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(2)Emergency trolly

(2)Emergency trolly

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RAD 1303

The Emergency Trolley

By the end of Lecture the student will be able to: 1. Define the emergency trolley its purpose in the radiology department 2. Identify the external contents of the emergency trolley and state the purpose of each content. 3. Classify the different drawers of the emergency trolley 4. List the various emergency drugs and state their action

The new manual of basic emergency procedures.Seraj.wisegeek.htm 3 .References M.A. first aid and updated CPR. Useful websites http://www.com/what-is-a-crash-cart.

4 .The emergency trolley It is a multi drawer cabinet that is kept in in the imaging department. Goal of emergency trolley each cart to begin addressing the emergency conditions while waiting the emergency team to arrive: o Compromised Airway o Respiratory Distress /Respiratory Arrest o Cardiac Arrest o Drug Overdose o Hypoglycemia o Anaphylactic Reaction NOTE: At the beginning of each shift the in charge Technologist should check with the radiology department nurse the equipment and medication to ensure if they are prepared for use in critical situation . with the essential medication and tools that need for emergency cases Other names: Emergency cart/Emergency response cart/Code cart/Crash cart.

The emergency trolley CONTENTS OF THE TROLLEY A/ Top of emergency trolley (External Contents) •Oxygen supply •Defibrillator with Monitor • Portable monitor/defibrillator unit • Portable suction apparatus •Laryngoscope •Shuttle forceps •Sphygmomanometer •Stethoscope •Emergency Crash Cart Check Sheet •Check List of cart contents. •Emergency drug information sheet 5 .

Oxygen regulator with flow meter a valve to adjust the rate of oxygen flow 6 Oxygen cylinder .Contents of the trolley External Contents Oxygen supply: To arise alveolar oxygen tension. To relieve hypoxemia or hypoxia.

Contents of the trolley External Contents Defibrillator: Defibrillation is the definitive treatment for the life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias ventricular fibrillation 7 .

Sphygmomanometer: It is an Instrument used to measure blood pressure. blood. or vomits.Contents of the trolley External Contents Suction apparatus: Mechanical suction is used when a patient is unable to clear mouth or throat of secretions. 8 . Stethoscope: It is an instrument used in auscultation of heart sounds and also it is used in measuring blood pressure.

Contents of the trolley B/ Drawer contents: Drawer 1.Cardiac. Chest Procedures Drawer 6.V.Circulation: IV supplies Drawer 4.Breathing and Airway Drawer 3. solutions and tubing Drawer 5.Medications Drawer 2.Circulation: I.Special Procedure Trays 9 .

Medications 10 .Contents of the trolley Drawer contents: Drawer 1.

constricts blood vessels. relaxes bronchioles. aids respiration Reverses bronchospasm (Prevention of bronchial asthma ) Dries secretions. such as atrial fibrillation an anti-epileptic (anticonvulsant) For maintaining normal concentrations of glucose in blood. for the treatment of various heart conditions.Contents of the trolley Emergency medication List Drug Adrenalin (epinephrine ) Aminophylline Atropine Chlorpheniramine . Caffeine sodium benzoate Dioxin (Lanoxin) Dilantin Glucagon 11 Action Increase cardiac output. Dilate the bronchi Antihistamine drug used in the prevention of the symptoms of allergic conditions such as rhinitis and urticaria Respiratory stimulant Increases cardiac output. raises blood pressure. (having the opposite effect of insulin) .

anti angina drug anti angina drug For sever bronchospasm Anti arrhythmic drug For ventricular fibrillation anticonvulsant.Contents of the trolley Emergency medication List Drug Lasix (nitroglycerin) Isorbide Dinitrate Hydrocortisone Lignocaine2% Diazepam Calcium gluconate Dopamine potassium chloride Heparin 12 Action Diuretic. Treat of hypertension Correct hemodynamic imbalance Prevent & treat cardiac arrhythmia Anticoagulant (Inhibits blood coagulation) . sedative Anti Acid.

Contents of the trolley Drawer contents: Drawer 2.Breathing and Airway Examples:•Oropharyngeal Airways •Nasopharyngeal Airways •Endotracheal tubes •Tracheostomy tubes •Tracheostomy mask •Face mask •Pocket mask •Suction catheter •Suction tube •Nasal cannula • Laryngoscope • Tongue blades • 13 .

Bag valve mask (Ambo bag) Is a hand.Contents of the trolley Breathing and Airway Laryngoscope: It is used to obtain a view of the glottis.held device used to provide ventilation to a patient who is not breathing or who is breathing inadequately 14 . It is also used in intubation.

Contents of the trolley Breathing and Airway Tracheostomy set : Tracheostomy is a surgical procedure on the neck to open a direct airway through an incision in the trachea. Patients who must have a higher continues rate of oxygen flow. 15 . require a Tracheostomy that is connected to the oxygen supply.

Contents of the trolley Breathing and Airway Ventilation Devices: Pocket mask designed for mouth-to-mask ventilation of a non-breathing person. It is an alternative to a bag-valve mask device for providing ventilation. 16 .

17 . It is used to maintain a (open) airway It does this by preventing the tongue from (either partially or completely) covering the epiglottis. which could prevent the patient from breathing. or OPA.Contents of the trolley Breathing and Airway Airway adjuncts: Oropharyngeal Airways: known as an oral airway.

18 . It is a tube that is designed to be inserted into the nasal passageway to secure an open airway.Contents of the trolley Breathing and Airway Airway adjuncts: Nasopharyngeal Airways: Also known as an NPA or a nasal trumpet.

Contents of the trolley Endotracheal tubes: The Endotracheal tube serves as an open passage through the upper airway. 19 . The purpose of Endotracheal intubation is to permit air to pass freely to and from the lungs in order to ventilate the lungs.

Contents of the trolley Drawer contents: Drawer 3.Circulation: IV supplies Examples:Needles different sizes Syringes different sizes Butterflies Sterile water vials IV cannulas Tourniquet Alcohol swabs Cotton balls Blood tubes Tape 20 .

Tubing 21 .9% sodium chloride 500ml)5% Dextrose (500ml) 10% dextrose (500ml) Hase-steril 6% (500ml) Ringer lactate (500ml) Blood pump tubing I.Contents of the trolley Drawer contents: Drawer 4.V. solutions and tubing Examples:0.I.V.

Contents of the trolley Drawer contents: Drawer 5.Cardiac. Chest Procedures Examples:ECG electrodes Sterile gloves Sutures Cardiac needle Sterile towels Cut down tray Catheter kit Chest tubes Dressings 22 .

Contents of the trolley Drawer contents: Drawer 6.Special Procedure Trays 23 .

V Cannula Tourniquet Syringe 24 .Contents of the trolley Sample of supplies Butterfly I.

Contents of the trolley Sample supplies Tongue blades masks Protective gowns Kidney bowel 25 Scissors Thermometer .

sa/74344/default.The End Assignment.aspx 26 .edu.1 Emergency Trolley quiz At http://faculty.ksu.

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