste (nam-a-STAY). . than to simply allow ourselves to feel the connection that exists between us? What could be simpler than to just stop resisting the experience of what already is? There's a old Sanskrit greeting that I know some of you are familiar with .[3] When we are willing to let everyone and everything be exactly as it is.0: So you want to be a genius. rational mind' to what is really going on. Any strategy of the mind to 'become still' comes from the same mind-set that needs to maintain control.another step away from stillness. and then responds automatically with both love and right action to whatever presents itself. and be present with whatever is in front of us right now.com/…/so_you_want_to_.h… 4/10 .10/02/2011 Life 2. The problem is the purpose we give our mind to serve in the first place: our perceived need to control our world. And then in that stillness a greater intelligence arises that sees beyond the superficial perception of our 'thinking. h… that any way we could imagine to tame it is just another part of the trap. So with this perspective in mind let's consider a simple and direct approach to 'being still'. and is itself yet another thought form . a shortcut if you like. So the problem is not our overactive or wayward mind the mind is a wonderful things and serve whatever purpose we give it. A simpler way What could be an easier or more effective way to end the illusion that I am separate from the rest of life and separate from the source of all love and power.

it could be a bird. do we still resist using it and try to find yet another way? The answer to that comes back the mind's fear of losing control. It's recognising ourselves as we really are that dispels our illusory self-image and we do this when we recognise the formless in another. a pencil or a blade of grass.com/…/so_you_want_to_.h… 5/10 . . what could happen if we set aside our intellect and forgot about the self-imagine we have so carefully life2point0. When I hold this intention in mind it's amazing the transformative effect it can have.. And what flows from that stillness is always perfect.. We don't have to 'try' because it is this stillness. very difficult to still the mind. the essence of who we Are.0: So you want to be a genius.10/02/2011 Life 2. It is very. What a lovely way to greet someone. In the willingness to simply feel the connection that already exists in this present moment the mind quite easily and naturally falls still of it's own accord. And it doesn't have to be a person . But if this so easy and powerful why isn't it common knowledge? And why. So here's the key: It's impossible to hold the intention to see someone as they really are and not be still. whatever is here right now. for the few who do know about it. that knows the way into our conscious awareness. Seeing through resistance This fear appears on the face of it to be quite reasonable. h… "The truth in me bows to the truth in you". [4] And just choosing this is enough. After all. To attempt to do so directly is like trying to fight fire with fire. We just need to choose to feel the connection that exists between us and trust that in choosing it is done.

It is the source of all true creativity and.. We open ourselves to the source of all genius . h… nurtured and polished? What if.10/02/2011 Life 2. it is the ONLY time that (we are aware of) that they actually do. We should never for one moment doubt that we have any less access to it than any being that has ever walked this way before us. an inner knowing and an intelligence that has no comparison to anything we are commonly aware of. without our control strategies." Out of the stillness that arises from letting all things be 'exactly as they are' and from embracing not knowing what to think or do. or forgot something that was important? Yet if we just once allowed ourselves to meet in stillness we would see that all our fears are totally unfounded. The previous fear of not knowing was transformed into the joy of not knowing.. one that is virtually unknown in our society.. When we let go of our desire to control.0: So you want to be a genius.. To not know was the opening of my mind to what could not be perceived by thought. things work out absolutely perfectly and in fact. It is the simplest and easiest thing in the world to do. although we each express it in our own unique way. and it's only our ego's insistence that there must be more.. it is the same Source. Jesus. DaVinci. arises a clarity. What profound release.h… 6/10 .the same source that Buddha. that life2point0. could no longer be master.. we said something stupid or passed wind at an inappropriate moment. Gangaji describes her own realisation of this [I saw that] thought could no longer be trusted. Shakespeare and Einstein learned to tap into.com/…/so_you_want_to_.

mother Mary comes to me. but the stillness that comes from within is wide awake. What comes from the heart always speaks to the heart and is never lost. because by doing so we deny our own truly creative abilities to bring about whatever we really want.h… 7/10 . Inspiration has nothing to do with thought but everything to do with it's opposite. It's easy to think of stillness as a dormant state. Paul McCartney's words from the song 'Let it be' spring to mind When I find myself in times of trouble.com/…/so_you_want_to_. our willingness to let go of our perceived need to control of our days.0: So you want to be a genius.10/02/2011 Life 2. to be open to receive instead of organise or plan. h… it can't be that easy. that makes it seem so difficult. life2point0. Stillness is simply our nature. speaking words of wisdom. We Are genius. Choosing to let go To go looking for 'our genius' or our 'unique gift' is to play small because genius is simply an irrevocable attribute of who we already Are. alert and teeming with intelligence and energy. . and our capacity to express this is dependant only on our ability to be still. or something that could be quite boring. For so many of us it takes a cataclysmic event in our life to make a mockery of our plans and thereby get us to relinquish control. and genius arises naturally out of that and shines into everything we look upon or touch. let it be. And trying to maintain control over our life is to play small also. It is the very essence of life itself and who we are. Never confuse genius with knowledge.

So this is my suggestion: Just for one day why not have a go at this. it's available to us in any moment we choose. because it's the very nature of the world we look upon to change.has any amount of control we have ever excerpted ever stopped things from changing? No it hasn't. But let's be really honest with ourselves . Suffering arises from the demand that something be different than it actually is. We think of 'letting go of control' as a difficult thing but it's actually trying to maintain a sense of control that takes all the effort and causes all the stress in our lives. . Let everyone and all things be exactly as they are[5] and allow the stillness that arises from that to nourish us. let it be. h… And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me. what a crazy and joyless game we play. But we don't have to wait for times of trouble to turn within. let it be. guide us and move us. We think that without some form of control our life would be chaos. let it be. Put aside our schedule. but we can never know that until we try it and see for ourselves. tragedy or grief. When we finally do let go of control it is not with regret but with a huge sigh of release and a glance back in disbelief at how we ever managed to toil with such a burden for so long. take off our watch and come naked of all ideas about what serves our best life2point0. Whisper words of wisdom.com/…/so_you_want_to_. My my.h… 8/10 . Let it be. our GTD. speaking words of wisdom. or be shocked into stillness by accident. A one day challenge.10/02/2011 Life 2. let it be. let it be.0: So you want to be a genius.

just call upon it and trust it to be there for us.. and the only thing that can limit it's inspiration and power is our lack of trust.h… 9/10 .com/…/so_you_want_to_. Just for one day. I am not for one moment suggesting that this will be easy because until trust has built there's a huge temptation to use the old habitual ways of 'control and conquer'. If you need a thought. without a trace of sorrow and joy that constantly increases. Remember that it's this real Self that knows the way into our conscious awareness so no amount of 'trying' can take us there..0: So you want to be a genius. In Luke Skywalker parlance . h… interests.. and trust the Force. our perceived need to withhold some level of personal control. but I promise that if we relax and allow our inner knowing to carry us[6] we'll be amazed at all the blessings that serendipitously come our way without any conscious planning. These are the words that were once given me: Anticipation plays no part at all for present trust guarantees a future undisturbed.. when we are tempted... a word or just a tranquil open mind then that will be my gift for I [ our real Self] am in charge by life2point0. and it has power to dissolve any problematic situation we find ourselves in.10/02/2011 Life 2. This is genius. Instead. but it can called upon in an instant. nothing more.. So don't do that. Perhaps it's just a little reassurance we need. And then just let attention rest in that feeling of Love that grows from within and allow That to take control.let's turn off the computer. don't play small. so just relax and enjoy this day. It is. quite literally miraculous.

h… 10/10 . Namaste my friends. Notes: Excerpted from Life 2.com/…/so_you_want_to_. we will never again doubt that we have the power to create the kind of day we thought we could only ever dream about. huh? http://www.arc90..com/experiments/readability life2point0. Related Articles: Credits: Hetemeel for the Einstein image.0: So you want to be a genius.html Readability — An Arc90 Laboratory Experiment  http://lab.. and of health.com/2007/01/so_you_want_to_." If we are willing to give the power of decision to our inner knowing and just relax and enjoy the ride.10/02/2011 Life 2.my 'General Theory of Genius'.life2point0.0: So you want to be a genius. . I hope it serves you as well as it does me. Namaste So there you have it on the blackboard . . h… your request. Oh yes. happiness and love too.