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Citizen Voter Education for Peasants

October 2010-January 2011

The Project Development Institute (PDI), while championing the rights of the rural poor- the
peasants, indigenous peoples and rural women, is also a staunch advocate of electoral
reforms and activities that would broaden people’s participation and representation in
governance and electoral processes.

Because of its experience in agrarian reform and rural development, and working with the
peasants, PDI was commissioned by the Institute for Political and Electoral Reforms (IPER)
to undertake a module-making project on Citizen Voter Education (CVE) for the Peasant

For the CVE for Peasants, PDI cited the peasants’ vulnerabilities to inequality and
emphasized the power of peasants vote during elections. PDI also presented the support
services and equity the peasants needed such as land, agriculture-dependent support
services. Lastly, PDI referred to empowering laws which farmers can employ to uplift the
impoverished state of peasants in the country.

For this endeavour, PDI produced the following output;

Citizen Voter Education Citizen Voter Education

for Peasants, Module for Peasants, Training Manual

Citizen Voter Education Citizen Voter Education,

for Peasants, Video Primer

Citizen Voter Education Citizen Voter Education

for Peasants, Poster for Peasants, Flipchart

The CVE for Peasants was supported by the European Union (EU), the United Nations
Democracy Fund (UNDEF), and the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP).