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Scientific Report

Purpose: Science can explain how landscapes change

Title: How to make paper move with water
Part Draft Writing Organization
Scientific Question:
Scientific Question

How does the paper move with water? Wonder

What is your
Part 1

Hypothesis: question?
The paper moves because the water forces the paper to Hypothesis
What is your
move. hypothesis?

We are doing this because we want to see the process of

Part 2

the paper moving. And we want to find out the answer to Purpose
the science experiment, so this is why we are going to try What are you
this experiment to see if it succeeds or fails. doing and why?

Part 2

 A straw with the paper cover.

What do you
 Any type of cup filled with water. need to do the

Step 1: Rip the sides of the paper on the straw to reveal

the sides of the straw.

Step 2: Slightly push the paper together. Steps

Part 3

What do you
Step 3: Slide the paper of the straw and put it on the need to do?

Step 4: Use the straw to put water on the paper.

Step 5: And your moving paper is moving for a while then

repeat all the steps to do it again.
Our experiment worked and the paper wiggled like a
caterpillar because the water forces the paper to stretch Results

out and move. We now know that this science experiment What happened?
Part 4

will work and we know that if there is paper that is pushed What do you
together on a straw and when you put water on the paper now know?
Was your
it will move. Our hypothesis correct because we guessed hypothesis
that the paper will move because the water forces the correct?
paper to move. And it did move! Why or why not?