Ode to a ‘haven’t met’

Like dewdrop that disappeared before the morning sun Like fragrance from an unknown flower Like streak of silver light in the night sky from a shooting star Like distant cloud on the mountain top Like sweet dream that vanished when I woke up Like whisper of child murmuring its happiness in sleep Like song from an unseen bird Like music rustling leaves made Like mountain streams I met and parted Like mist in the valley, that went away with the wind

Packrat no more!!
"Gain of entropy eventually is nothing more nor less than loss of information". From a
layman's point of view entropy is nothing but the degree of randomness in a closed system.But this particular definition is more of a tongue -in-cheek statement if deciphered carefully.Translated--The more opinions you get,the more confused you get!!!:)

While from a thermodynamic point of view,information is considered to be heat and is further simplified as energy,in a social setting such as ours,it leads to chaos,which eventually is entropy!!

Indians have this innate herd mentality.They don't experiment much.They stick to the tried and tested methods.Is it because of following traditions diligently,or pure laziness,one could never tell for sure.Indians lack neither intelligence,nor imagination.What they do lack,is the independence to make their own choices.They are afraid of failing more than in any other part of the world,simply because they are brought up in the belief that to fail is shameful.It is almost a crime here.

Sadly.the questions the masses are seeking answers to.they go.they cross each other.back home.the neighbours have issues of their own to deal with.represent the common man.theatre or bus station.Individually people may have minds of their own. But what is a crowd?It is the most random collection of people. Every exam result announcement is followed by a spate of suicides.In other words.But does the crowd have a mind?They come.or any other question for that matter!!The underlying idea here is that these experts.Ever wondered why crowd control is a difficult job? Discouraging sports in lieu of academics?Taking up engineering while your heart is in literature?Or working in the fields while you yearn to make music?Going to a job you hate everyday just coz it pays?Coz that's what is the right thing and that's what everyone else does.Honestly.in the market.follow the crowd or follow your dreams?? ‘Life at a Traffic Signal’ :-) .sometimes.It is the most perfect representation of the second law of thermodynamics.Really? It's not about idealism.it also decides the fate of an individual's life.re-analysis and ultimate post-mortem of the defeat.observe them .one failure draws a billion comparisons to the one who succeeded and criticisms for the one who didn't.Mind you.You are! So what will it be then .with no definite purpose in mind.And your neighbours are not in-charge of your happiness.Watch them.But how would you know what else can be achieved unless you try?"What would the neighbours think?".these "experts" also consist of people who have absolutely no clue about either the game in question.it represents the crowd. by a panel of "experts".While westerners profess that -Failures are the stepping stone to success".Every defeat in a sport is followed by an analysis."Be practical!What else will you do?"Being practical is what is tried and tested.

there was no sign of moving ahead. the old man. There were overloaded trucks and city busses. There were beggars. and then. looks like there's some minor accident & showdown on the road. with a look of detachment on his face. in their own world. Out of the crowd around. with sweat & dust. . :-) But no. husband. ironically. the young couple in it getting cozy unaware of the surroundings. Left to me was a young chap in a swanky BMW with a sexy babe. Everybody seemed to be in a hurry. Hello! The line of vehicles behind was growing as far as I could see. luggage & 2 children. knocking hard on the car window. The uncle on scooter was busy talking or rather screaming trying to beat the noise! I tried to move ahead a bit to get a better view of a pretty girl in the two wheeler ahead. Btw you can hardly spot spotless vehicles in Bangalore. Then I noticed the Auto. transgenders and people selling some stuff. with a little boy sitting on it. There was a sense the frustration in the air. the smoke coming out like a chimney. There were office buses carrying the stressed out people back home. looked more at peace. wife. Lucky bastard! Right to me was an old man on a bullock cart carrying Iron rods.That evening I was driving back from office and waiting at the signal. Also there was Ratan Tata's inspiration for Nano. trying to squeeze ahead in whatever the little space available. Two wheelers were moving ahead in footpath harassing the pedestrians and the few stuck up were taking rest removing their helmet (the ones who were wearing). a family on two wheelers. first.

I just stopped too. Aunty was fighting the auto driver on fair/change.. .There were hoardings of products and banners of politicians. Holy :-) Pizza man in front of me somehow made space between the cows & rocketed ahead! Then I moved. As I started to move. complete.. The cab behind me started honking even though I was nearly 20th in the line! By now uncle had done with the phone call & struggling to kick start the scooter. I couldn’t help a smile It was a bunch of cows crossing the road.. obviously not reading the signal lights and not caring about the poor traffic police's attempts to stop them. the vehicle in front of stopped suddenly. to the next signal.. the chap on the left most with his right indicator on and loud musical horn. Thanks to the experience of driving in Bangalore traffic for years. L board and at least a week old garlands! Finally the vehicles seemed to start moving & there was collective sigh of relief. frantic waving of hands. invoking different kinds of honking. getting into/down from vehicles.well. Right in this chaos someone had coolly parked the vehicle and nowhere to be seen. RJ on the FM was giving traffic update in between blabbering about her show. People were crossing the road. I could as well turn off and listen to the music from punk fellow's loud music from the car ahead! And then there's this new car. from being frustrated I have developed a Zen like calm :-) As I almost made to the signal. wanted to take a right turn & proceeded halting everybody. ensuring I didn't hit him and no one banged me from back! With a sense of irritation as I was figuring out the cause of this sudden stop. with plastic covers on the seat..

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