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Prestidigitation - Austin, Joey, Jordan

Prestidigitation - Austin, Joey, Jordan

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Published by Austin Huelsbeck

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Published by: Austin Huelsbeck on Feb 10, 2011
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Final Draft 8 Demo


Written by Austin Huelsbeck

Final Draft 8 Demo
Based on Abra Kadabra by Will Ball

Final Draft 8 Demo

Address Phone Number Final Draft 8 Demo Final Draft 8 Demo Final Draft 8 Demo .ii.

BACKSTAGE . JIM enters the room. and enters the stage.NIGHT Jim walks into his bedroom. almost forgetting his magic wand. putting on his overcoat. then exits quickly with his full magician’s outfit back on. Jim looks out into the audience and sees a sign on the wall for THE AMAZING JOHN. He enters his bathroom. Jim gets out of it and it pulls away. Final Draft 8 Demo BEDROOM . and the focus changes to reveal a poster for “Jim the Magnificent”. EXT.DUSK Jim enters. He slinks under his covers. Final Draft 8 Demo AUDITORIUM . BEDROOM . defeated. preps himself with a quick shakedown and a glance at the cards hidden in his sleeve. Final Draft 8 Demo THEATER . next to his wife. and he walks in front of the certificate. Jim is very disappointed and confused.DUSK Jim steps on stage and the applause of the three or four audience members is heard. who has a show at the exact same time.DUSK A framed certificate for “Magician Of The Year: Jim the Magnificent” hangs on the wall. BEDROOM . He sighs contentedly and walks out the door. . He slumps down on his bed next to his WIFE. Jim is seen walking through the front door of the theater. INT. INT. INT. INT. with new determination.DUSK A car PULLS UP.FADE IN: INT.MORNING Jim wakes up. Then he notices that she has been watching “The Amazing John Show”.

Jim hits him a few more times while he’s on the ground. He is doing a card trick with a random woman. He walks over to John nowhere. STREET CORNER . The cape FLUTTERS to the ground. Jim is surprised when water magically fills his mouth. He takes a drink and holds it in his mouth for a second. John gets a smirk on his face. He takes off his cape and places it over the glass. He flicks his wand and Jim disappears. CUT TO BLACK. walks by and he stops her. Then he takes it off and the glass is gone. Jim picks his cape back up from off the ground and places it over John. He shuffles the deck. then pulls out a deck of cards. He stands 5 or 10 feet from John. it’s filled with water. then swallows it. shuffles it in. WOMAN #2. has her pick a card. He takes off his own cape and places it over Jim. EXT. Final Draft 8 Demo Final Draft 8 Demo . He takes off his hat Then he takes the hat off and it makes him concentrate and pulls out a glass out of and places it over the glass.DAY THE AMAZING JOHN is performing street magic. He RIPS it up into bits and throws it on the ground. and then pulls her card out of his pocket.2. John is unimpressed. She is even more impressed. Then the card comes fluttering down out of the sky and he catches it. Then he pulls out a baseball bat from thin air. WOMAN #1. END. Jim grabs the glass back. Jim HITS John with his bat multiple times. glances at him. and he has to spit it out. and John crumples to the ground. A woman. Then Jim walks back from around the corner. Enter Jim. Jim is getting frustrated and harder. flabbergasted. He hastily grabs the water. He shows her and she is impressed. MUSIC STOPS. He gives a triumphant look at John. then throws the baseball bat down and walks away. John calls Woman #2 over and has her pick a card. Final Draft 8 Demo Woman #2 exits.

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