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Social Marketing principles and processes

Social Marketing principles and processes

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Published by: Professor Jeff French on Feb 10, 2011
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Social Marketing principles and processes

Jeff French

I believe in evidence based presentations!

The views expressed in this presentation are purely my own and those of all right thinking people everywhere. I may start to rant because I passionately believe that Social Marketing can do a tremendous amount of good in the world. These thought have been put together over many years and should only be engaged with by citizens and professionals who are prepared to take a critical look at what they are doing. Those seeking to replicate these ideas and recommended actions at home do so at their own risk.

Which shape and colour best represents the way you operate at work ?

My thesis
We face massive behavioural challenges that can only be tackled by: Using insight that to create value for people & Systemic delivery through a planned Social Marketing approach across civic society

Health Promotion

Public Health

Health Education Community
empowerment / engagement

Social marketing
Other forms of interventio n: Design, Informatio n etc.

The discipline of social marketing



Implement Evaluate


The nicest thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise rather than being preceded by a period of worry and depression."
Sir John Harvey-Jones (1924 - 2008)

What SM can deliver
‡ Ensure that every £ is spent where it can have the most effect ‡ Save you money by reducing and redirecting funding ‡ Provide a clear line of connection between investment and outcome

We can t afford the waste of not learning and reinvention

Ernest Rutherford (1871 - 1937)

By 1902 Rutherford had established a new branch of physics called radioactivity. His work on radioactive decay won him the 1908 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He also established the nuclear theory of the atom. In 1919, he announced his success in the artificially disintegration of an atom. He died at Cambridge,

‡ Growing user , citizen power and the need for citizen driven solutions. ‡ Big demand for effective and efficient ways to tackle behavioural changes. ‡ New technology, methodologies and evidence that enable more user driven solutions and customisation.

The big societal challenges
alcohol climate change physical activity recycling theft violence

inequality obesity poverty pollution HIV / Aids smoking drug use sexual health

Put your hands up generation LX
you are the Charmed Generation Typically, people born between1950 and 1970

Highest disposable income Huge and growing Capital worth More technologically advanced than people think Increasingly disability-free and healthy life expectancy Buy over half of luxury goods Women spend 20% more on clothes than younger counterparts

You want it how you want it
Strategic Social Marketing Ltd

Citizens want to be listened to and engaged

Gener lly tr sted t tell t e tr t ?

Responsive pubic services?
MORI survey in 2005 following words best described public service,

Highest ranked words:
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Bureaucratic Infuriating Faceless Hardworking Unresponsive Unaccountable.

The lowest ranked words:
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Friendly, Efficient Honest Open.

What made it work was that it was driven by the audience and centered on them interacting with the activities set up
‡ Over 1,000 unique users visited the webpage (out of
around 3,000 employees).

‡ 7% more customers are happy ‡ 4% rise in the number who think the council is helpful.

How it feels the fatal conceit

They don t

The State and Experts know best

Jeff, Welcome to Your Amazon.com (If you're not Jeff French, click here.)

It s not about telling and selling. It s about bringing a relationship mind set to everything we do
Jim Stengel Global Marketing Chief Proctor & Gambel

The new driver: Citizen Perceived Value The challenge of communication and engagement and coproduction ‡ The legitimacy and necessity of action on:
± Knowledge ± Attitude ± Beliefs

How many sociologists does it take to change a light bulb ? What do you get when you cross an economist with a psychologist and a member of the mafia?

Valuing different sources of learning


criminology AND MANY MORE

If you can get them asking the wrong question the answers don t matter
Thomas Pynchon

Wrong question: How about a new initiative?
the futility of isolated initiatives.

Wrong question: How do we tell people what to do?

Strategic Social Marketing Ltd

Cut back on waste Check on neighbour Report crime Avoid sugary foods & drinks Don¶t drive using mobile phone Don¶t smoke Use helpline Don¶t start fires Safer sex Use a condom Go for a check-up Limit water use Don¶t litter Use smoking cessation service Volunteer Complete tax forms Reuse bags Don¶t bully & threaten others Don¶t carry knives Don¶t speed in cars Drink sensibly Don¶t idle the car Cut down on calories Don¶t steal Postpone 1st sexual activity Exercise Use public transport Cut-down on red meat Don¶t drink & drive Vote Don¶t smoke while pregnant Get immunised Don¶t graffiti

Conserve energy Register to vote Don¶t drug drive Cut back on fatty foods Recycle Don¶t falsely claim benefits Don¶t vandalise Go to screening service Don¶t binge drink Don¶t smoke in public places Eat 5-a-day fruit & veg

Sometimes creative insight driven communication does work by itself

The Right Question
How can I create systems, environments, products and services that will help people change and communicate this is a way that they will understand and respond to?

3 core concepts
Insight Competition Exchange & Choice Architecture

Strategic Social Marketing Ltd

Why demography is not enough
demographic male born 1948 British 2nd marriage affluent well known family

Insight is the key
What causes binge drinking ? You only have to look at the price list
(Bar manager)

Supply Side logic

Binge drinkers consider it their right, It s a release for the working class to forget their lives
(Youth worker)

Socio political logic

Insight is the key
Its very important to get drunk. I m spending money and I want to get drunk, and if I don t its just a waste of money!
Quoted in Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy for England Cabinet Office 2004

Personal contextual logic
Strategic Social Marketing Ltd



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