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Decent 07 (Khulna University, BBA)


The consignor, in a contract of carriage, is the person sending a shipment to be delivered whether by land, sea or air. Some carriers, such as national postal entities, use the term "sender" or "shipper" but in the event of a legal dispute the proper and technical term "consignor" will generally be used. If Sender sends a widget to Receiver via a delivery service, Sender is the consignor and Receiver is the consignee.


In a contract of carriage, the consignee is the person to whom the shipment is to be delivered whether by land, sea or air.


-This is a difficult area of law in that it regulates the mass transportation industry which cannot always guarantee arrival on time or that goods will not be damaged in the course of transit. -A further two problems are that unpaid consignors or freight carriers may wish to hold goods until payment is made, and fraudulent individuals may seek to take delivery in place of the legitimate consignees. -The key to resolving such disputes lies in the documentation. But it is another name of a problematic situation. Because building and maintaining papers is always difficult and always there is chance to mismatch with law, so any of the party can be indifferent to make any paper agreement.

Decent 07 (Khulna University, BBA)

Duties & Responsibilitis
There should be a legal agreement among consignee and consignee. There main duty is to maintain all the rules and regulation written in that paper. Consignor need to deliver the goods to the named consignee and to no other. Consignee on a straight bill must produce the bill in order to take delivery. All the responsibility is of consignor’s to keep the product or parcel intake until that is delivered to the consignee. Consignee and consignor should be clear of the law related to their shipment. Such as-bill of lading, waybill, Hague Rules and the relevant state laws and also need to maintain those strictly.

Decent 07 (Khulna University, BBA)

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