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CONTENTS Buildings in the landscape The vision The projects Alsop + Partners Alison Brooks Architects Featherstone Associates Piers Gough, CZWG Architects Eva Jiricna Architects Roger Sherman Architecture Sutherland Hussey Architects Richard Reid and Associates Landmark House Landscape Interiors Biographies Wildlife at the Lower Mill Estate 4-5 6-7 8 - 23 8-9 10 - 11 12 - 13 14 - 15 16 - 17 18 - 19 20 - 21 22 - 23 24 - 25 26 - 27 28 - 31 32 - 33

Twenty two of the World’s best architects working alongside one another to design forty six individual Landmark homes on my Estate in Gloucestershire is not only unique but an honour for me and fulfils a lifelong ambition to wake up the architecture of this country and create a development in the Cotswolds countryside that stands alone on a global scale for its design and ecological excellence. The way that the designers have responded to the environment is, in my opinion, pure creative genius. It is so inspirational to see and work alongside such talent. Every one of the designs will be such cool spaces to live in. People can talk about this now, and that is great, but it is what they say in two or three hundred years that will be the real test.
Jeremy Paxton, sponsor of Landmark Houses and owner of Lower Mill Estate



It is believable and it’s really happening in Gloucestershire. variety and ingenuity. Landmark Houses offer vitality. Of course.These new houses have been sensitively integrated into the landscape. but not eighteenth century sewers? There is a house in Poundbury where a central heating flue exits through a gargoyle! Instead of Poundbury’s lifeless. Happily. ” It’s significant that not too far from Lower Mill is Poundbury. Poundbury apes a past that never really existed.. but the architecture is lazy and intellectually sentimental. LOWER MILL ESTATE 5 . my immediate impression was. modern architecture seems to happen naturally. The Prince’s sentiments are admirable. Stephen Bayley When I saw the plans.They are uncompromisingly modern.. but respectful too.BUILDINGS IN THE LANDSCAPE “ These new houses have been sensitively integrated into the landscape. Landmark Houses offer a taste of the future. But I was wrong.They show more intelligent respect for their environment than a bad copy of a jobbing Georgian builder’s original.. For too long the culture of the country has been sentimental and backward-looking: quite literally afraid to change. Prince Charles’ own experiment in building an ideal community. unbelievable. I thought this can’t be The Cotswolds. Masterpiece architecture is exciting enough wherever it is built. but there’s something extraordinary here. Why does Prince Charles want eighteenth century architecture. they prove the countryside is alive: they are not yesterday’s tradition. But culture is about growth and evolution. artless pastiche. we want to keep the best of the countryside. they are going to have to change. but respectful too. but tomorrow’s.now. It must be California or Switzerland or anywhere else on the globe where good.They are uncompromisingly modern. We are in the deeply conservative English countryside... But never forget: if you want things to stay the same..


the young avant-garde architects of LA. that provides the 'framework' or setting for the 'architecture' and. the 'Landmark Houses' programme is concerned with the design of one-off houses. Eva Jiricna. They had no clients . started off in January 1945 when he commissioned eight nationally known architects.and asked each one to speculate on the architectural poetics and ecological considerations for the design of a 'landmark house' within such a context. but still in wonder at the world out there. more elaborate use of decking. are those to be provided by each individual architect. Right from the start it was clear that in order to avoid the proposed plan looking like the archetypal housing estate. These houses are the equivalent. HOW AND WHY WE HAVE PULLED SUCH TALENT TOGETHER Down at Lower Mill. have a shared building language . in the form of the existing listed Mill.an older generation at the peak of their inventiveness. Sutherland Hussey.The converted Howell's Barn was already just such a 'landmark house'. we have 22 architects and a total of 48 'landmark houses' to design.This programme. began to cut their teeth on a series of adventurous house designs.sometimes with a flat roof or with a roof terrace. 'Architecture'. For the architecture of the 'landmark houses'. in the Cotswold Water Park. as such. But it is the building. But the Case Study Houses were spread over a wide area of southern California from the north west of Santa Monica to the south east of Pasadena. or rules. at Lower Mill. whilst the 'Landmark Houses' here are located entirely in one 550 acre site in the Cotswold Water Park. were part of his programme for a wider cultural renaissance.The 'Landmark Houses' programme is envisioned specifically for the site at Lower Mill Estate. The community. as did the celebrated 'Case Study Houses' programme of Southern California. initiated by John Estenza. we've started off with eight architects and eight designs. which stands in the water at the edge of a narrow peninsular jutting out into Somerford Lagoon. what rules there are.the codes. For the 'Landmark House' programme. More by luck than judgement. Such building is definable and specifiable. Richard Meier and Partners. Greg Lynn. these buildings are an 'individual performance' and bring to mind the recent architectural development of Venice California. such as Will Alsop. and a younger generation in the process of re-invention as they gather a second breath . Founded by Abbot Kinney of the Kinney Brothers Tobacco Company in 1905. with a total of 36 individual houses by 20 practices. makes the 'architecture' possible. if you like. in more recent years. where we have invited a number of architects. sometimes of a 'grander scale' but all with a greater concern for spatial and sculptural elaboration and poetical sensibilities. or vernacular of the development. is more allusive.one of the great influences on English architecture from the mid 1960's. by its very nature. including Frank Gehry. Alison Brooks. in 1966. including the iconic Stahl House (1959-60) by Piers Koenig. If anything. that act architecturally as 'focal points' within the simpler building vernacular of the development. Roger Sherman. a champion of Modernism and editor of the avant-garde monthly magazine. monopitch and mansarded roofs.the clients came later when construction began. etc. They started off with eight architects and eight designs and finished. In addition. in a sense. and similar building genre. The standard types we have provided for Lower Mill Estate are our 'vernacular' or 'common' buildings for the site and. Richard Reid LOWER MILL ESTATE 7 . In addition there was a requirement that each house designed "must be capable of duplication and in no sense be an individual performance". some house designs would have to take on a similar role to that of the Mill building. Sarah Featherstone. etc. each to design their own answer to create a house "to fulfil the specification of a special living problem in the Southern California area". was the place where the Beat poets later hung out and where. of what the limestone mansion or vicarage was in relation to the houses of the vernacular tradition. perched miraculously on the hills above West Hollywood and Charles and Ray Eames' own house in Pacific Palisades (1945-49) . Arts and Architecture. Piers Gough. unlike the 'Case Study Houses'. . was the first of the new houses to be designed specifically as a 'landmark house' for one of our clients. there was already a 'landmark building'. architecturally. the six miles of canals and intersecting streets and single storey timber frame houses aligned along tree lined canal banks. whilst Somerford Villa. Unlike the other house types with their pitch. the 'landmark houses' will generally be more distinct architecturally . characterised by a high degree of individuality which determines its openness.




















interior designer for the Landmark Houses ” LOWER MILL ESTATE 27 . Leathers and cashmeres. I am convinced that a calm. suedes and linens. Kelly Hoppen. where contrasting and shocking fabrics are preferred over colour to provide a sense of depth and warmth. quiet and harmonious interior can be as beneficial to health as a sensible diet and regular exercise. Jeremy Paxton’s philosophy at Lower Mill embraces these objectives and I am delighted to join the team in creating something truly remarkable in the Gloucestershire Countryside. elegant aesthetic has permeated our consciousness and achieved an iconic (and much imitated) status. Inspired by the East. her interiors evoke a harmony based on rules of balance and order and a use of neutral colours. “ My design philosophy is to create a space that allows my client to feel safe. silks and cottons are layered in the same tones. Her aim has always been to please all senses and provide homes where one is at peace: a space you connect with and love.INTERIORS Kelly Hoppen is best known as the interior designer whose calm. relaxed and happy. comfortable.

Michigan. Buckingham Chilterns University College and Chelsea School of Art. Chinese University of Hong Kong. an experimental project for The Iranian Fuel Conservation Organisation. ABA's Atoll Hotel interior on the island of Helgoland. India. He was born in Hong Kong in 1962. Rice. Hong Kong University. Columbia. In 1983 he was successful. was written with Christopher Woodward and published by Weidenfeld & Nicholson in 1983. Based in North London ABA is a 10 strong practice committed to excellence in design. SCI-Arc. interior and product designs including the International Design Competition at the XVII Triennial Exhibition of Architecture. His practice is an international operation.The Estate is both debt and partner free. in 1989. the University of Bath. recalibration of The Hong Kong Arts Centre. Gary’s major cultural and educational commissions have included the controversial Suitcase House in Beijing at the Commune by the Great Wall . and the 2000 UNESCO Prize for the Promotion of the Arts. He spent the first 6 years of his adult life as a beach bum and then launched a number of magazine titles that were sold to United Newspapers in 1988. and quickly gained a reputation for his dedication to work and award-winning multi-disciplinary designs. Penn. Milton Keynes Gallery. EDWARD JONES AA DIP (HONS) RIBA Edward Jones graduated from the Architectural Association School in 1963 and since 1973 has been a principal in private practice. such as First Place in the Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition in 1987. the company was renamed EDGE Design Institute to better describe its mix of research-based and commercial activities. the Royal College of Art. taught at the Architectural Association and the Royal College of Art and has been an RIBA external examiner. ABA has collaborated with some of the UK's most prominent new generation of artists to integrate site-specific art into the work. 28 LOWER MILL ESTATE . ABA. Alison Brooks was born in Canada and educated at University of Waterloo before moving to London in 1989. technical quality and client service. urban design. ABA was shortlisted for the British Pavilion at the 2002 Venice IX Architecture Biennale and for the Blueprint Awards 2002 Best Residential Building. texture and movement. ABA is featured as one of 33 female-led practices worldwide in the book 'The Architect . Martins College of Art & Design.Vicenza (2002) and he was the only Hong Kong/China architect included in the publication ‘40 Architects Under 40’ published by Taschen in 2000. He won the competition for a coffee shop at the Tate Gallery and subsequently designed the restaurant.S. and has been widely published and exhibited. Following a 2 year period of idleness Jeremy built a property company with two partners before selling his shares to one of the 3 to opt out of the main stream and purchase the Lower Mill Estate. Jeremy Dixon was knighted in the New Year’s Honours List. housing. He has published four monographs so far. moved to London when he was 11 and studied architecture at the Birmingham School of Architecture in the 1970s. and actively promotes the artistic contribution to the built environment. Jeremy grew up in the New Forest and it was here that he developed his love of the countryside and nature. but one guided by the principle that architecture is both vehicle and symbol of social change and renewal.The Hong Kong Institute of Architect President’s Prize (1996). In 1983 he won first prize in an international competition for Mississauga City Hall. finished in December 1999. Princeton. Pierre is a visiting professor at the Welsh School of Architecture. a Progressive Architecture Citation Award in 1996. The following year the National Portrait Gallery renovation and improvements to Somerset House. He has published and planned a series of literary works and academic theses including ‘Suitcase House’ (2004). has held many other academic posts. Edward Jones' work has been widely published and exhibited . the Bartlett (UCL).C. Italy. mainly in the Westminster planning area. interior design and public art projects. a new and refreshing position for architecture.The first 2 years were spent designing the concept of the UK's first residential nature reserve where families could be brought both closer together and closer to nature in houses that set new architectural standards for a UK vacation home. Jeremy Dixon won first prize with Edward Jones in 1972 for an international competition for Northamptonshire County Offices.s work is intensely situation-specific. DIXON JONES Jeremy Dixon has been working as a principal in private practice since 1977. In the fall 2005. including Ball State. in association with Golzari (NG) Architects. Became a licensed architect in the U. Will Alsop follows a parallel path as an artist. Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. the West Indies and in Tehran where he designed the Climate House.The Broadway Cinematheque in Hong Kong. and has lectured extensively. In addition to winning a 2002 RIBA award for the VXO House Hampstead. where he was the Kenzo Tange Chair Professor of 2002.The philosophy extends from the design of individual buildings to embrace broader principles of urbanism and city development. In the past decade. a ‘Workstation’ for Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific. Gary Chang graduated from The University of Hong Kong in 1987 with a degree in architecture. By abandoning the hegemony of an acceptable style. She joined Ron Arad's One Off Studio and in 1991 became a found-ing partner of Ron Arad Associates where she completed the New Israeli Opera Foyer Architecture and the award-winning London restaurants Belgo Noord and Belgo Centraal. middle East and Europe. He has won a number of prizes. In 1999 the practice won the Concept House competition with Slim House. He has taught at various architecture schools in the USA. and has taught at the Architectural Association. in association with BDP. Since the mid-1980s he has been a visiting professor at various universities in North America and is currently external examiner for the RIBA and various architectural schools in the UK and abroad. a 550 acre site of special scientific interest in Gloucestershire. PIERRE D’AVOINE Pierre d’Avoine runs an architects office based in London and practices internationally with work in Japan. mixed-use developments. (fountains. and Berkeley in the USA. He is the Principal Architect of Atelier FCJZ as well as the Head and Professor of the Peking University Graduate Center of Architecture. most notably Mississauga City Hall (Canada) in 1982.he represented Britain at the 1980 Venice Biennale. Cardiff. Manchester. Since then it has won many national and international competitions and awards. Jeremy Dixon has exhibited at the 1981 Venice Biennale. Germany won 1st Prize in two categories at the European Hotel Design and Development Awards 2000 and has been described as a benchmark in contemporary hotel design. Hong Kong. EDGE DESIGN INSTITUTE LTD Gary Chang founded his company EDGE in 1994. Covent Garden in 1984 and the Venice Bus Station in 1991. He has also lectured and broadcast extensively in the UK and abroad.BIOGRAPHIES JEREMY PAXTON Jeremy Paxton is 45 years of age and by profession (but not occupation) a commercial pilot. the British Pavilion at Venice Biennale and many others. Japan.The aim is extend the boundaries of architectural experience through an integration of interior and landscape. Berkeley. Gary Chang’s projects were twice presented at the International Biennial Exhibition of Architecture in Venice (2000 & 2002). founded in London in 1996.The 25th Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition in Tokyo (1990). His paintings and sketches have been exhibited alongside his architectural projects in dedicated exhibitions at Sir John Soane's Museum. Milan (1985). commercial interiors and landscape. a comprehensive 'Guide to the Architecture of London'. he will become the Head of Architecture at MIT. He was a tutor of sculpture at Central St. 2000. feeling that it is a discipline inseparable from architecture. Has been practicing in China since 1992 and established Atelier Feichang Jianzhu (FCJZ) in 1993. East London. From 1975-82 he was senior tutor at the Royal College of Art. ‘Hotels As Home’ (2005) and ‘Gary Chang – Edge Works’ (2005). ALISON BROOKS Alison Brooks Architects. Pierre was born in Bombay. ar+d Awards in 2002 and 2003 in Copenhagen and London respectively.The practice first came to prominence with its winning submission for the Northampton County Offices Competition in 1973. Covent Garden. as well as Tunghai University in Taiwan. The Dedalo-Minosse International Prize. which features in the newly published Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture. recently at Yale. The work of the practice includes housing. Cube Gallery. in an international selection process for the Royal Opera House. having graduated from the Architectural Association School in 1963. Oxford Brookes University. de-materialization. he has rendered the whole process of architecture one of increasing fluidity and transparency. Ruby 17 and Rory 12.Women in Contemporary Architecture'. a prototype of which was built at the Ideal Home Show that year. Canada which won the GovernorGeneral's Award in 1990.The Hong Kong Young Architect Award (1996). ABA. Born in Hackney. U. the Kung Fu Tea Set for leading lifestyle accessories design brand Alessi. Cornell.Yung Ho Chang received his Master of Architecture degree from the University of California at Berkeley in 1984. often cross-fertilizing with disciplines outside of architectural profession to create a fertile mulch of ideas at the core of each project. café and bridge). the Royal Opera House. offices. GARY CHANG.They formed a limited company with Building Design Partnership to implement the Royal Opera House project. London. He built a number of housing projects in London on sensitive infill sites. WILL ALSOP Will Alsop is one of the most prominent of UK architects. He set up Pierre d’Avoine Architects in London in 1979. for several years. YUNG HO CHANG Born in Beijing in 1956. His book. the Mega-iAdvantage Data Centre Building in Hong Kong and numerous other projects in China. he has three children Red 22. Ghana. Chang has won many awards in Asia and across the globe for his architectural. exploring a new language of smooth space. were opened to the public. In 2003. Dixon Jones has a wide range of architectural experience. has developed an international reputation with award-winning work in urban design. In 1998 Dixon Jones was commissioned as masterplanner for the National Gallery. the latest one in English/French entitled Yung Ho Chang / Atelier Feichang Jianzhu: A Chinese Practice. and Harvard.

Gerhardt Freising studied at Stuttgart University and then worked for Ernst Gisel in Zurich.The practice has an international reputation.The chamber music of Architecture. he studied architecture at the Mackintosh School of Architecture. JAMES GORST For the last 20 years the focus of their work has been concentrated upon the intimate intricacies of the private house. fastidiously realised schemes for jewellers Boodle and Dunthorne and Time Products. He is also a member of the Executive Committee Bund Deutscher Architekton.Trier and the Holzbaupreis Rheinland-Pfalz for a building in timber construction (2001). the Lodge at Withurst Park. Much of the practice’s understanding of architecture and construction has been gained in their work on historic and listed buildings. also a graduate of Stuttgart. Fulham Island won the Evening Standard London Lifestyle Award. In 2003. the Vaux site in Sunderland and Ladbroke Green in Notting Hill Gate have followed. Key practice projects include the design of a large contemporary house set in a hundred acres of landscaped parkland on the fringe of Chelmsford (2002). Bankside Lofts. RIBA. various buildings at Bryanston and Uppingham Schools. a project won in a national architect competition (1997). the Kimberlin Library Extension at De Montfort University in Leicester and Canada Water Bus Station. Adrian James Architects was established 8 years ago in Oxford and has quickly gained a national reputation for design excellence. including the Eastern European headquarters for Andersen Consulting in the controversial Gehry building. Wolfe Crescent. Summer’s Street. In 1999. Completed projects to date include private residences (The Barnhouse. Key projects include the extension of the historic Landesmuseum. Highgate was awarded the AJ First Building Award at the 2002 Stirling prize ceremony).This inclusive working ethic combined with teaching. a couple of one off residential schemes. Zogolovitch. going on to become an Associate and responsible for the overseeing of a number of internationally acclaimed projects. a number of RIBA Regional Awards and Civic Trust Awards. they specialise in public and private housing. Eva's early experience with the Louis de Soissons Partnership on Brighton Marina in the '70's and Richard Rogers for the Lloyds building in the '80's served her in good stead as she acquired experience and displayed an innate flair for working with unusual materials. both in London and across the country. as the personal architectural consultant to President Havel. EVA JIRICNA Eva formed her own small but thriving practice in the autumn of 1985. They have designed and participated in exhibitions and events ranging from work with the Hayward Gallery to the Architecture Foundation. having lived and worked in London since 1968. Piers’ Green Bridge at Mile End Park in East London won an RIBA Award. Other recent projects include offices for Amec plc in London. and currently a new hotel in central Prague. received a CBE in 1994 for services to design. Europe and the USA before accepting the post of Professor of Architecture in Trier. which also won a Civic Trust Award. Piers Gough studied at the Architectural Association in London between 1965 and 1971. ADRIAN JAMES MA DipArchCantab ARB RIBA “The admirable Adrian James does quirky and seriously interesting stuff ” Architects Journal Trained at Cambridge University. construction and decorative propriety has led now to a more abstract and personalised expression that connects to 20th Century modernism. Adrian James Architects are working on several such ground-breaking contemporary homes around the country. before the practice of Campbell. Born 1962. and a broad scope of work including prestigious retail and commercial projects as well as product and exhibition design. and the restoration and extension of a Grade II listed Tudor Suffolk farmhouse at Wakelins.They have also recently completed a collaborative arts project in Tiree which has been awarded the RSA gold medal. as did Bankside Lofts in SE1 for Best Restoration and Conversion of an Existing Building.SARAH FEATHERSTONE Architect Sarah Featherstone is the director of award winning practice Featherstone Associates. 66 Vauxhall. before returning to Scotland to establish the practice Sutherland Hussey Architects in Edinburgh. The practice's projects have included private houses. That study of pre-existing codes of proportion. From 1987 he joined the office of Sir James Stirling. museum buildings and mixed use urban projects. Wilkinson & Gough (now known as CZWG) was set up in 1975. assessing and lecturing are part of the practice's overall desire to involve people in the design of their environments. the practice achieved the unprecedented success of winning permission at public inquiry for a PPG7 ‘truly outstanding’ modern country house. The practice has had numerous awards. east London and the suburban Drop House. a new glasshouse in the grounds of Prague’s Castle. to the internationalstyle modernism of Well Coates’ 1930’s Palace Gate apartment block. West Sussex. a large gatehouse forming the entrance to a large park. the BDA Architecture Prize for the Landesmuseum. Cornwall (also being awarded an RIBA award and the Civic Trust Special Award in the ‘rural buildings’ category in 2003). the Westbourne Grove Public Lavatories and flower kiosk and new galleries at the National Portrait Gallery. In 1997 he left Stirling’s and returned to Scotland to set up Sutherland Hussey Architects.Trier. Following the completion of Sarah’s own home in Voss Street. CHARLIE SUTHERLAND Born in Scotland in 1962. Cascades. with his wife Ursula. He was elected a Royal Academician in 2002. Germany.They have worked on buildings spanning a wide range of styles and periods including the Georgian Group’s headquarters in a Grade 1 Robert Adam building. Wickhambrook. After this. he worked alone or with his future partners. He is currently a Commissioner of English Heritage and on its Stonehenge Board. community and arts projects. SUTHERLAND HUSSEY CHARLIE HUSSEY DIP ARCH.Their early work reflected the preoccupations of a practice absorbed in the intricacies of the craft and syntax of classical and vernacular idioms. Both combine practice with part-time teaching at the Mackintosh School of Architecture. he studied architecture at the Mackintosh School of Architecture. the Street-Porter house in London. Where possible this includes encouraging public participation in the evolution of projects. This refreshing approach has been reflected in the growing number of projects completed. In 2000 the practice completed the Faith Zone for the Millennium Dome which proved popular with the general public despite the overwhelming negativity displayed by the press. His café at Brindleyplace in Birmingham won a Royal Fine Art Commission & British Sky Broadcasting Building of the Year Award in 1998. Dundee Wharf and Batsons and Regents Wharves all in London’s Docklands. PIERS GOUGH CBE RIBA RA Born in Brighton in 1946. the practice see the private house as a test bed for creative innovation. whilst Wakelins was short listed for the Manser award in 2004. Eva Jiricna was made a Royal Designer for Industry in 1991. an RIBA regional award and been shortlisted for both the RIAS Architecture award and Stirling prize in 2003. she was finally able to return to her native Prague and work on a variety of projects there. part of the Jubilee Line Extension project. Design Champion for Kent and a Trustee of Trinity Buoy Wharf. including one for outstanding buildings (1986) Architecture and City Planning (1995). The practice has received several awards. 200 Aztec West. In 2004. Bankside Studios and The Glass Building in London. From 1987 he joined the office of Sir James Stirling. LOWER MILL ESTATE 29 . Later he taught for several years in the UK. Landesverband Rheinland-Pfalz. The Masterplan for the Gorbals in Glasgow has won universal acclaim as an exemplar of inner city regeneration. Masterplans for a City Science quarter in Glasgow. an Art Gallery in Inverness and Lynher Dairy. the housing project Olbeschhof (1995) and the rowing club along the river at Trier built in timber construction (2001). leaving in 1994 to work briefly for Renzo Piano in Italy. Underpinning the practice's work is a desire to make the creation of architecture enjoyable and to open up the unexpected.The Circle. which has received several awards.The challenge for them lies in reconciling the mutually antagonistic demands of formal experimentation with the functional necessities of everyday life. Piers was appointed a CBE for services to architecture in the 1998 Queen’s Birthday Honour List. Establishing his architectural practice in Trier in 1975. Adrian James gained his experience inter alia at John Outram Associates where he managed international projects of worldwide acclaim. and was elected as a Royal Academician in 1997. the Glass Building won a National Homebuilder Design Award for Best New Housing Development of the Year. FREISING & FREISING. In 2001. garnering many awards for buildings which succeed in being modern but with widespread appeal. Suffolk (2001-03). Now in even more demand. Soho Lofts. Once the ‘Velvet Revolution’ brought down the Iron Curtain. Principal buildings of the practice include: China Wharf.

London (awarded the RIBA Prize for Final Exams) and at the Accademia Britannica. Both partners act as awards assessors for the RIBA and Civic Trust.000SF federal courthouse building in San Diego.Visiting Professor at the University of Virginia. lottery applicants. was published by Edition Bløndal in January 2005. the Decorative Arts Museum in Frankfurt. through to education. CA. Dublin and the Polytechnic of the South Bank. Freskills Land Fill End Use Plan 2002 and current work on the Adams Square Mini-Park. 30 LOWER MILL ESTATE . and recently completed work on "Under the Influence: Negotiating the Complex Logic of Urban Property". enterprise bodies and the private sector. His work been exhibited in both architecture and art museums including the 2000 Venice Biennale of Architecture where his work represented the United States.The same year he was awarded the Bannister Fletcher Dissertation Prize. to provide outstanding solutions for all our clients. Current work includes numerous private houses and housing association work as well as being Architect and Masterplanner for the Lower Mill Estate. masterplan for the District of Kleinzschocher. Appointed Partner in 1985. are visiting Professors at the University of Cardiff and are members of committees including CABE and the Arts Council. masterplans for Ayr. He has also served as Project Designer and Project Architect for many private residences constructed throughout the United States and overseas. California.The Architects Journal. Michael Palladino earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1977 and a Masters in Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design in 1979. South LA (1995). and Portsmouth and is currently external examiner at the Welsh School of Architecture. Epping Forest Civic Offices.Vogel Residence. California. Urban Design and Landscape. he worked with a number of private practices gaining experience on a wide range of building types at all stages of the design and construction process. of Minnesota Press. teachings and writings associated with his studio Greg Lynn FORM have been influential in the acceptance and use of advanced technology for design and fabrication. In 2003 Andy took this interest to the next level and started a design and build company GlasSpace solely devoted to the construction of glass structures. the Re Park. won in architectural competition. won in International Competition. RICHARD REID Member of the RIBA. He has been visiting critic at numerous architectural schools including South Bank. L'Architecture d'Aujourdhui. Urban design and landscape projects include the North Hollywood Transit-Orientated District Plan 1998. architectural practice based in Sevenoaks. with the last few years spent as an associate in charge of a design team which built a number of eductional and residential projects. (Bishopsgate Press 1989). Newport Beach. at MoMA in NY. Camden Medical Centre in Singapore. Athens. Freshkills landfill project (2002). (LA). (competition project exhibited in The Art of the Process at the RIBA and in the Royal Academy travelling exhibition to the USA Contemporary British Architects). Glendale. In 2001 after 5 years having worked for various practices. Europe and the USA. Progressive Architecture Citations and an AIA Honor Award. and highrise luxury condominiums in Los Angeles. leisure and housing projects. Since that time.S. was Project Director for EEC funded joint study programme between the architecture schools of Stuttgart. 2004. He was awarded the commission as Lead Designer of the new 600. the High Museum in Atlanta. including The Getty Center. He is a Registered Architect in California. AIA Architects Award for 3-in-1House. L'Architectura. allowing us the potential to look at related issues from a broad perspective. Architectural Design. he is a Professor of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. as well as the International Center for Possibility Thinking in Garden Grove. Each scale serves to inform the other. following winning first prize in a competition for the design of a school. Mr. The projects. and Richard Reid & Associates (USA). 3-in-1 House. forthcoming from the Univ. Numerous articles on architecture and urban design published in a variety of magazines including The Architectural Review. California. He edited and was a contributor to "RE American Dream: Six Housing Prototypes for Los Angeles (Princeton Architectural Press). Malibu. automobile and film industries of Southern California. the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. American Society of Landscape Architects Honor Award for RE Park. He was awarded first prize in the West Hollywood Civic Centre International Design Competition of 1987. Beverly Hills and Philadelphia. His projects are regularly featured in international newspapers and magazines and in 2001 Time Magazine named him one of “100 Innovators of the Next Century”. The Georgian House and its Details. Multi-family residential projects include First Interstate Bank South Central Affordable Housing. AIA Honour Award for Project ‘Next/LA’ (1998). private residences in Kuala Lumpur. Other key projects include Robbin Residence. In addition to leading his design practice. Antwerp and St Paul’s School. His architectural designs have received numerous awards including the Architecture Award from the Academy of Arts and Letters. Between 1983 and 1988. The office draws from the manufacturing and construction techniques germane to the aeronautic. Santa Monica (2002). RICHARD MEIER AND PARTNERS As a Principal Designer of Richard Meier & Partners since 1979. Mr. Director of Richard Reid & Associates (UK).Venice. The practice has received many architectural awards and commendations including progressive Architecture Award for Urban Design (1989). PCL. Reims. London. he established John Pardey Architects. The practice has gained over twenty national and international competition awards and featured as one of the best new practices in both the 1999 and the 2001 Editions of the Architecture Foundation / Department of Culture. Studio Arco and Richard Meier & Partners. and variety of publications testify to the quality of our work. In 1998. having spoken at USC. Byrne/Brofman Residence. ROGER SHERMAN Roger Sherman is principal of Roger Sherman Architecture and Urban Design in Santa Monica. he has been responsible for the new Broad Art Center at UCLA. Germany. and Director of the FreshURBS postgraduate program at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) in Los Angeles. Key projects include the Villa Vasone. Author of several books including The Book of Cottages (Michael Joseph 1977). won in International competition with Sartogo Associatti. Media and Sport’s publication. as Design Partner. Leipzig. He has lectured extensively both in the UK and abroad. who range from local authorities. Los Angeles. JOHN PARDEY John Pardey studied architecture on the part-time course at the Polytechnic of the South Bank gaining a degree in 1981 and subsequently at the Polytechnic of Central London.The Practice has a variety of interesting project under its belt with the emphasis being on the use of glass. the Wexner Center for Arts Residency Prize. graduating with distinction in 1983.Taught for many years at various architectural schools in UK. whilst maintaining a focus on the individual project. New Museum of the Acropolis. We respond with sensitivity and innovation to a site and brief. Palladino is a frequent guest lecturer. Santa Monica (2004). (RIBA Award). Kent. and these together with our numerous awards. Patel Taylor’s projects include major regeneration such as the Thames Barrier Park. LA (2003). Many of our projects have been won through international competitions. Casabella. publications. the Museum of Television & Radio in Beverly Hills. the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills. UCLA. Santa Ynez and Santa Barbara. PATEL TAYLOR ARCHITECTS Encompassing Architecture. Pacific Palisides (2001). (Progressive Architecture Award USA). he set up on his own and is now based in Winchester. ANDY RAMUS Andy Ramus is a 33 year old architect who trained at Plymouth and the AA. ‘New architects 2 – a guide to Britain’s best young architectural practices’. masterplan and urban design for the 160 acres development of the Bertalia-Lazzaretto District of Bologna. New York and Pennsylvania. Santa Monica (2003). Rome (as a Rome Scholar in Architecture). (including 5 RIBA awards). MICHAEL PALLADINO. a new city hall and civic center in San Jose. Michael Palladino has worked closely with Richard Meier on many award-winning projects located throughout the world. Austria and the Davenport Professor at Yale University. as well as partner in practice in Boston (USA) for five years. etc. and has served as a guest critic at architectural schools in the U. studied architecture at the Northern Polytechnic. He is a recipient of the prestigious Rome Prize for the year 2000 – 2001 and the 2005 Gold Medal from the American Institute of Architects Los Angeles. Palladino moved to Los Angeles in 1986 to open Richard Meier & Partners' west coast office.BIOGRAPHIES GREG LYNN Greg Lynn has been at the cutting edge of design in the field of architecture when it comes to the use of computer-aided design. MoCA in Los Angeles and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Finland Quays Housing (Prize at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition). the MAK in Vienna. the Alta Vista mixed-use project. a set design studio located in LA. the Louisiana Museum of Art. and currently. San Fernando (2003) and 26 condominiums and retail in West Avenue. Canterbury. John Pardey’s book ‘Utzon:Two houses on Majorca’.

Through these competitions our work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art. Horticulturalist. He is a design advisor for the South East England Development Agency and a member of the South East England Regional Design Panel. community projects. Elma’s company. All projects have the context of maturity and experience. San Francisco. As she looks toward the next 25 years. private houses. America. original designs that are visually interesting. 1998. she was awarded an MBE in 2003. When designing for clients. Ellen Landscape Designs. Kingston University and London Metropolitan University. The practice was established in June 2004. A positive approach is taken to problem solving. BREEZE LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS Breeze is a partnership between landscape architects Neil Black and Paul Swann based in North London. development imaginative and realistic solutions. member of the RIBA. Paul has also recently been appointed to the Enabling Panel of The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment. elegant aesthetic has permeated our consciousness and achieved an iconic (and much imitated) status. an RIBA Award and the RIBA’s prestigeous Sustainability Award.This lengthy process ensures that the design will grow from the client’s lifestyle. LOWER MILL ESTATE 31 . her writing and her school are designed to be both accessible and inspirational. In 2000. Setting up practice in London in 1985. Will has a particular interest in land use and the interaction between people and the natural environment around them. 333 Kennington Road (2002) and Gwynne Road (2001) all of which received architectural awards.The practice is currently working on a school buildings as well as cultural and housing projects. SARAH WIGGLESWORTH ARCHITECTS Sarah Wigglesworth Architects is interested in architecture which employs ordinary. With attention to detail and a talent for planting design Ellen Landscape Designs have built a successful practice. Walter Menteh has had considerable experience in various architectural fields including masterplanning and urban design.). her approach to design is fundamentally inclusive. and the culmination of a number of ambitious projects. In October 2004. When time allows he travels extensively to further his interests in conservation and land management. graduating in 1983. “Our homes are living spaces in which we grow and change – and we must accept that this will only happen if our environment can grow and change with us”. Structures. At this years Chelsea Flower Show. mixed-use projects and innovative housing design for various housing associations and other residential clients. Kelly’s creativity and enthusiasm – for her life and her work . In the field of transport planning he was the author of the original report identifying the new extensions for the East London tube line. design of a series of external performance spaces as part of a new theatre and cultural centre development at Wigan Pier. educator. Modern Art Oxford and The Royal Institute of British Architects in London. WILL VICARY Will Vicary. MLA. Following a degree in Agricultural and Environmental Science. readily-available materials in interesting new ways. Elma’s design flair along with creativity provides an innovative and sensitive approach to transforming exterior spaces through pure design and approach. In addition to leading her celebrated interior design studio – which has completed international schemes for houses. won through an international RIBA Competition. Landscape Architect BA (Hons )Dip (Hons. masterplanning and gardens. And within all this. Ellen Landscape Designs.continue unbounded. a hotel and numerous corporate spaces – Kelly has successfully implemented her unique approach across a number of business areas. Kelly celebrated 25 years in business. acting as design advisors to The London Borough of Barnet for a range of large scale mixed use regeneration schemes. “I believe that for far too long we have been designing our homes without a real understanding of our needs – or those of our family.Trust and belief work hand in hand with experimentation and innovation.The practice work was also included in the Architecture Foundation’s guide to New British Architects. creating practical. yachts. The practice has received several Civic Trust Awards and RIBA Regional Awards as well as Housing Design Awards. and. Kelly and her team begin with a detailed interview process to really understand the client needs and wants – everything from where they have breakfast to their bathroom habits. retailer. Projects have been exhibited in numberous exhibitions both in the UK and abroad. Kelly Hoppen’s vision is clear. textures and materials unify the design. Elma has worked on a diverse number of projects in Southeast Asia. Kelly’s domestic. and in exploring innovative design and aesthetic strategies for sustainable building. After completing her degree at the University of Greenwich in London. a project carried out in collaboration with Breeze Landscape Architects. rather than being added to it. detailed planting plans and specifications. He has also contributed to numerous TV and radio programmes both as presenter and critic. has worked on a wide spectrum of projects both here and abroad which have included residential design and build commissions. commercial projects. is an inspirational and experienced landscape architect and garden designer with horticultural grounding and knowledge. Our most recent and best known project is the award-winning Straw Bale House and Quilted Office completed in January 2001 (Civic Trust Award 2003 and FS/Blueprint Best Residential Building of the Year 2002). believes Kelly. Will then spent five years farming in Eastern Europe and at one time lived on an island in the Danube Delta where he was involved in regenerating sustainable agriculture. both in 2004. Over the past twelve months we have also been short listed for two international design competitions: the design of a new National Aids Memorial in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park and the redesign of Bonn Square in Oxford. SARAH WIGGLESWORTH Sarah Wigglesworth is principal of Sarah Wigglesworth Architects. KELLY HOPPEN – LIVING DESIGN Kelly Hoppen is best known as the interior designer whose calm. apartments.The practice is interested in making sustainable communities that involve buildings employing the inventive use of readily-available materials. children or visitors”. which is based upon a bold contemporary design combined with sound habitat creation principles and sustainable concepts. Neil has won a Silver Medal for the ‘Moat and Castle’ eco-garden in collaboration with Irish landscape architect and garden designer Elma Fenton. She has been published and exhibited internationally and has lectured world wide. ILI.The best known demonstration of this approach is the award-winning Straw Bale House and Quilted Office in north London which has won several awards including the Civic Trust Award (2002). ELMA FENTON Elma Fenton. and most importantly. the Gwynne Road project was short listed for the Mies van der Rohe Architecture Award. Currently our workload includes the design of a dedicated building for the Siobhan Davies Dance Company. Germany. firmly establishing her reputation as designer. whilst Walter Menteth has also contributed many articles to leading professional publications and advisory bodies. lover. the estate manager for Lower Mill Estate is from a Cotswold farming family and first came to the estate as a boy to windsurf on Mill Lake. retail and corporate retail interiors strive to touch all the senses. Between them the partners have eighteen years experience working with some of the major players in the landscape architectural profession on a diverse range of acclaimed projects throughout England. The company has just completed the successful ‘Moat & Castle Eco-garden’ that won a silver medal at Chelsea Flower Show 2005. the creation of a new sustainable primary school and associated community facilities for a new masterplan development in Wellingborough. Key projects include housing at High Cross Road (2003). Individual proposals are adapted with every client. Short-lived trends give way to commitment and permanence – an enduring romance rather than a short fling.WALTER MENTETH BA DipArch ARB RIBA Walter Menteth was educated at the universities of Nottingham and Southbank (UK) and the University of Stuttgart. We believe that architecture is about the construction of ideas and our work is informed by a wide range of influences driven by a theorisation of the issues which surround design. (with particular experience around London’s King Cross and the Elephant and Castle). author. innovator and inspiration. In 1998 Sarah was named by the Sunday Times ‘Hot 100’ poll as one of three British architects most likely to make an impact on their field within the next ten years. The work of the practice has been published in numberous architectural and building publications. Australasia and Europe through her design business. Our current projects include: the design and construction of a new Business Innovation Centre in Peterborough. Scotland and mainland Europe. In 2003 we completed one of the DfES’s Classrooms for the Future in Sheffield and the same year were selected as one of only five architects to design one of the DfES’s Primary Schools under their Exemplar Schools for the Future programme. We have become known for our highly sensuous and spatially-exciting buildings. a Boating Club for the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (both Lottery funded projects). He has lectured at numerous architectural schools including Canterbury College of Art and Design.

a well used otter corridor on which an extensive section has been dog-proofed to minimise disturbance. Part of the reason behind the diverse and abundant wildlife is the range of habitats including open water. rivers. woodland.These success stories are repeated throughout the estate and the evidence can be seen every day in the fascinating and beautiful creatures and plants that make Lower Mill their home. unimproved grassland. these habitats are being managed specifically for the wildlife reliant on them and that makes Lower Mill very unusual. an area of species-rich grassland that has been designated a SSSI for its botanical interest which includes spiny restharrow. all plants of conservation concern. One example of this is the Swillbrook river. this area is once again flourishing under an intensive grazing regime being used to restore it. where necessary.WILDLIFE AT THE LOWER MILL ESTATE The Lower Mill Estate supports an impressive array of wildlife ranging from more familiar species such as fox. The other underlying factor is the fact that. A sustained programme of mink trapping has also been carried out and has resulted in the return of the endangered water vole to this watercourse. bog pimpernel and snake’s head fritillary. roe deer and tufted duck through to some more unusual species such as the stunning bee orchid and little ringed plover. gardens and meadowland among others. Will Vickary 32 LOWER MILL ESTATE . Having been undermanaged and in decline for a number of years. Another example can be seen in Pike Corner.


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