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Call Of Cthulhu - 1920s - Investigators Companion v1 [CHA2343]

Call Of Cthulhu - 1920s - Investigators Companion v1 [CHA2343]


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Published by Stephen Souza

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Published by: Stephen Souza on Feb 10, 2011
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HANDGUNS, RIFLES, and shotguns are sold over

the counter in most parts of the U.S. without li-
cense or registration. Restrictions are few and such
things as fully automatic weapons and sawed-off shot-
guns are often perfectly legal.
During the 1920s the Federal Government did little
to regulate firearms other than in 1927 to prohibit the
shipping of handguns through the U.S. mail. Local com-
munities, however, passed their own laws. Discharging
a firearm within village or city limits without just cause is
usually prohibited. Other restrictions vary widely. In the
long-established Eastern states, particularly along the
coast, restrictions are greatest. Carrying a concealed
firearm is generally a felony. Laws are generally more
lax in rural areas where firearms conceivably serve a
more useful purpose, parts of the rural Midwest and
South generally more lenient than the East. In parts of
the West, private citizens and corporations accumulate
arsenals containing machine guns and other heavy
weapons. In Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico,
and other parts, carrying a holstered sidearm in public is
not at all uncommon.
Concealed firearms are generally closely regulated.
Most communities are willing to license certain individu-
als to carry concealed weapons: usually professionals
(detective, bodyguard, etc.), or because the person rou-
tinely moves valuables (banker, jeweler, shopkeeper). If
the applicant passes the check (usually requiring a clean
record—no felonies), a small fee is paid and the permit
issued. He is required to carry the permit whenever
carrying the weapon. The ease of obtaining a concealed
weapons permit depends on community standards.

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